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  2. Yes David, in both cases through an apo refractor and herschel wedge.
  3. Nice pictures fellas. Are these all white light pics?
  4. I have a 12" dob with a white light film filter aperture mask and a Lunt LS80 hydrogen alpha telescope. They are very different beasts as has already been detailed. As was mentioned, you could easily create an aperture mask (i.e. smaller hole in the end cap) and covering the hole with the film. By stopping down though you are essentially reducing the resolving power of the dob to something similar to the 127, but they would both be of roughly equal focal length so your magnification would be similar. I would think the views would end up being very similar. You could buy a premade film or glass filter to retain the resolving power of the dob, but it's obvioulsy going to be more expensive compared to creating your own or getting a smaller one for your 127. While I am more than capable of creating my own film filter, I would probably still purchase one. Paying for it is worth that piece of mind to me to know I'm getting something that was professionally made and inspected. What you want to see will really determine which path you choose between white light and hydrogen alpha. I personally prefer my Lunt over my dob as it's easier to setup, more portable and I like seeing all the activity on the limb with the prominences and filaments in the chromosphere. Seeing those huge magnified views of a sunspot and the granulation on the photosphere through my dob are nice as well though.
  5. Nice shots again John. Managed a good look myself at about 11.30 I think. Visually it looks nice still, there is still that little separate dot of umbra visible in the AR, and I could see a line of brightness around the outside of the penumbra. This was the best I could do, through one channel of the binoviewer.
  6. I don't think it's much use upgrading this telescope or buying a 80£ telescope. There are some telescopes available but imho they are still rather small and you will outgrow them quickly. You'll want something better within a few observation sessions. You are much better of saving a bit longer until you can afford something like a 100mm refractor or a 6inch dobson. Both can be found for around 250€ which is a lot more than your 80£, but from a dark spot, you'll be amazed what you can see with them. Of course, there is always a secondhand market and sometimes you can find decent telescopes for not much money. If you really want to spend your money I would suggest a 7x50 or a 10x50 binocular. It's literraly 2 50mm telescopes bolted together in a small easy to use package. I have a Nikon 7x50 A211 which can be found for under 100€.
  7. I messaged happylimpet already but I noticed it's been more than a month since he's been on so if anyone here got the software from him I am in serious need lmao.
  8. I am fortunate to have a couple of nice Fracs and a couple of nice Reflectors, personally I love the diffraction spikes, I'm yearning for a fast Newt Astrograph to grab faster images, I want one around 1000-1200mm which would be perfect to fit into my future plans, Peter at 656Imaging has offered to build me a custom Newt, which I will most probably take him up on in the future, as I know it will just blow my mind.
  9. Well done Charl, just about to try and get a last shot at it through the murky mist. Dave
  10. Same murky haze here again today. Dave
  11. It’s the grey ash in the options extra €35 I think
  12. Beautiful scope, just wondered about your Berlebach Uni18 was that a special request for the colour as I can't find it on their web page?
  13. What is the green one ?? Is it some new Daystar narrow bandpass filter ?? Neon II ?? Krypton III ???
  14. I did the standard stacking in DSS nothing special. Then in PI First I used Auto Background Extraction which helped remove some of the light pollution but nowhere near all of it, so it still was very noticeable. Then I used Morphological Transform to slightly reduce the star sizes. Followed by the Screen Transfer Function with the Histogram Transform Tool to stretch the image. I then created a Range Mask to protect the nebula and used the Curves Transform to begin to darken the background. The pollution was still very visible so I resorted to PS. Here I simply increased the contrast and applied it using a large soft brush via a layer mask to the regions around the nebula. I repeated this a few times to try and get the background consistent. Finally, I used a High Pass filter to sharpen up the image, then resized to finish. That's it. I did have a play with GradientXterminator as well but didn't like the result so abandoned that version. Thanks again for sharing your data, the more practice I get hopefully I will get better.
  15. I switched from a Starlight Xpress ex guidehead because of the guide scale I was getting. The pixels in the guidehead were the same as the Lodestar but permanently binned. Perfect for an OAG. I us the Altair 60mm finderguider. I now guide with an SX Superstar which has 4.65 micron pixels which I can bin if I need to. I also have an Altair GPcam which I use for my travelling setup which doubles as a solarimagint camera on our modded PST. That works well for both uses. i did some calculations comparing imaging scale for my various setups which led me to ditch the guidehead. I was about 10x the resolution of my imaging setup and it was showing,
  16. Sorry, lost my internet connection.
  17. Today
  18. And now with extra marmalade:
  19. Looks like I need to try again with higher power, maybe my 6.5mm Morpheus and perhaps my Astronomik UHC too. Just need clear skies which I haven't had for 2 weeks or so...
  20. Couple more before AR 2738 disappears around the limb. These were taken about 10:10 BST:
  21. well fog first then milk, but managed a few images. there are more faint proms but there a waste of time with these skys but the one I caught is very visable. kit starwave 102 f11, quark. asi120mc. thanks for looking. clear skys. charl bye AR2738 come back again soon. Ar 2739 please grow mate. nice prom on the upper oncoming limb.
  22. Yes, incredible images. The rille next to the mountains, Mt. Hadley if my memory is working, is one of the Apollo landing sites. I've viewed the area, but not as closely as with your image
  23. Where I saw a smiley face, some more experienced observers see a complete ring. The link below shows pretty much how I should have seen it if conditions were a bit better: http://www.asod.info/?p=11891
  24. I wish you were in Alabama, not across the pond. I like the Pelosi set.
  25. Thought I'd have a try at using the 1600mm cool as a lunar camera, using a 120ED with reducer. Was only getting about 5 fps through USB 2 (my laptop doesn't have USB 3) but got this after stacking the best 100 frames out of 2000.
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