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    Not a heads up as such as it has already happened, but I don't want to overshadow Helen's exciting news in the Astro Lounge. https://www.space.com/mars-fresh-crater-nasa-mro-photo-2019.html
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    NGC6559 at the center of the milkyway is a photo I created from RGB filters only and at BIN1. Telescope: ASA 12'' F3.6 Mount: DDM 85 Unguided Camera: FLI 16200 Mono Filters: Astrodon Thanks for watching Haim Huli My Flickr Page: https://www.flickr.com/photos/101543943@N04/
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    Respectfully there are numerous data pool resources already available so I think such an endeavour would be reinventing the wheel. http://www.mistisoftware.com/astronomy/index_fits.htm ..for example. You can even download Hubble data to process yourself. http://hla.stsci.edu/hlaview.html Personally, I am with Gina on this; I cannot consider a picture as "mine" unless I captured it with my own hands and my own equipment and I processed it. That's surely the whole point of astrophotography for amateurs.
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    Very nice indeed!.. Rob
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    Very glad about this! I will consider renewing my subscription!
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    Welcome to SGL Yash, Best of luck with your paper... Freddie.
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    Allright I think I got it after a good hour or so. What do you think? It's a tiny bit off not sure if that is good enough I also put the tip of the twig between the two outlines of the circle and did a full 360 turn it stayed inbetween the lines the whole time if that helps
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    A bad night of astronomy is better than a good day of work! Unless your job is as an astronomer. Then your job rocks! Rob
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    First time I have ever taken a photo of Jupiter and Saturn, and an amazing photo of the Moon that I took through my phone
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    It doesn't interest me. I'm only interested in processing my own images.
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