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    Thanks Rob- will try to keep this blog updated as it progresses Mark
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    Nice!.. I'll be interested to see this when completed. Rob
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    I've been scratching my head to find a way to motorize my roof, haven't found it yet, nice to see someone did !
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    That galvanised clothes line pulley wasn't good enough - the cord rode up over one of the cheeks. Replaced with a 3D printed one which works fine.
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    After applying geometry to the idea of using 8mm plaited cord to open and close the window from the ROR I set it all up and tested it. It worked perfectly. The pulley system shows the situation with roof and window closed (vertical). When open the cord from floor over pulley to window is straight floor to pulley and window is lowered to horizontal position. This arrangement has the advantage of evening out the pull needed to close the window a bit. Operating the window doesn't add much to the force required to close the roof. If I want to open the window without opening the roof, I can unhook the pulley block from the window cord.
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    Chain end brackets fitted to ROR. Now waiting for the penny washers to secure the chain.
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    On to the motor drive, I released the clutch on the motor to free the chain, pulled the chain through and connected it temporarily to the east end of the roof with a clamp. The weight of the chain was enough to pull the roof open. Decided to see if freeing the chain from the worm gear motor drive would allow my to close the roof by hand in the event of motor failure (the reason for choosing this special type of garage roof opener motor unit). I opened the roof about half-way, pulled the chain through to take up the slack and then (with the clutch free) pushed the roof closed with the chain going through the motor unit. Found I could do this quite easily. RESULT! Next I tried power on the motor to see how well it opens the roof. Connected motor to bench PSU set to 13.8v and applied power and (once connected the right way round) the motor opened the roof effortlessly! Maximum current was about 2A and generally around just 1.4A. Test successful!
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    The NW corner is done and the same as above but I haven't got a photo yet. The east corners will have gate hanging hinges use as peg and loop - at right angles to normal orientation. This shows the idea.
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    As the diagrams show, apart from the motor unit, chain and brackets to attach the chain ends to the roof, two sprockets or pulleys are needed - a small one and a large one. I had some black ABS circular blanks some 150mm diameter x 22mm thick and decided to machine one of these in my lathe to make the large pulley. The smaller one I 3D printed.
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    I'll start with some photos of the observatory taken a few years ago. From the north looking roughly south and then from the south at various angles.
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