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  2. Decided to dive into the world of mono.
  3. Thanks to all that have given advice it is appreciated, also thanks to @FLO for there great customer service and accepting the 294 back no problems so I could get one of these
  4. I'm not entirely unconvinced that we might see a return to the 3-day week next winter
  5. Made me think of the Day of the Triffids
  6. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/adm-replacement-saddles/adm-dual-dovetail-adaptor-for-az-gti.html There's another slightly smaller saddle available from ADM for the GTi, but this one ticks alll the boxes ☺
  7. Peter, Yes, the negative terminal of the battery can be called 0V or ground, whichever one you prefer, and anything that is connected to the battery negative terminal can be called 0V or ground as well. Point 1: Correct Point 2: Correct Point 3: This grounds NC1 and NO2 which is what I think you meant to say and not NO1 and NC2 Point 4: Relay board DC-does need to be connected to a VM110 Ground, but it already is by they connection in point 1 as you say. Hugh was just confirming that point and not saying that a second ground is needed to the VM110 though it could have been interpreted that way. Point 5: Correct The raspberry pi 0V power wire on the USB cable to the VM110 would be connected to the VM110 ground terminals on the board itself which is how the EM14 gets its ground. When you plug the powerbank into the raspberry pi the powerbank will automatically connect its negative output terminal to ground too so no extra ground connections are needed there. Your drawing of the relay board connections do look the same as mine and Hugh's drawings. Alan
  8. Yes, but one night when you look upwards and the sky is super clear........
  9. Fingers crossed for tomorrow as forecast not looking too good for next week.
  10. Also very interested to hear how it performs so am following the thread with interest.
  11. Before I reply fully, some questions for you, but I would say that you are at the stage of fine tuning your PHD2 settings. 1) I notice the 4 failed Calibrations before your final good one. Are you allowing PHD2 to autoselect a suitable star, or choosing your own? 2) The GA suggested 0.8 seconds exposure, which suggests very choppy Seeing, but you used 2.5 seconds - is your camera not sensitive enough to use faster exposures ? The GA is saying that to keep around the 0.10 Min Move, you needed fast corrections, and 2.5 seconds was too slow to catch the RA moves. 3) However I'd say 0.8 seconds is a bit excessive, but what are your guidestar exposures like at say 1.5 seconds ? Michael
  12. Oh wow! Thanks for posting. Will definitely try to observe this despite the low altitude... whenever the clouds allow! Just checked that there is a GRS transit tonight, but clouded out here.
  13. I was lucky enough to win image of the month from the national schools observatory Data was from their 2m Liverpool telescope, but my processing
  14. That's a good point. I use a Tracer but any good external source is better than internal batteries. The Lynx cable is good too.
  15. Looks very nice John. It will be very interesting to hear how it performs.
  16. Looks pretty good, bit of coma in bottom right but if mine had been like yours I wouldn't have returned it. Try to image a brighter denser starfield if you can as it will show up any faults better. Dave
  17. Tighten is a misleading word as it should not be tight. But it should not rattle either that's for sure, just contact the shop for advice, but if you 'tighten' it only do so to the minimum to stop the rattle the ring should still move reasonably easily after your done.
  18. Green pallet was all the rage at Chelsea flower show this year !
  19. Today
  20. This would have been a pretty massive (for a globular) three hour's data but as I forgot to remove my Bahtinov mask it's something over 1 1/2 hours of 2-minute subs. At least I can be sure focus was spot on - I have over 40 otherwise useless subs that prove it...
  21. Like Stu, I use mine a lot with a fully loaded ED80 which is about 4 kg but connected to a much better tripod. I use an EQ6 tripod. The stock item is not up to much. I also use a custom battery setup which ensures I can slew the scope around in sub zero temperatures all night.
  22. Loads of SAO numbers in for double stars.
  23. I have found @vlaiv insight and understanding on this invaluable. Really interesting you used : I followed vlaiv's instructions to the letter except I used dark-flats rather than short duration darks and integrated them using 'minimum' in PI. The minimum I achieved was zero with an offset of 50, gain 139. I've decided to up my offset to 56 just to ensure I stay above zero but to date I have not exceeded 240 s exposures and most have been at 120 s. After two plus years of using a CCD this CMOS stuff is all very new to me.
  24. They are baader but the other 3 are all fine
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