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  2. Hi Currently l use The Sky 6 software bisque to run my mount. In windows 7 on my old laptop . It works perfectly with all the Ascom drivers etc when uploaded to run my Cem60 mount. However, when l uploaded the same in windows 10 environment of my other computer, there seems to be an issue where although sky 6 sees the Ascom drivers for my mount ; the ioptron control software says the following." There is nothing to configure as all the settings have been moved to ioptron control ". Now l followed all the instructions and done the Ascom checks and everything seems ok. In sky 6 it says you haven't configured your settings. In windows 7 l did not have this issue. Has anybody got so.e advice? Cheers Steve J....
  3. Well, what a busy (and lovely) day it has been! Painting the scope room was first thing on the agenda. I bought the paint earlier in the week. I was looking for something reasonably dark for the scope room and having browsed through some colours, how could I not go with "Galaxy Blue"? My daughter was keen to help, so out came the rollers and brushes and for the first time in what seems like ages I rolled the roof back so we could work in the sunshine as much as possible. With two of us it went very quickly and by lunchtime the majority was done. In some lights the paint does look quite grey, but in others it's definitely blue. We also decided to paint the sides of the roof -- I'm not going to bother with the actual roof yet, in case I decide I need to insulate it. That's a decision for another time. I still have the gables to paint as well, but again I'm thinking about adding ventilation to those so they can wait for a bit. And obviously the end flap isn't finished enough to paint yet. But with all the other painting done in the scope room we fitted the aluminium section back into the walls and then broke out the roll of LEDs. The self-adhesive tape on the back made fitting them a doddle, though I did have to think for a few minutes about which end to start from and whether I needed to unroll the entire reel first, as the connectors are male at one end and female at the other. Fortunately it worked out that we could start from the scope room window with the loose end of the reel. We felt it was necessary to finish everything off at that point and my daughter was keen to play with the mitre box and razor saw, so she did all the cutting of the diffuser and I did the measuring and fitting. And here's the result (maximum white, with the camera flash on) This is maximum red, this time with the flash off: And minimum red: That's all with the standard control unit that came with the LED strip. When I plugged in the wifi control unit I discovered that it would actually allow the LEDs to be dimmed even further: It's hard to judge without being dark-adapted, especially after spending most of the day in the sunshine, but I think the red will certainly work ok. The white is harder to judge. I might wander out after dark this evening and see what it looks like. I did notice that the wifi unit has a tendency to whine when the colour settings are in the middle of the range which might be irritating, but I probably won't be using that part anyhow, and if I'm in the warm room I probably won't be able to hear it anyhow. Not sure what I shall work on next. I shall have a think on that this evening. Had I trusted the weather forecast I should have planned a bit further ahead and sorted out the remainder of the bits to allow me to finish doing the EPDM on the rolling roof. As it is it might be a good idea to get at least one pier finished so I can actually start using the observatory before its first birthday. James
  4. I think today was amazing! There was a lot of activity at the edge of the sun, especially over AR12738 crossing the limb, and very dynamic - you could literally see things moving over a couple of minutes. Really enjoyable.
  5. I had heard there was a patch available for the affected Meade equipment. (I have two 10" LX200s... though I'm somewhat relieved that they're "classics" without GPS!) I wasn't aware that the "fix" came not from Meade, but rather a 'team of amateurs.' Hopefully, there's an equally-capable team of Celestron-owning amateurs working on a patch!
  6. The error I'm getting is [ERROR] Failed to open serial port: /dev/ttyusb1 I've checked and that is definitely the correct tty device. It's just not working
  7. Hi mcbras Subtract the back focus of the Atik from 60mm and that's the length of M42 spacer you need, with the focuser mid-range. Then try it during the day on a distant object. You'll need a fast exposure and maybe stop the objective down with a cardboard mask if it's too bright during the day. Then finetune on the moon and then use the Star Profile screen in PHD2 to set a star's HFD to minimum. Michael
  8. Yes, sorry, I should have done that: - GSO 10" Truss RC Moravian G2-8300 MkII Moravian EFW MkII FW Chroma LRGB Lodestar X2 Guide Camera with Celestron OAG iOptron 120EC Mount Don't be guided by all the nice kit, it's more of a matter with me of all the gear and no idea Well at least when it comes down to processing. Thanks for yours and teoria_del_big_bang kind comments.
  9. Whats the chance of seeing that on a 80mm? Pretty small I guess. Be better off with my cpc 1000 for that and a barlow when imaging.
  10. It's a bit mind blowing 2 billion light years I can't even imagine it.
  11. Has it made a noticeable improvement through the scope? Will you be using your scope for visual or astro imaging?
  12. I also had a nice session today.
  13. Well I might buy a cheap smartphone adapter Mark, but I'm not going to go any deeper into the "dark side" than that !
  14. Hi Andrew, welcome to SGL, a great source of info and encouragement, the folks on here have helped me out numerous times when I have got a bit lost in the dark art of AP.
  15. thanks David, it wasnt great here mate, i could hardly see the faint proms. charl.
  16. thanks Dave, goodluck mate. charl.
  17. Very (Very) nice image Steve
  18. That’s a great M51! You have quite an array of kit listed in your signature, would it be possible to list which scope and camera you used for this capture? Thanks
  19. Very nice pics John - though slippery slope for a dedicated visual astronomer
  20. Yes should have been clearer it's the Star Patch folk done the Meade, still no reason Celestron can't manage similar I'd have thought. Dave
  21. Not exactly clear skies Stu, pretty murky and windy, looking clearer now and the wind's dropped of course Dave
  22. Let's be clear, neither Meade nor Celestron have found a fix, it's a dedicated team of "amateurs " who are offering it for Meade mounts. Michael
  23. Hello and a warm welcome to the SGL.
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