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  2. Makes me shudder to think of it Stu. Glad all seems well.
  3. Apparently the night we were hit with winds gusting at around 45 or 50km per hour. I tried rebuilding but the focuser is too messed up, and the metal under the focuser got really bent. So, collimation of the focuser is next to impossible.
  4. Very nice, especially considering the veeeery bad RA guiding. Now that I see the final result, I realise that we should have spent a little more time on framing. That small galaxy on the left is cut in half, unfortunately.
  5. I too have had similar problems with the sky portal app, for me with my Evolution mount, it is just not well thought out imo. Geoff Lister sums it up really well. It is just not an improvement to my mind over a hand controller and is little more than a gimmick. Luckily for me the Evolution mount came with the optional hand controller too and it has without any doubt vastly improved my enjoyment of using my Evolution mount. There is just no comparison. I would suggest you contact whomever sold you the scope/mount, or failing that @FLO and ask them which hand controller will work with it. You will not regret it. However that said I use the Sky portal app on an Android tablet and just yesterday there was an update to a newer version, ( I presume it is a little later with Apple, ) which they allege means you can tilt the tablet to move the mount, instead of trying to find non tactile buttons on screen. If true it would perhaps be a huge improvement. I may try it out at some time, but as Geoff says, that is not the only problem with the app, so I think I will stick to the hand controller. That is as soon as I can motivate myself to observe at all again. This worry over the app is what is putting me off a little bit, when I am considering getting the Skywatcher version, with a AZ GTI mount. All gimmick. less function? Edit: Incidentally I have read of several Astro Fi users say they have bought a hand controller for it, but they do not mention which controller... I have heard the same of the AZ GTI.
  6. wow I would not have thought it possible, was it a dust devil or something?
  7. Looks like I might have caught a meteor. And clouds are coming in! This is a screenshot from KStars FITS Viewer which seems to be trying to debayer a mono image!
  8. Ohhhh I definitely would have been .... well .. not in a good state. I'm trying to decide if I want to get another 130 or move on. Lets just say that it's quite a difficult decision. And from now on, no matter what the weather is like, I will have sand bags on the tripod legs!!!
  9. Just do a basic polar alignment with the polar scope and then a three star align. The moon is up tonight so its star clusters only really. The whole point of a guide camera is that polar alignment does not need to be as accurate.
  10. I took the image with a 200mm lens at 1.6" exposures around 200-500 exposures I'm not sure, at iso 1600, they are untracked using a tripod with heavy light pollution
  11. Second to last image of the season. Taken at @wimvb Wims magnificent dark skies, north of Stockholm. The skies are so good (Bortle sky 4) that this image was actually possible. Despite a terrible error in my HEQ5, which made it drift badly in RA, and thus shortening the session to a little more than three hours in total. But I had to throw away some subs because it was evident that they will do more harm than good, and I ended up with one hour of Luminance and half an hour each RGB. While preprocessing I really thought this one will end up unworthy to be worked out and eventually neglected. But I wanted to see if anything can be saved. So I fire up Pixinsight and I processed with straight forward attitude rather than my meditative style of processing (Photons have travled millions of years, you should spend some time getting them right). I think I pulled out what can be pulled from an embarrassingly short session of 2.5 hours. Yet some stuff like the bleaching of color over stars wasn't manageable because of a combination of imprecise focus and the elongated stars caused by the RA drift. I chose to tone it down although there was some room for more stretching, but this level gave pleasing dynamics, it seemed. Next season will deliver better for sure. Wim have generously allowed me to have a pier besides his at the under construction observatory, and my gear will be controlled through the net, thanks to his expertise. A truly great step in this wild hobby, that I am most thrilled about. No more bad skies in inner city lights, and no more uncomfortable balcony stuff. I will still miss the hustle though.. Any critics are most welcome. Clear skies /Firas
  12. Well I finish work in about 1 hrs so gonna set it up again all charged .Down loaded all that plate solve and apat thingy so let's see how that goes .something else that can cause me grief lol. Hows you got much done ?
  13. Thanks chaps. Just had a quick try out and all seems to be well. I managed a nice split of Algieba at around x100, images merged easily so I think I got away with it! Lucky.
  14. Sounds awful mate.... that must have been some gust of wind! Ive never heard of an NEQ5 being blown over before. To look on the bright side, the 130 isnt an expensive bit of kit to replace and your camera was not damaged. Just think what it would be like to have a nice APO and CCD camera hit the floor!... ouch!
  15. I'm going to try stacking. This means that I've had to change the ROI to exclude ground based lights so that the stacking routine can use stars for alignment. I have reduced exposure to 90s to avoid star trailing. Maybe if I can get a dozen or two frames it might show the hydrogen clouds better. I think the test so far shows promise.
  16. Floater

    Hello from Sussex!

    Welcome. Have fun with the forum and the hobby.
  17. Olly Can't agree more, so new friend of mine, when you loaning me that sweet mesu adorned with those lovely Tecs, because you know what they say. Sharing is caring
  18. Hi all I have bought a astro fi 130mm I am having problems aligning with skyportal. I try and align the three stars but every time it fails. I disconnect and realign but it seems to remember, i uninstall the app and still the same problem cam anyone help.?
  19. Welcome. Have lots and lots of fun.
  20. Mr Spock

    Hello from Sussex!

    Hi, welcome to SGL
  21. So far it's working for me. Fingers crossed.
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