(276033) 2002 AJ129

(276033) 2002 AJ129 is an Apollo-type potentially hazardous asteroid with a diameter of 500-1200 metres. It made a close approach on February 4th, at a distance of 0.03 AU (4.2 million km, or 10.9 times the distance from the Earth to the Moon). Now it is at its brightest, visible at +12.6 mag. 2002 AJ129 orbits the Sun in a rather eccentric orbit, resulting in a high velocity of 34 km/s relative to Earth. Despite its extreme orbit, the future trajectory of this asteroid is well known, and it won't come closer than 600,000 km from Earth for at least another 200 years. #SpotTheAsteroid Asteroid Day NEOShield-2

Posted by Northolt Branch Observatories on Tuesday, 6 February 2018