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  1. Hi Dave, Good grief, I never spotted your comment here - over 4 years ago sorry about that... just discovered it after updating my gallery this morning. Thanks - I never found the definitive issue: I suspect it just came down to polar alignment and the sensitivity to that at higher declinations. I've just re-mounted my Tak after a long period of using the 14", and I'm going to be trying to stick to f/7 and see how things turn out - the capture time and noise issue should be significantly better as you say, and for this site there should be no issues with under sampling. If the clouds clear I
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  2. Thank you Tan! How is it tough for you?
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  3. Wow! The Crab Nebula. This is a tough target (at least for me lol). Well done there mate!
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  4. It has been pretty much cloudy with occasional rain here in Atlanta, GA for the past week. So, I have decided to start working on building a radio astronomy telescope with a 1.5m dish. My project will not make a dent in the field of radio astronomy, but it should yield some radio observations of the sun during cloudy days and maybe I will figure out in the future how to link several more dishes up to listen to faint DSOs. The image displayed here is of the galaxy NGC 4303 (center), a member of the Virgo Cluster of Galaxies. NGC 4303 lies 55 million light years away from our planet a
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