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    I have just noticed I have been a member of SGL for ten years.
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    My husband known here to some of you as Freddie passed away earlier this morning, He knew this day would come because he had been very ill for some time. He wanted me to make a last post for him in the event that it did. He is at peace now and with the stars he loved so much.
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    Good to be up and about, posting again after my recent hernia op! Still a bit sore, hoping to use the next week "recovering" to test my new tilt adapter with the asi290mm
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    Changed Profile Picture for 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11. It's a Hasselblad, used on Apollo 8. It was used to take the Iconic Earth Rise Image.
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    A big thanks to @peter shah for inspiring me with his 'Boy and the Milky Way' photo. I took a similar image with my son and just won my local Astronomy Society annual astrophotography competition. ☺
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    would you believe it a day of blue sky and nothing happen on sol, someones having a laugh ....
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    Wind and rain! Rain and wind! So rather than "pining for the fjords", I thought to try a bit of astro 'DIY' light. Managed to fit an old Orion EZ red dot finder onto my Altair astro 66mm Lightwave refractor. Also decided to reuse my redundant QHY5v planetary camera for obtaining low res spectra. Managed to complete a few basic calculations and mount a transmission grating at an appropriate distance from the imaging chip. Then set about getting my laptop to communicate with the old camera. Went to QHY site and downloaded the most recent driver for the QHY5v. Downloaded a more recent version of Sharpcap which seems to work with the QHY5v using ASCOM. Need to work on settings as first captures were hyper noisy. Not really sure what I am doing but I've never let this stop me in the past. "Ever backwards and downwards"! George now tucked up and pleasantly cosy in my sleeping chariot.
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    I saw your question on the ASA site about sky flats and Sequence. If you are still interested, I have managed to get this to work quite well on my installation at E-Eye. After setting up the filter sequence configuration file, you just click on "Dusk Flats" and then select the configuration file from the window which pops up. Do not press START NOW or START@TIME. As soon as the sun reaches 0 degrees, the mount will slew and start to make flats. Therefore, you do need to make sure that the roof/dome is open! In this mode, Sequence does not open the roof/dome automatically. (It would help if they told you that in the Manual.....) The trick is to get the configuration file set up correctly. I have mine set to make dusk flats with the following filter sequence: SII, Ha, OIII, R, G, B, Lum. I make 5 exposures with each filter. That seems to work well in relation to the speed at which the sun sets. Of course, if you want to make dawn flats, you need to reverse the filter sequence. Hope that helps!
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    back at figuring my 20, here is where it stands right now, still some to go but headed in the right direction.
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    Updated my profile picture in memory of Neil Peart who passed away this week at the young age of 67.
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    Happy New Year all. may all your dreams come true ! charl.
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    Windy, and not far off a full moon, but got a good view of Uranus just north of the moon through my 120mm ‘frac and 5mm EP. Nice to see a planet again!
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    70 years old today and I remain unsure as to what I want to be when I grow up.
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    hi all im still here just going through a bout of fishflue hoping for some clear soon , darn weather im sick of it and my 1200d died. charl.
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    Well despite the clouds, rain and wind a few captures of Mercury were made. Now to process them....
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    Those in the north with clear skys you're in for a treat!!!
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    'rah'! - finally, I was able to spot Comet W2 AFRICANO sailing through Andromeda. Managed to get a few widefield images of it but sadly through high level cloud and brightening moonlight that rather spoilt an otherwise good night with my little 66mm Altair Astro Lightwave scope. Will have a go tomorrow at processing what I gathered tonight. Weather forecast for Lowestoft over the next couple of days is quite poor so I need to make the best of my blurry images as I'm unlikely to capture anymore anytime soon. Nighty-night Stargazers
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    Skies looking good for later on to test out some fuzzies with some new 25x70 binos later on!
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    Stood in my backyard in Lowestoft and showed the Milky Way and the Andromeda Galaxy to my granddaughter Maisy. Then did a trip around the night sky pointing out the constellations and asterisms. She was really pleased and interested. Living on a main road near the seafront in Southend with so much light pollution has meant that much of the night sky has been lost to her. Realised how lucky I was to live in relatively dark Suffolk.
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    clear sky's on Anglesey !! time to rock!!!
  25. 1 point
    Glad to be getting my mojo/interest back
  26. 1 point
    Finally getting around to some observing with the AA 102ED-R. Which end do I look down again?
  27. 1 point
    Have now published my speculations regarding the 2016 Perseid Shower after 'graphing the life out' of my sdr radio meteor reflection data. This is what happens when you let an old artist loose in a shed with wires and concepts he barely understands. Probably a lot of 'balderdash' but I enjoyed playing with the data whilst it was raining outside. If you are interested please follow the link to my LVST (Lowestoft Very Small Telescope) site . LVST Perseids 04 Aug to 16 Aug  2016 Please excuse my references to Jodrell Plank Observatory staff - I get a bit silly when I'm bored and make things up! Comet the Observatory Cat exists but she or he does not belong to us or to Mr Schrodinger, who does not actually live next door. Unless God or the police move me on, I hope to do similar stuff on a comparative basis with 2017, 2018 and 2019 data (and also for different meteor showers). ~On the other hand I might just get out more! I attach my favourite data plot for those that like graphs!
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    Enough with the clouds and rain already!
  29. 1 point
    Thunder, lightning, massive hailstones... ahh, the beauty of June in England!
  30. 1 point
    First full on summer's day here in Lowestoft. We went for a walk across the marsh. Lots of butterflies - Orange tip, peacock and one variety we didn't recognise. Walked through a full on swarm of bees. Heard them first and then suddenly they were all around us. Saw a snipe, a marsh harrier, swifts, marsh tits and a white egret. Surprised a roe deer by the railway track or did it surprise us? Great day in warm sunshine. Nighty night stargazers George tired but not stung in Lowestoft.
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    Mr Blue SKY. stunning skys here in south wales, goodluck guys.
  32. 1 point
    full milkyway arch pano shot last night with REFLECTIONS !!!!
  33. 1 point
    Finally setting up again for the first time in close to 6 months! Feels good (even if I have spent all day finding cables)
  34. 1 point
    fighting fit again but nothing to do, skys are like Venus, ive watched so many old sky@night eps my eyes hurt. come on weather give us a chance please !.
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    Universal Rotation Theory... http://adsabs.harvard.edu/full/1985MNRAS.213..917B
  36. 1 point
    It's "Prom Day" on the Sun today, if you have H Alpha or Ca-K get out there and have a look
  37. 1 point
    Last night I put out the 127mm refractor to image M 87 at approx f=750 mm. Very cold, a tad windy , lots of low-level cloud and too much moonlight but otherwise just what the old amateur astronomer dreams of! At least I managed to get a snap. Used my homemade Batinov mask for the first time - worked effectively so well pleased. George now in bed - Nighty night all.
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    "Mr Blue Sky ", Wall to wall sunshine, no a cloud in the Sky and the seeing wonderfull what more could we need + the first pic of a blackhole, Today is a Day of Days. by jupiter its good to be alive !.
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    Oooh, sunshine! The Sun's pretty quiet but some nice proms on show in Ca-K. Anyone out?
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    Hello there - Just finished reading your "what can I expect to see" sticky - it's great! In it you mentioned you were going to write a couple more, did you ever write them I couldn't find them. Your 4" sketches are amazing and a really useful guide for what to look out for in my 127 mak! Many thanks
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    for the first time in a long while im missing my scope i wonder were she is now???
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