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    At around 7am, the waning crescent Moon will be at 14 degrees above the horizon and between Venus and Jupiter. Given some clear skies, this should make quite a spectacle. The 25 day old moon will be 17.8% illuminated, and about 4 degrees from Jupiter and 4.5 degrees from Venus. Well worth a look in binos or a widefield photo opportunity. Related article here at Astronomy Now magazine, including details of an occultation of Xi Ophiuchi if you are far enough North. https://astronomynow.com/2019/01/22/see-a-dawn-triple-conjunction-and-a-lunar-occultation-on-31-january/
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    The Opposition of Jupiter, with the planet at its largest and best placed for viewing. Visual magnitude will be -2.5 and the apparent diameter 44.8 arcseconds. The planet transits the meridian at 12.59am, when it will be at 22.6 degrees above the horizon. GRS will be transitting at 2.14am on 9th (don't get caught out by the date)
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    Mars at Opposition, best placed for viewing ie at its largest apparent diameter of 24.3 arc seconds, visual magnitude -2.8 and a distance of 57.8 million km. It transits at 1.15am but at a height of only 13.2 degrees above the horizon from London. Best bet is to get on a plane and head South!
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    A fabulously friendly and informal STAR CAMP with lots of education and lots of fun! visit www.solarsphere.events for details of the whole event plan!
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    We have another event coming up on the 11th August. This one is at Swillington Farm. It is an event run by a company called This Green Moon, you can check them out on Facebook. It is an overnight event but we would finish at approx. 11pm. Soupy will do some presentations and we would also need some telescopes set up for observing. They also have a few pitches kept in reserve for speakers so if any members want to come and do the event they have offered pitches free for us to stop over. (They are currently selling these pitches for £50 for a small pitch and £100 for a large pitch). Please let Soupy know as soon as possible if you are able to attend, (and certainly by Wednesday if you would like a pitch) so he can liaise with Paul the owner. It promises to be a great night with darkening skies and early Perseids!
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    Venus and Uranus will be in conjunction, less than 4' apart, close enough to fit within a low power telescopic view. It will be a challenge to see Uranus at magnitude 5.9 in the evening twilight. Use Venus as your guide. A great astrophotography event!
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    GRS Transit on Jupiter, crossing the meridian at 4.18am with Jupiter at just over 21 degrees altitude. GRS starts to come onto the disk at around 2.10am, disappearing at around 6.15am. A couple more events too, an Io Shadow Transit starting at 4.22am and an occultation or Ganymede at 4.29am. Full timings in the attachment. Best time to view is probably 5.18am with both shadow and GRS well positioned.
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    This should be a good one. Moon visible throughout and at 57 degrees at the start. X and V should be on show.
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    A tricky one to see being very low in the sky just before dawn. At 5am the Moon is at around 15 degrees altitude, with Mars just under 3.5 degrees away Best seen with the naked eye or binoculars
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    SGL star party at Lucksall - details to follow.
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