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  2. You could get problems like that if you are pushing the power supply past its max rating. In any case some sort of power supply issue.
  3. Yay! finally got my personal plates, FedEx came by just as I was leaving home, been waiting over a month. Call me Arnie now! Lol
  4. I like the skywatcher Crayford. I put one on my Evo120 which was a big improvement. That left the original focuser available to put on my ST102 which was also a big improvement.
  5. Rodd


    Thanks Simmo! Rodd
  6. Nice one! I too find it fascinating to read older books, and compare to what we (think) we know now... the pace of discovery is astounding. My wife likes to tell people that I'm into astrology She thinks she's very funny ... I don't!
  7. I use a mixture of cameras for a dual rig and provided I can re-size and register the images it works just fine, so no reason why your dual rig won't work. Carole
  8. Thanks - the chances of me sticking to no purchases this year is not looking good!
  9. There are a number of stars this could be, it depends how high in the sky it is. I just checked on Stellarium (free software) and changed the location to Romania, and it looks like it is Sirius, the brightest star in the sky (easily mistaken for a planet if you didn't know your Astronomy). Carole
  10. I will be installing a bathroom extractor fan in mine this weekend, it has been very damp this winter and I have developed some mold in the obsy. I am also going to get a UVC bulb to run for a couple of hours once per month. Personally I think that warm and damp is much worse than cold and damp. I also dont think that there is much point in a de humidifier in a role off roof as you are unlikely to have a sufficiently good seal. So i would just look at ways to keep the air moving. Adam
  11. I agree it's probably not a planet, but I don't think it will be Betelgeuse at the moment because it is quite dim. I'd suggest perhaps Sirius or Procyon, the latter perhaps being the better bet given the description of its position. James
  12. Sounds like Sirius to me, the brightest star in the sky.
  13. Could be Sirius, if you download Stellarium it will help you identify it. Dave http://stellarium.org/en_GB/
  14. Hi and welcome,it is not a planet.....the only planet you will see at that time will be Venus,but that is in the west,it looks like it could be a star in Orion called Betelgeuse.
  15. Hi Alan. Just thought I would say I had a read of this thread a couple of months back before I was a member of the forum. I really enjoyed it. Top job you did improving this scope and it also inspired me to flock my 200p which improved the contrast greatly. Keep up the good work Regards Baz
  16. Phew, thanks Dave. This forum is great for constructive critique; it's pretty much the only way I learn how to improve
  17. Groberts, music: equipment i used: CFF CC300 f/20, ASI 174MM, orange, Baader ir-pass, or astronomic IR-pass filters processing: autostakkert, lynkeos3, adobe photoshop. Wouter.
  18. Nice one Geof, much improved, good detail in the core and Ha extensions Dave
  19. How on earth do you operate a dob of this size, do you have to keep getting down to turn it and adjust the altitude? does it also just use a 1.25 or 2" eye piece? If so does this eye piece not burn a hole through your skull from all the collected light? I assume that a normal 1.25 eye piece would do this size justice and provide astonishing views Baz
  20. Many thanks, I've just uploaded another (hopefully final) version, in which I've tried to fix some artefacts I introduced in my previous processing....
  21. Today
  22. Every evening after 7 pm I see this bright looking object in the night sky here in Romania. Around early evening, it is in the East and moving to south. By mid-night, it almost reaches half way (or a little more) south. I assume it is a planet, I wonder which?! Can anyone help? See the pictures. planet photo1 planet photo2
  23. Ok, sorry everyone, but one more time please..... I think I've managed to better preserve the colour of the main galaxy and get rid of most of the red artefacts either side of the centre of the starburst region. I'm sure that there is more that I could do, but one has to stop somewhere......
  24. That item shipped to the UK is too expensive and will not fall into low value consignment relief so will pay extra tax on it, have a read up first to make sure you know what extra tax you may be liable to pay.
  25. The barn door I made (link in signature) uses a straight rod and using a 40mm lens lens can consistently get 3 minute exposures and it is manually turned. It was made using old kitchen door cut up. The most expensive items was the camera ball head about £11.00.
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