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  2. I'd like the Sii filter please. will PM you. Carole
  3. At least give the chap a chance he last visited friday night ,
  4. Happy birthday! By the way, I have a "hundred Euro rule": purchases over that limit need very careful consideration!
  5. Hi Alan, The OO is around 14kg, plus the camera assembly, so possibly another kg or two... It seems to work OK, but the FL is only 1200mm. When I first got the NEQ6, it held a 10" Meade and also did OK with 2 counterweights. I have seen pictures on SGL of another member REALLY loading the NEQ6 but had it balanced well. I don't think the payload is the issue more the FL and balance. The AZ EQ6 is belt driven, I don't know how much better than my NEQ6 it would be (also belt driven now...) De-mounting the 12" is not that difficult, so it would be a relatively simple trial, apart from the need to purchase a Losmandy rail to suit... Thanks for the interest in the build, planning my dream observatory was about the only thing that kept me sane during my last few years of paid work and it just gathered momentum until I carried it through... If I stepped back now, I don't think I would have started it, the costs are higher than anticipated and the spare cash to pay for it less than planned due to extra UK tax and NI on foreign income... (Don't ask!!!) And the bricks were ideal, I didn't want concrete as they hold more heat and at 50cm by 30cm by 20cm, it does not take so many of these to build the base. HTH and thanks again for the interest. Gordon.
  6. Thanks All in the Head and Henry. Carole
  7. can I buy the 60mm Guidescope with mounting brackets and helical focusers. please
  8. Agreed. When it comes to stargazing, my eyes need the very best help that I can afford!! Maybe one of those NV monoculars? Wouldn’t they work well in binoviewers? And, I did promise myself a set of Ethos at some stage...... However, I have found that after a couple of years, I hit a cruising altitude re overall value of kit. If I want to buy something, I sell something to finance the new addition. Equilibrium maintained. So provided I stay away from extreme thoughts (see above), yes, it does end! Paul
  9. Hello and welcome to SGL. Yes SkyPortal can automatically align your Celestron mount if it has StarSense and a SkyPortal wifi module
  10. Your very good work does not go unnoticed,,,,, Henry b.
  11. Cool, great to see that you have found a solution. I suspect what this is doing is reducing the dynamic range (so most of the walking noise is one/two levels and then the offset is slightly clipping this out leaving just the small remaining edges of the walking noise. It may be worth playing with the parameters slightly starting from this point to see if you can change the gain / offset to see if there are any further improvements (for example to remove the remaining trace of the noise.
  12. 8"Edge HD fitted with Moonlite CHL 2.5" dual speed crayford focuser Astrozap Aluminium dew shield Astrozap Aluminium cap . Celestron 0.7 reducer Celestron M48T adapter All near perfect condition and working order used approx 3 times .. with original boxes .. Mount , Guide scope and Cameras not included RRP £2260 Looking at £1650
  13. So you started this thread, and also sent me (and maybe other users as well) a PM, asking for help. And you immediately recieved a few suggestions. Did you read it ? Did/will you try it ? No idea. So demotivating for people trying to help. Ragnar
  14. Hi again, went and had a look and pending some money changing hands it's a done deal.. OH dear god what have I done? The primary reflector is actually 4.6m (not 4.8 as advertised), although I'm not complaining. The depth is 0.85m giving a focal point at 155cm where we find a concave (hence my thought it was a gregorian) secondary reflector, f/D=0.34. So at the target frequency of 1420MHz it's 20 wave lengths wide. Then if we take a punt on efficiency at 70% (although I have no idea) the overall gain would be about 35dB and that would be most welcome. The secondary itself is 550mm wide and 220mm deep and has been designed specifically for this dish so I'm assuming it's perfect. I realize this has gone terribly off topic.
  15. I have amended the sky background a bit more, but don;t want to lose the background nebulosity.
  16. I have the following items up for sale. 2 x ZWO 5 Positioin Electronic Filter Wheels. Both in perfect working order. New USB cable supplied £100 each which includes delivery 60mm Guidescope with mounting brackets and helical focusers. Very little use as i switched to OAG £70 inc delivery QHYCCD - Miniguidescope. This is the earliar version and much more substantial that the newer one on offer. Very sturdy and great results. Bought for a project that i never completed.. so pretty much as new! £65 in delivery Baader SII 8nm 1.25mm Filter £63 inc delivery Baader OIII 8.5nm 1.25mm Filter £63 inc delivery Baader UV/IR LUM Filter £27 inc delivery
  17. Bear in mind you already have the most precious optical devices you could ever hope for, your own eyes. You can drink in the splendour of the universe just by using them. Might not curb your desire to spend on more Astro Gems, but just being aware that there is nothing you can buy that can ever compete with what you already have may temper your spending a bit . Ron
  18. i cant take all the credit for this spot, a good friend of mine who's local pointed me to it. theres a few spots around the lake for some other things i want to try later in the year.
  19. I think, unless something "mind-blowingly impressive" comes along re. Astro Technology, my *major* purchasings are pretty much complete? I have spent "far to much"! lol. But I like to think *much* of it had some justification and was fairly(?) carefully thought out? As a Astro-Generalist (Visual... imaging... video... solar... etc.) I have been *innocently* lured to explore a WIDE variety of setups. May you find contentment in ONE?!? Another birthday yesterday reminded me of my "limited mortality"? lol Enough "unrequited" (Non-Astro too) hobbies to last another lifetime? OR: "Jack of all trades... Master of none"!
  20. Yes! There’s a lot of truth in this! It’s not often that I’m out observing and I think about another eyepiece or filter that I want/need. It’s those long, quiet, cloudy nights where my wish list gets filled.
  21. Yes, totally agree with you there..but He's using spacers to align the filterwheel up..if he had a rotator I'm sure he would of used it
  22. Today
  23. To me this means you are pressing the RA button ? If set to a very slow Slew Speed you might be able to move the mount (in Dec too) the tiny amount required to give a 12 pixel Dither to the dslr. This delay won't give you a dither for the reason I supplied. But If you are shooting untracked, then yes each exposure will be shifted due to the earth's rotation. You'd have to work out how long to pause to give the correct amount of pixel shift, and after a number of exposures field rotation would start to be a factor. Michael
  24. My dad said to me do not ask me for money , I never did and my 2 have to do the same as I did . go and work for it.
  25. As a pure field flattener the Hotech SCA I feel works very well indeed, you can get them from FLO. I use it with a Canon camera on a 800mm F7 scope, I believe they can handle F5-F8, I bought it on the recommendation of a very fine on site imager .
  26. If he's not guiding which is the way I'm seeing it and just using the tracking of the mount it won't be that pixel perfect otherwise no-one would have the need to guide.. the idea of a dither is so that you don't put a green pixel on top of a green pixel on top of a green, and the same for red etc causing colour mottle ..if you dither it averages it out.. unless he's using some top of the range mount it's not going to be that accurate If you look at his image the walking noise is going in the same direction as the drift in the stars
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