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  2. So star wand ,Shining a laser into the sky Or am I missing something
  3. Any indication of how much the "interchangeable" filters would be for the 80mm model? Thanks.
  4. It’s one of those items that you see and think I have to get one of those. After a day or two I will calm down and go back to saving for a laser collimator, more important I think.
  5. Hi Martin, Thanks for posting your shot. I tend to lose some of the faint smudges as I tweak the settings to remove noise. Lately I have been noting at what point it does not seem worth stacking anymore subs. It seems to me that beyond 20 there is little improvement? As you say now that the moon had got out of the way the skies are cloudy, frequently triggered by the ever increasing aircraft con-trails. No astro dark now until early August. I like your description of tectonic plates sliding under each other - a new class description for galaxies???? Mike
  6. Only ever having taken a snap shot of Jupiter so know little, every one mentions C9.25 C 11 etc, surely Meade make just as good scopes 8-14 inch and these seem to fairly well priced and plenty of them, well the smaller ones anyway. I was even considering using my 12 inch on a AZEQ 6 to do a bit of planetary as cameras are much cheaper to start with, I would have thought one could start out with a decent camera for less than 600 quid. Alan
  7. Hi Paul, after a lot of searching for a mount, the Giaz was the one that most interested me. Not a lot of reviews on the internet, but decided to take the plunge & get it from Zoltan, who I have got to say was great. 1st impressions are good. Sturdy tripod & mount seams to be really fluid. I have a heritage 130p & recently purchased a Mak127, as new to the hobby at the start of the year. I have ordered tube rings from Orion in US as I want to mount the Mak on the righthand side & want to eventually purchase a 150pds to mount on left side. I am also having a counter weight made so I can use a single OTA on the mount. I will post some pics & impressions of the mount as all comes together. Thanks Andy.
  8. Answering a question from an earlier post.... You do NOT need NexRemote with CPWI. So no messing about with Win8 compatibility mode required. You can now directly link your scope to a Windows PC using a SkyPortal external WiFi accessory. Previously that was only possible with Android/IOS.
  9. Just take a piece of paper with "please turn over" written on both sides ... this gives me hours of fun! I wonder what would happen if you actually turned up to board ...
  10. I would normally go straight back to the shop. If you have problems there, contact the manufacturer. That said, the one time I had this problem, it was one I bought from astroboot for £4, so I didn't bother (life's too short). But I'm guessing yours cost a bit more than that.
  11. I've removed the bank details from this message - this is a public post and it's not advisable to post stuff like that. Please PM bank details. Cheers ant
  12. A simple solution may be to hang a weight of some sort (bag full of soil, perhaps?) below the tripod. This lowers the centre of gravity of the whole system and can significantly reduce vibrations.
  13. Wim, I am pretty useless when it comes to using programs and IT in general but I am getting to know a few bits and pieces now I have had chance to use them for a while. I am the sort that learns quickly when someone shows me something and sadly here there is no one. In some ways that's good as I live in a remote area compared to say Hull or Leeds which is and is near to where I was before. I will do what I can and Message you with findings, I will take notes as to what I did, when I get a chance to actually do something again and let you know. Someone did actually PM me and let me know recording a file in PecPrep and loading it was beyond his ability to get to work, so gave up, I would be to first to say his IT ability out shines mine for sure. Whilst this method of PPEC may not be as good, it may also offer a little help and every little bit working for you is better than against. The weather here is normally very good with lots of clear nights at this time of year and my biggest problem is stopping the mosquitoes biting me, I think this year most have drown. The first thing I will try is recording PPEC whist guiding with PHD, could probably also image at the same time. Being very new to guiding there are a good few things that need that polish, like polar alignment and even scope balance though with the 0.5arc sec guide I was getting I am reticent to touch too much, I have other scope I wish to try and to be honest am worried about changing them for fear of messing things up. Also by August I will have funds in place to get the ASI 071, I would also like an ASI 183 as well and am having to fight off pressing the button with FLO to get it as I already have enough for that. Alan
  14. Congratulations on your first imaging session. You have taken the first steps on an amazing journey, with a steep learning curve. Do you have a copy of this book? Well worth the investment, if you haven't. Been there, done that, got the tee-shirt. My favourite is focussing and then forgetting to remove the mask. Don't worry, there are plenty more of these "silly" mistakes in store, but I guarantee, whatever you do, you will find someone on here has done it before you. Enjoy the journey.
  15. Demonperformer


    Hi, Thor, and welcome to SGL. No experience of that particular scope, but will confidently predict that, compared to the 75mm, the views with it will blow you away. Enjoy the journey.
  16. Today
  17. To be honest the associations in our country have never been of much help to me though I'm going to ponder over your suggestions and think of something to do. Greatly appreciate your help. Thanks.
  18. You and me both Every day is a step closer, i'm already very glad the exterior work is done so i can get to work on the observatory part, witch is off course the most important part of the whole building (don't tell my wife )
  19. So i guess you need more outward travel on your focuser ? there are extension tubes available, but that would put your camera quite far above your telescope, making it more difficult to balance and you would have more vibration in your image train. Is this the field of view you have ? Doesn't seem to bad no ?
  20. Raptors better not disappoint this year, but then again the Leafs did it for decades and still sell out their games. I still remember when people switch from lets go Raptors to lets go Pizza once they realize we were going to lose and just wanted the free pizza next day with your ticket if they go above 100. The head's fine. Heads bleed a lot even with minor scratch, but what I did took some doing to fix. The glue the ER doc used took something like 6 weeks to come out and was itchy. The size is 6 foot by 6 foot exterior. I only image so the scale of it was not really a concern when I started, and the wife didn't want something that big cause she was concerned I'd use up all the yard space. In hindsight a bit more negotiation or taking the apologize after the fact track, and getting a bigger building might have been a good idea. As now I realize future OTA size is now going to be observatory limited. And this is also one of the reasons why I ended up with a CEM60EC instead of a CEM120EC, at some point while drooling over the 120EC I realize that I wasn't going to be able to really load it up. The other side of this is that the slide I used are rated for 400lb per pair. While I suspect a 8x8 size roof would still be within spec it doesn't leave much room and I'd question performance under snow loads with roof closed. The estimated limit to OTA length + imaging train now is about 1 to 1.2 meters depending on balance point. If the building was north oriented I could get a much bigger length so if that's possible for you it might be a good way to minimize the scale of the building while still being able to fit larger kit. Another thing to consider is your own scale, I am not a slim guy even though I am Chinese, but I am not fat either. So I can move around the setup without too many issues, but someone bigger around the middle might find it much more challenging. In all though if I do it again I'd aim for single section roof to ease automation and likely do a 8x8 instead to gain that extra space for flexibility. This summer's addition would be to finish painting it/trimming, add the automation and potentially solar power the whole lot so I don't have to extension cord it everytime I want to image. The lack of AC power was to reduce the costs and disturbance as I don't think the whole yard dug up to fit AC power was something my wife would have been too happy with. However, again it would be nice to be able to have power on all the time.
  21. I can see someone waving it around in their backyards, saying the names of the constellation, star or nebula and making their neighbor think they are some sort of Harry Potter enthusiasts...
  22. That was quite the slide show, nicely documented. I hope your head healed up, no Frankenstein scar? Would your drive to the hospital be considered distracted driving? (Okay, enough, I'm sure it was nothing to laugh at at the time. Once I was helping a buddy move a bed/couch (I forget what they're called exactly) and the cheap cord we were using to tie it closed snapped and the thing sprung open and caught several of my fingers so bad that I was afraid I'd severed one or all because while we were carefully folding it to get my hand out the blood was pouring out of the glove. Fortunately it was more fright than serious, though I do have a couple of nasty scars.) I will definitely be installing a pier, as much for rigidity as for ground clearance inside; I've kicked my tripod legs one time too many! Sinking it won't be too much of a problem, as my son has installed a number of pilings for decks, etc. Even a flagpole one time! It looks about 2 meters square? After a year plus, are you finding it at all cramped? I was thinking 3x3 but that may be overdoing it, especially as I will only be in there for setup, not observing, and extra width is extra cost. That is an interesting roof design, something I'll keep in mind as I go forward. I'm not very concerned with how it will finish out, as it will be fairly well hidden from view from the house (my wife's concern), and almost entirely from neighbors (my concern), though knowing my son, I'll have to keep a rein on his enthusiasm for aesthetics. As long as it is solid, functional and weather-proofed to a reasonable degree I'll be happy. I think my dog might wonder why his house is so much smaller, though, haha. Thanks a bunch for the ideas. (Just watched the Raptors game. I'm not much into basketball, but that was exciting.)
  23. Oh. My. Your maturity and restraint serve as a model to us all. EBay, nothing, I would have been more like "It's all going ON THE MOON" and started hurling things. I can't say I haven't had KStars and Ekos roll over and die on me. But at least on the Mac it's uncommon. On the Pi...maybe once every other imaging session. If I'm checking it, no huhu, I just miss a bit of imaging time till I get it back up. If not...lunar astronomy. I am saying.
  24. Oh, sorry Carole! I just formed an assumption based on your text and the screen shot. Never mind! Siril is definitely worth a look. It has its quirks, and has misbehaved occasionally for me and for some friends, but it's my go-to among the free programs for stacking. Multiplatform, open source, reasonably performant. User interface takes a bit of getting used to and it does leave intermediate files on your disk with the gay abandon of a bunny fertilizing your yard. Calibration, registration, stacking, and (L)RGB composition are pretty straightforward (in addition to the registration it does among the subs in a stack, it also automatically registers your L, R, G, and B frames.) Demosaicing Bayer-gridded frames is a bit nonobvious, easy enough once you get it. Wow, is that a ringing endorsement or what?
  25. Wow, I'm envious. You figured that out while you were still shooting? >;-}
  26. Conditions weren't great Thursday morning but wanted to test a luminos barlow with the 294mc pro. Scope is c925, best 15% of 1,000 in autostakkert, sharpened in registax and processed in photoshop.
  27. I can’t get “Starwand” out of my head, finally I’ll be able to point my scope at other objects!!
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