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    I only managed to capture 27x300sec Ha last week but with the 11x300sec captured in February and the 22x300sec RGB shot in 2017, I put together this HaLRGB photo of the horsehead nebula and the other jewels around Alnitak. I will probably shoot some more RGB if the weather improves and the moon is not too bright, but I was very curious how it would come out with what I already have and this is it. I think it's not too bad for 5 hours total integration time. What do you think? More details on my astrobin account : https://www.astrobin.com/5wx4nc/C/ Emil
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    From the album: Mars

    Last night's 15% stack of 2500 RAW video clips. !27mm Meade Apo Refractor x3 Televue Barlow.
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    Hi all my first scope has finally arrived after years of viewing through small bins! Thanks to FLO for great service can’t wait for some clear skies later this week but first of all a couple of mods to the scope
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    Great first scope choice, and welcome to SGL It's a great place and I've never met someone rude/harassing, only people willing to help:)
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    If I had a permanent setup I'd 100% go mono. However, as it is I have to set up and strip down every night or transport my gear to our caravan in a bortle 4 area so not sure I want all the associated faff...... but the option of shooting narrowband in full moonlight is hard to ignore. This is such a hard decision!!
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    For that kind of money, you can get into some seriously heavy rigs. How much weight are you willing to lift? How much space do you have in your vehicle to haul a scope and mount? How much storage space do you have at home? As far as my recommendation, I'll relate a recent experience I had. There was a newbie at a star party here in Texas with a brand new Celestron NexStar Evolution 8" EdgeHD. He was happily, wirelessly controlling it with a tablet running planetarium software. With a 10mm Delos, it was providing an excellent image of Jupiter and other targets that night. It was super easy to select targets within the planetarium software on the tablet. Once selected, the mount quickly slewed to the new target and kept it perfectly centered. The Starsense made alignment a cinch as well. This rig would be easy to store, setup, transport, and use. It would also leave plenty of money from your budget for eyepieces and other accessories. 8" is a sweet spot for astronomy. Big enough to provide good views of most objects and yet not so big as to put off using it due to inconvenience.
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    No Amp glow on the 533, and the SQ sensor is no issue either.
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    We had a constant stream of high cloud and haze last night but atmosphere seemed relatively steady so had a quick crack at mars despite. Quite surprised so much detail visible given the conditions. 250PDS with 3x barlow.
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    Just check the length of the three collimation screws I have a feeling 20mm thumb screws will work but just measure first may need 25mm.
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    Just a wee update. I have had numerous messages (not from this site but via ABS and various FaceBook groups) offering used scopes at very close and in some cases higher than new prices. I know that most suppliers don't have any stock at the moment but just for the sake of clarity....... I am an astroimager at heart - patience is in my DNA I am not in any massive hurry If you are skelping you wont get a reply. I wont pay more than about 65% of the new price.
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