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  2. OMG I just received mine from FLO. Haven’t opened the boxes yet - it’s for my birthday next month. Hope mine doesn’t make grinding noises.
  3. I went from a SW 150pl to a 250pds then a 300pds and now have a 16" Sumerian Optics Alkaid. The ease of use and lightness for me is great and I believe it has a very good primary mirror. It would also cost 4-5x the new price of a 300pds for a good reason. If you get to test scopes under the stars, use your highest power eyepiece on a bright star and compare the scatter from the star with that feom the other scopes. The better the mirrors, the less scatter.... of course using the same eyepiece would be needed to get a good comparison. You generally get what you pay for so go for the best you can afford.
  4. Yes, when I rotated the camera the elongated stars went from the side to the top.
  5. thanks David. where at quiet time again mate. clear skys. charl.
  6. thanks MG, wishing you clear mate. charl.
  7. A 16" Dob? Depends what you want to get out of using it. I know these instruments have their enthusiasts, and are said to give good views of nebulae from dark skies sites. So is this what you intend? The only 16" telescope I clearly remember seeing was a decidedly non-portable 16" SCT installed in an expensive-looking brick observatory. For planetary, it may not give better views than a much smaller instrument, as the performance will be essentially limited by the seeing, and not the size of the instrument. One sees reports from observers saying that they got a better view after stopping down their large scope. Even with an 8" SCT I find that seeing is a major factor, and that I can see a lot more detail via planetary imaging than at the eyepiece. 'Seeing' is also the limiting factor even with planetary imaging using a scope this size. For looking at galaxies, I was surprised to discover that a 4" aperture home-brewed EVAA outfit seemed capable of showing as much from my backyard as my 8" SCT did from a remote dark skies site.
  8. Well, me implying that someone else plays up saturation or contrast for dramatic effect would DEFINITELY be a case of stones thrown from glass houses. By a black pot, at a kettle. Etc., etc.. I like 'em dramatic and while I might blush at my own shamelessness from time to time, I make no apologies. If an image pleases you, it's doing what it's supposed to do, IMHO.
  9. Hi. Not sure what 'tilt moves', means... Are the stars are elongated in a different place in the frame when you rotate the camera? The position of the bad stars depends upon the camera rotation? JTOL. Cheers.
  10. I have told you before I am far from being expert, I know nothing. The good thing is I've got you thinking with much great Guide knowledge, lets hope between us we can get something sorted and working. On the bright side as it would appear I did absolutely nothing in relation to PPEC other than pass time, the mount performed very well indeed, so well I am sure some would ask why bother, Olly said to get down to 0.5sec in both RA and Dec is about as good as one can hope for, I was a bit better than this alot of the time. As for the flashes I would say I was getting intermittent two flashes. I will try this again, don't cost anything does it. Please let me know how you fair, looks li9ke weather is poor again here. Alan.
  11. Alan Just noticed that I've still shown 3 x 5K ohm resistors; I've corrected to show 1K ohm. Thanks, Peter
  12. Is it a newly purchased AZMP? Mine has grinding noise and squeaks when slewing in just one direction. Could only find operating manuals on ioptron website and opening it up will likely void the 2 year warranty. I've contacted the retailer, have you tried this or Ioptron support?
  13. +1 for some Radio astronomy workshop / talks from me as well. I'd also like some Pixinsight workshops - pretty please
  14. Mint as BNIB only used twice!.. fabulous EP. Every accept one edge of the box is perfect!. Looking for £115 which will include Royal Mail Special Recorded Delivery Reason for sale : Thought I could get away without selling, but need funds.
  15. Today
  16. When I started the other night with the reducer it wasnt this bad. I switched to the Hotech to see if it was any better but it looks worse. I'm thinking the SCA section isn't compatible with my scopes. They both have 2.5 inch drawtube but the 2" adapter isn't very deep. I had to arrange the rubber bands on the SCA to the centre, ie 3 together just so they seat within the adapter. I'm thinking this could be a reason. The focuser cant be this much out. More testing tonight I think.
  17. I took Jupiter and Saturn between 2-3am on morn 21/5. Edge HD SCT 9.25”. ZWO ASI290MM mini with RGB filter. Sharp cap. 2min runs (600 frames per) alternating RGB filters. 3 rounds. Approx 5fps. Gain 140 for memory. Williams Bahtinov mask for focus on nearby star. Histogram 70%. 1st real time for having ironed out the bugs. Autostaker, then Registax and then Winjupos. Seeing could have been better, beautiful clear night hear on Sunshine Coast in Qld, Australia that night. I am no expert in planetary photography but the frame rate was unflattering and gain 390 . I understand a high gain given you a higher frame rate but doesn’t it come at the cost of more grainy image? https://astrob.in/406998/0/ https://astrob.in/407000/0/
  18. Oh you just opened a can of worms Steve
  19. I think most interesting is the way Chinese brands (not only Synta/Sky-Watcher) are moving upmarket. Their manufacturing ability and QC has been improving year on year and they now produce some genuinely innovative products. The quality gap between them and other brands from Japan and the West is narrowing. In the astronomy products market the continental plates are shifting. I think that's as much as I can say on a forum that doesn't allow politics... Steve
  20. Hugh Thanks, I'll put it back. Peter
  21. Harder it is to set-up/put away, the less you’ll use it. Building mine a Dob trolley so that I can just wheel and view, revolutionised my observing. Most of us are very lazy indeed.... Paul
  22. Wot no picture ? Dave
  23. Yes. Home position is with the counterweight bar facing downwards. The position of the other axis is irrelevant. Remember, polar alignment is only making the RA axis parallel to the earth's axis. You can align the mount with no telescope on it at all.
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