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    wow ... brilliant images . Just purchased the bresser so im really happy seeing shots like that . I downloaded the firmware to make the az-gti into an eq mount , but , to be honest i like the simplicity of the Alt Az
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    Hi Wayne, good to hear from you again, yep skies getting better lately, thank god for astronomy? stay safe, all the best Tony
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    Hey Tony, much too late reply I know! Didn't see this on here.. Still getting used to the site and its layout! Nice shot of M33 with just 40x5 min subs! A few more subs and pumping the colour saturation I tiny bit more will give you some better colour rendering I recon? Tough times for all at the minute and do hope you are well.. Wayne
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    I put this through astrometry.net and it reviled the furthest thing I have so far ever knowingly recorded Galaxy IC 4285 at a distance of 1,023 million light years, I am to say the least in awe of this type of astronomy, It isn't the faintest smudge I have recorded at 16.7mag that was IC 4282 (to my knowledge that is) at 17.4mag.
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    These are so gorgeous to look at. Amazing work. What a fantastic decade!
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    Excellent results, I too was inspired by Astrophotography on the Go to try and use a light altaz mounts and light scopes to image DSOs. Throughout the last year I have imaged many objects using a SW AZ-GTi and four scopes (SW 80/400, Bresser 102/460, Meade 2045D and SW MAK-90) plus a few camera lenses. My Blog with images and technical discussion about altaz imaging. My astrobin page.
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