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  2. I had a minor rattle coming from a Baader Red 1.25" filter a while back, and as @Stuart1971 mentioned, there are two tiny divets around the retaining part. I used two cocktails sticks as I couldn't quite get the right fit and carefully turned to tighten. It didn't need much to stop the rattle but not over tighten. Hope this helps, but you sound one step further along than a rattle now as it's completely apart! I can certainly try and a grab a few pics of a fitted 1.25 filter if required.
  3. What does "nipped up" mean? Carole
  4. Exit pupil is one factor that is absolutely important IMHO. I like bright objects in my 24" such as M81/M82 because I can use a large exit pupil while still having a large image scale- the results under a dark sky are very impressive. The large exit pupil also might contribute to the hocus pocus phenomena above(HET). For reference I can see pink under the wings of M42 in the 200mm f3.8, good for a 200mm-the 15" f4.8 and the 24" f4.1. The 24" f4.1 also shows blue... Regarding another thread- my brain does not "fill in" blue in the other scopes after repeated observations. One thing that puzzles me is the PCII- it allows more contrast in the 24 f4.1 on the Veil (test target) eventhough it pushes he effective f ratio to f4.7, must be Suiters wobbly stack thing.
  5. Move the telescope. That's the secret. I also think that the natural movement of hand held binoculars explains why so many people on this thread have seen it with them. Get the scope pointing where M33 ought to be, loosen the clutches, and scan the area by hand, moving the tube slowly. When you move past it you have a fighting chance of seeing an extended patch of very slightly brighter sky. That's M33. When using a Dob I do this a lot, I 'nod' the scope up and down, and that slight movement makes things pop into view. I dare say it varies from person to person but this technique is incredibly effective for me. I live at a very dark site with lots of clear nights but I have never come anywhere near seeing M33 naked eye. M31 is dead easy. Olly
  6. I seem to have put the ring back in to hold the filter , but the filter is still flopping around inside - maybe I put it in the wrong side and now I can't seem to get the ring out again. So not much to photograph, it just looks like a normal 1.25" filter. Also is there a right and wrong way up and how do I tell? Carole
  7. There's been some really great replies already that definitely echo my own thoughts and frustrations with the UK weather. I last remember 4 nights in April and around the same in September where I could gather various data sets (some still incomplete from September). Alongside the imaging frustration I've enjoyed the continual visual aspect on those mixed nights where you can cloud dodge without it impacting you too much. As also mentioned above, acquiring data from remotely rented equipment does nothing for me. Part of the enjoyment of an image - however lacklustre - comes from knowing how challenging it was to acquire those photons from my own equipment, in my mediocre, British back garden. If I could afford to host my own equipment remotely, that would be interesting though... Without mixing in the visual aspect, I think it would be more frustrating. I find these complement each other as I look at similar targets or areas of the sky with totally different eyes coming from the screen to the eye piece or vice versa. Hang in there, one or two clear nights with hours of capture and it'll be forgotten.... for a few days
  8. Thanks. Yes, It was a lucky break in the clouds. I've had the reverse like many, dragged the scope and gear out on to the patio when its been clear to look up and see the clouds have rolled in.
  9. Hi Carole you did a photo shop over lay of the handle off ebay i have and yours and it twice as fat i would have to remove polarscope to get it to fit the guy even made me shorter bolt but that would not adjust the mount The ones from 365astro are made like the standard ones but much better metal so wont bend and fit with out hitting polarscope
  10. Portencross, not far from West Kilbride ?
  11. Lost 2/3s to clouds but ended up with about 90 minutes. Happy to get out and capture anything at the moment with all the cloud about. SW 100ED - 0.85 reducer ZWO294 MC - cooling not turned on, bin2 HEQ5 Pro Rowan ZWO ASIAir Pro 85 x 60 seconds, gain 120 No darks, flats etc Stacked, stretch and simple process in Pixinsight
  12. Yes my red handle hits the polarscope, so I just turn it in increments. Carole
  13. In your application i’d have thought magnetic or capacitive or inductive (Posic do linear scale versions) would be better than optical purely from the point of view that it’ll be difficult to contain and shield the read head/grating from dirt and humidity which the other options would be more immune to. Mark
  14. I've just bought an astro modded Canon EOS 1300D from Juan at Cheap Astrophotogrphy (2nd filter removed, not full spectrum). I generally image nebula and galaxies with it connected to a Skywatcher Evostar 100ED with the 0.85 reducer/flattener and it's guided. I'm looking for advice on the best filter to use with this setup to obtain the best quality images with the camera. I live in an area with Bortle 2 skies, so a CPL filter is not required but would something like the SkyTech TriBand or Optalong L-eNhance be of benefit in my location? The main issue I'm likely to have is Moon Glow. I've still to have first light with the camera, so I want to use it "as is" to start with, but as I'm waiting for clear skies I thought I would start investigating what may improve things in the future. Thanks for any input.
  15. Had to back order but it didn’t take too long thankfully- Mars is waiting! That’s probably jinxed tonight then... But why both? 2” for adapter and 1.25” on ep so turning ep in adapter varies the nd effect. Anyone else do this?
  16. Great work, looks amazing
  17. We need the Ghost Nebula as well now.
  18. Simply beautiful - I think you have the colour balance spot on it looks very natural. Jim
  19. Today
  20. I tried for weeks to get the combination of me up, him up and the weather to cooperate. Finally when I woke up at 2:30 there was light high clouds obscuring the Western sky. At 3:30 the aroma of bacon being cooked told me he and his girl friend were up. As soon as they had breakfast ready, I got both of them out to get their first real look at Mars. It wasnt the best viewing, being Mars was only 30° above the horizon, but you could make out faint surface details. Both were actually very surprised, looking at it in the eyepiece, then stepping back to gaze at it naked eye! Before the mosquitos chased them back in. I turned the telescope to the Orion's Nebula. Maybe they'll think a bit the next time they look up.
  21. Hi, I've been getting really wound up with the weather spoiling my Mars fun. Last night looked promising but as soon as I set up it clouded over again I sat outside patiently waiting and managed 5 runs in the cloud gaps. So glad I stuck it out. This is a quick process - autostakkert / registax / PS6 of 1 of those runs. 3 mins approx 18000 frames stacked best 5% My best ever Mars (so far) C8/2x barlow/zwo adc/zwo 224mc
  22. Hi on my VX8L i used stick on car wheel balance weights just paint them to match scope colour
  23. Joy's of living in a Bortle 4 scale. I can not even think of imaging anything remotely rgb in my bortle 8 skies.
  24. Reading through the posts, I share your pain. We ... ( as a hobbyist community ).... do have a lot of factors against us and we do our best to persevere. One of the problems is that the key knowledge that you accumulate when you have a few sessions in close proximity, makes further sessions much more productive and rewarding. There must be a law somewhere that states that if you do not touch equipment for a period of time it will inevitably fail in multiple aspects the next time you pick it up and try to use it...... (astronomical entropy ??)..... 2 weeks ago..... rig works fine (more or less). Work and life intervene. Last night....... usb connector falls off EFW. Dew heater has a frayed cable. Power supply now seems to have rattle. Hitec Power box does not talk to the computer. Computer does not recognise Lodestar guide cam. Metallic dewshield falls off ( I'm pretty sure it was on tight ) breaks a plastic bolt and dents the metal...... ....by which time it has partially clouded over... Yep.... it tests one ability to stay mellow.....
  25. Moody! First thing I thought of was a Celtic cross. Love it! Noddy
  26. I believe that the surface brightness of an extended object depends on exit pupil squared. Now a larger aperture usually (but not necessarily) means a smaller focal ratio, which in turn (for a given eyepiece focal length) produces a larger exit pupil. So - it is generally correct to say that the surface brightness of an extended object increases with aperture. (I hope.....) Contrast against the sky also has to be taken into account, plus there are other issues with increasing exit pupil. It's different for a point source, where dependence on aperture is straightforward. Doug.
  27. Really like this Danon! Noddy
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