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    Great image. Funny I’ve just literally tried using TDNAI too and it does work surprisingly well, I tried it on one of clavius too.
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    Great Set of Images! Looks like you've got your own Solar System. Regards from George in a wet and stormy Lowestoft.
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    Nice job, George. Love the composition. That is very artistic and dramatic
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    Looks like clouds to me!
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    I did see the beautiful conjunction of the moon, Saturn and Jupiter. I got a picture that I haven't uploaded yet. Mars, though, has been getting most of my attention these past few months, lol. Looking forward to "seeing" more of your images, George. All the best, Reggie
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    Where's the Earth gone?
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    Welcome back both of you. Tim
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    Very nice, not overcooked! The stars are nice and tight too
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    I think this one and the Triffid Nebula are my favourite shots from 5 years of astrophotography M31 is quite a tricky one to get right and it took a lot of effort to finally capture the data I needed to draw out all the detail. Not just that but the learning curve required to get the processing methods was a good 3 years work so don't be disappointed if you try and it just comes out all wrong keep on going and you will get it right remember, no pain no gain in this game.
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