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  2. It would help if you told us what mount you are using. Peter
  3. Hi all, Absolute newby here - my first foray into astronomy. I bought a Saxon 1400mm 6" refractor secondhand complete with a EQ mount for a bargain price and I'm keen to get it working properly for both planetary and deep space observations. I invested in a few extras such as a laser collimator and a 3x barlow. I think I have a handle on how it all works including the EQ mount. I took the scope out for a test over Easter - which just happened to coincide with a ISS transit of the full moon. Rippa, I thought, that would be great to capture on my first night of observations. The problem I have is the complete inability to focus the scope to anything like sharp enough. I have some photos I took with the scope attached: The scene with the normal camera lens for my daylight practice session A shot of a distant house with the telescope (using a Nikon D7000 on a t-mount adaptor) The same house with the barlow attached A shot of the moon- no barlow - as sharp as I could get it - certainly no way to see the silhouette of the ISS with the scope this out of focus When I was collumating the scope, I noticed a that the reflection on the primary mirror was not a single spot but rather a line ... which means that the laser on the collimator target is a line rather than a dot I confirmed that this is not a problem with the shape of the laser beam coming from the collimator by showing the shape on my hand at a distance of 14m I'm not sure if the distortion of the laser is the fault of the secondary mirror or the lens(es) in the bottom of the eyepiece mount. I'm also not sure if this distortion is what is causing the inability to focus the scope, but I suspect that both issues are symptoms of the same problem. I'd appreciate any ideas on what to do next to resolve the focus issue.
  4. Good to hear! Only problem I have is trying out AP in the future. The only tracking mount I have currently is a Nexstar 4/5se alt az mount which I worry would strain the motors under the unbalanced load of the scope and dslr attached. Will short exposures of say 15 seconds cause star trails and field rotation to be apparent(assuming the mount tracks correctly)?
  5. Don't hesitate so much to stand up for your rights! The guy sold you a mount with a flaw! It is your right to get a new one or be reimbursed. You do not need to show him all kinds of pictures to make your case
  6. Can I download these number of photo's, Ciaran?
  7. Glad its working Not sure about the resolution, never changed mine from default. There is something about font size in Configuration / Tools. One is for the Screen and the other the Graphics so not sure what affect changing this will have? Steve
  8. I'm new to astronomy, but i kid you not, i was viewing the moon this morning (Mon, 22/04/19 around 5am BST, Liverpool, UK) at 500x mag with my 130mm/900mm Newtonian and although there was a bit of image wobble, i could see really well! I'm expecting almost everyone to laugh at me or call me a liar but i swear it's true! I put a 3.6mm plossl on the 2x Barlow, effectively making the plossl a 1.8mm, just to see how bad the image would be, but was shocked when i actually managed to get a sharp focus ?? It's opened my eyes, literally, to what's possible when seeing, optics and collimation etc all come together perfectly! I'm assuming it would never happen with anything else as the Moon is very unique in that it's relatively huge, very very bright, and obvs silly close to earth, in astronomical terms.
  9. For deep sky observations, can you make suggestion which will be more fitted with my behavior: mobility is not a big concern as a least 11" aperture is must whereupon computerized stuff is no good choice for me.
  10. Nice work Steve. What kind of Altitude was Jove at at this early hour of the morning?
  11. Help me understand how this equatorial mount CGE pro own a price tag of 5000 usd? As a beginner; will it be a smart choice for me?
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  13. I am using a SW 50ED finder guider, and a ASI Zwo 290mini with 2.9um pixels. Alan
  14. The re-do is much better, nice photo!
  15. What camera and guide scope are you using? https://openphdguiding.org/manual/?section=Trouble_shooting.htm
  16. The PHD2 Manual has a great Problem solving section. https://openphdguiding.org/manual/?section=Trouble_shooting.htm Just make sure the scope is well balanced and all the attachments/ holding screws are tight and PA is as good as you can get. Performance will vary with the conditions.
  17. Finally after so many failures I had success and it would appear that yet another new cable by Lynx of all people was the fault, at least that's what I think. Can anyone help with what I do to fine tune the guide, it run RMS in Dec and RA of between 0.35 and 0.4 most of the time, it get down to 0.28 at times and most of the time was close to the graph centre but did one or two times go slightly above and below yhe 2"markings. I was running 1.5 seconds on the exposure but didn't want to play too much for fear of messing it up. And yes I will try EQmod but I will run a few subs with this for the moment just to cheer me up, 2 and 3 minute subs looked clean with round stars, apart from when I kicked to mount. Thank for any pointers Alan
  18. I don't see any point in moving from the observatory but yet again after success last night it looks like a brand new Lynx cable does not work, the one that fellow Mod Rob sent me seems to have bigger clips on it and fit much tighter. Alan
  19. They are not that old 5 years I think but I know what you mean. My Dell has a serial connector but I have a cable for Direct EQmod from Lynx which I will get working . I like the Easy word being used , I was told ST4 was easy, though it did work last night fairly well but I am doing to start a new thread to ask about fine tuning it, it was a bit up and down with an RMS in Dec and RA of around 0.35-0.4 most of the time, it did get down to 2.8 at best. I didn't stay out long because I was tird but got some decent subs at 2 and 3 minutes as I was just trying it out.
  20. I have reinstalled it on another drive outside of the c:\programfiles area and started it up as administrator. Error creating log file as in picture.
  21. Hi all. Just had a seriously frustrating evening and wanted to ask a quick question. After consulting Stellarium I realised that I could only see down to about 4.6 magnitude. So my simple question is: is that considered acceptable for a good night's viewing? I have an XT8 and a 25mm, 10mm (both plossi) as well as a 2x Barlow. I'm not really sure what asking to be honest..just frustrated tonight and was curious if my viewing condition is acceptable or bad, so I adjust my future planning. Thanks and I apologize for the random post.
  22. Like the idea of purchasing a single self contained unit and think this is another great alternative for those seeking an easy lightweight novice friendly package... For me though the field of view is a none starter and as I have had an eye on Unistellar for some three years now as they push the directive further and further out the existing astonomy camera technology excells at an ever increasing rate...Someone puts a small LCD screen on a mini computer attatched to an astronomy camera with livestacking that can be plugged into any scope and their lead here may be lost, at 90+Qe a tracking mount won't even be needed just small remote sensors for altitude and azimuth for simple push to capability... Smaller better faster, my chief engineers words when we replaced electro mechanical timers with digital logic controllers 30 years ago...The trend continues... Best of Luck Everyone, Unistellar too
  23. I have a set of those patio chairs! Very comfy to sit in while observing.
  24. Yeah, for ADs I need to add about 45% to the US cost. 30% is the exchange rate, 10% for tax import and 5% for bank transfer fees.
  25. Well if you can't afford ADs then there is not much choice. They are very new you will be lucky to find anyone who has experience with them, so guess you get to find out first lol.
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