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  2. Thank you, John. Food for thought! I might get the 365 one. They look very well built. Thanks again
  3. With the 183 you'll be imaging at 3.66 per pixel. With the 163 you'll be imaging at 5.77 per pixel.
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  5. Fair enough, if you're saying that this sort of sloppiness is to be expected from a mount at this price, then I probably went in with too-high of expectations. However, I haven't found any mention of people having this specific issue. Do you think I should just tape it off and continue or try to swap it out with the supplier?
  6. Um, it's a budget mount! As I say, a bit sloppy to have the gap but the mount benefits from various fiddles/adjustments etc. You will probably want to upgrade the latitude bolt and either try and adjust the dec motor backlash, else fit a belt drive upgrade at some point. I imagine someone in the US does them. Have a read through all the various maintenance options linked to the above page. Louise
  7. Set up around 10am and straight away quite a lot of activity around the limb some very big proms and hedges slight facile around 11.00 Appearing top right seeing comes and goes but some great proms most of the day a shot from phone not best
  8. I've got an older Telegizmo cover for my 12" dob. I've used it to overnight the scope outside a few times when I could not be bothered to pack it up and also as a quick coverup if a shower comes along when out in the field with the scope. It seems to do a good job to me. The right balance of being robust and weatherproof while easy to fit and it packs reasonably small - I keep mine in an old football boots bag but maybe they come with their own bags these days ? Mines not the 365 one so I would not leave the scope out for long periods under it.
  9. ImPPG is well worth the effort to learn. Will make a hellava difference to your images. Just follow the tutorial until you get the hang of it. Onwards and Upwards.
  10. Thanks for the reply. Yea i was hoping that tightening the screws would do it, but it doesn't seal the gap. I could just use vinyl tape of course but for a $1,000 brand new mount it feels lousy to have to tape it up on day one. Do you think I should try to fix it myself or try to get a replacement from the supplier? Thanks!
  11. Here are couple of questions that might help: 1. Any chance you have filters in front of OAG? (those should be between OAG and imaging sensor - light for OAG should be unfiltered) 2. What is OAG / imaging sensor distance? 3. What is your guide exposure? Have you tried PHD2? Maybe it will work better than PHD. 4. What drivers are you using for QHY5II? Switching to ASCOM instead of native helps with SNR (fact that it will read 12bit values instead of 8bit). What sort of gain are you using with this camera? 5. What is focus of your OAG like? Do you have sharply defined stars in PHD or are they smeared out?
  12. Hi It looks like it's just the motor cover. I'd just make a photographic record. It's a bit sloppy to have a gap but it should be simple to fix yourself. There is a wonderful maintenance resource here: http://www.astro-baby.com/heq5-rebuild/heq5-we1.htm Louise
  13. Hmmm, a bit harsh.... I've successfully used the ST-4 connection with/ without EQMod on both my HEQ5 and NEQ6 mounts for over ten years. No issues, no drama. There are MANY happy PHD2 users around the world, many more than use EQMod. It's well supported and capable of giving good guiding. Like all the tools in your toolbox, it just needs to be used correctly.
  14. Has somebody got a telegizmo cover? No plan to store the telescope outside permanently of course, but I'm considering one for camping or for covering the scope outside early in the evening before observing.
  15. well had trouble in phd,so decided to start again and removed blade holding prism out and the prism fell off replaced but struggling to get a good snr in phd see seperate topic cheers
  16. Ah interesting, okay. I'm in the US but imagine it's similar
  17. Hmm, interesting point jam1e1. I recall before I received the mount a month ago and had a go collimating with the scope horizontal, I sensed a faint amount of movement in the primary when slowly rolling the tube but had forgotten about that. Pretty sure this wasn’t the mirror itself rotating, but the cell. I’ll have another look tomorrow. If there is movement, is it an easy job removing the primary and a fix? Apart from not touching the mirror, any advice while doing this? There’s plenty of dust on the mirror but I’m not sure I want to tackle that.
  18. I’ve changed air flow now sucking after reading this by Peter shah https://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/15034-using-cooling-fans-to-improve-an-image/?tab=comments#comment-150797
  19. I have a SynScan alt-az and I power it with a jump starter from Halfords. With mine there was a lead supplied that fitted the mount perfectly, including the correct polarity for the lead
  20. What seems to be the problem with OAG? I suspect most OAGs will be about the same - prism quality wise. Main differences will be mechanical. Most cameras, including QHY5II, will be sensitive enough. What can make difference is prism positioning. It will depend on F/ratio of the scope. Prisms can vignette on fast scopes and can act as if stopped down if they are moved further away. Let's say you have 8mm prism and you put your prism so that prism / guide sensor is at 80mm. You will effectively work your OAG on F/10. If you have faster scope, you'll benefit from moving prism closer to imaging sensor (and hence focal plane).
  21. Don't know that one or where it is.
  22. Beautiful images, Wouter. In the close-ups, especially Mare Nectaris, the enhanced colours are very becoming! Great work!
  23. I am 28 miles northwest of Tampa right on the gulf. I have no porblem using 100x per inch in my best APO's on the moon and doubles. Jupiter is too dim at 100x per inch. I can also use my Newts on the AP800. Once i get my short pier fixed i am good to go. Here is the 8" F/6 on the tall pier.
  24. If Zeta Hercules is well postioned Chaz, give that one a go and see if the ED150 can split it at around 250x - 350x.
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