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  2. I've had Windows Updates break my Camera in the past too, although for me it was with my Canon DSLR. Windows updates can be rolled back if you want to test this theory.
  3. I'm not sure if I actually understand what had happened. I do understand that someone posted others image as their own, but where did it happen? On Facebook? Here on SGL? Are both persons members here on SGL?
  4. I think proper O rings or 3D printed TPU sealing rings would be a much better bet than silicone sealant. I need to change hats from botcher to engineer!!
  5. Thank you James. I really couldn’t understand most of the thread until you summarised in english! Essential for those of us who are just starting out on the imaging journey. Paul
  6. Lengths of elastic are probably an optional extra
  7. Is there any refractors that are fast, not reallllly expensive and longish fl?
  8. Hi Mark I have one. Will probably part with my Mak127 and therefor the dew shield. Are you still looking?
  9. I bought recently the 2" 2 x Powermate and love it for lunar photography. Haven't had a chance to use it for much else yet but looking forward to exploiting it to the full.
  10. It was failed sealing that caused the problem with desiccant to dry ordinary air. Maybe I should re-examine my sealing method - I relied on silicone bathroom sealant. For the few days during which the casing stayed sealed and the air dry, the ASC worked perfectly with the water cooling. Except it needed a bit more than the 2W dew heater I was using - that is not a problem.
  11. Not a million miles from you Marvin. The village of Saint-Plancard in Haute-Garonne. We spend about half the year there in scattered chunks. I guess you'd be about a two and a half to three hour drive. I got my 150pds second-hand and, frankly, the focuser was so well-worn I replaced it. So you might need to check the condition if you buy a used version. I have a good spare focuser that I bought for a different project but it won't fit your Space Probe. Have you checked Leboncoin for used 'scopes? There is the occasional bargain to be had through LBC, though most expectations seem way too high. PM me for directions if you fancy a drive down some time.
  12. I think assuming that the accusation is correct without knowing the evidence at this point would be unwise. On rare occasions it can be really quite difficult to tell two honestly-produced images apart short of doing a lot of pixel-peeping and even then if one has been uploaded to SGL and mangled a bit that may not help, though it should hopefully be easy enough to provide an intermediate image from processing to demonstrate one's authorship. Hand it all to the mods and let them deal with it. James
  13. There is a reason why everyone wants to look through the big scopes at star parties..... If you love DSO and can easily get a big scope under dark sky, why wouldn’t you? Paul
  14. ASI 290 - 1,4e Unity Gain. QHY 290 - 1,3e Unity Gain. CSX 290 - 3e Unity Gain ??????????
  15. If it's going to be your first scope then a fast newt isn't a good choice, focus can be very fiddly. A frac is the best option to start.
  16. Does anyone have any thoughts on why someone would post the work of another as their own? Paul
  17. Not a great deal of entertainment in the full disc though they look beautifully sharp. The proms however are very nice indeed. James
  18. Definitely one for the mods to address. The mods work in mysterious ways, but it would be good to know that the matter has been dealt with. Is there a protocol for dealing with these things? If not, one might be a good plan for the future? I should imagine that things could get heated when people’s integrity is rightly, or wrongly called into question. Paul
  19. I would love to see a flat frame. I might be seeing a dark ring in the background towards the corners?
  20. I started with a 10" Skywatcher, and then went for a 15" Obsession after several years. It's better for every type of target, within max fov constraints. In addition to DSOs, it's very good on planets, but note that they will be at low altitude from Ireland/UK for the next couple of years, so views will suffer unfortunately. I was kinda thinking that I should have gone bigger, then saw a 20" Obsession being set up, and saw it drop a couple of feet as the ramps collapsed as it was being wheeled out of the back of an estate car at a star party. I still of course lust after bigger, but I know that 15" is a good, practical no fuss size for me at the moment. What I really lust after now are dark skies, good seeing and transparency... and it all to come together at weekends and to get the opportunity to get out there You only live once: enjoy researching your options, and go for it when ready! PS I'd suggest considering say a 12"...
  21. Heya, Not much sizzling other than a pretty nice big prominence grouping. Had a little time with it this morning. The full disc in CaK Very best,
  22. Currently mount only (but will add guiding asap) and later I will try to get a scope
  23. I assumed that to be the case, though in this particular example I'd not be surprised if the architect had decided to ping people up to the top floor on a length of elastic. James
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  25. It’s the business! Have no fear; you have invested well.
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