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  2. Is there a laser show near by,or a concert using search lights.
  3. We used to see similar lights from Southampton. Turned out they were spotlights from nightclubs and outdoor events/concerts being shone up into the sky onto the clouds.
  4. Yesterday
  5. 1) Four calibrations: For some reason lately the first few stars I choose for calibration do not move and eventually I get a fail message 'star did not move enough'. I'm choosing good unsaturated stars with 8>SNR but it is like I am choosing bad pixels or something even though I've tried stars with 100> SNR with the same results. So now I can tell within ten seconds or so that the star is not moving and I try another and after a few times I get one that starts to move right away. I have no idea why this is, but it never happened before this recent trouble began except for a couple of times when I was just starting out with PHD2 and I chose bad pixels. Is it possible to select bad pixels with high SNR? (BTW, you mentioned in your previous response, quote: "GA once only at the start of each night, Calibrate near each new object." Is the calibration we are speaking of above what you are talking about? (it had me somewhat confused as I thought it might mean a different calibration elsewhere, but I believe now that it is one and the same, meaning I use GA to start the night, and when I switch to a new object I simply go through the calibration routine again.) 2) GA suggestions: You mentioned taking care to follow these recommendations and that is what I did, and I swear that I saw GA recommending exposures 'between 1 and 3 seconds', and since I was exposing at 2.5 already, I left it that way. The weather may be clear enough tonight to set up at least for a while and I will scour GA recommendations to see where I missed this absolute (0.8 or whatever it says tonight) number. My guide camera will take faster exposures, I believe down to 0.1 seconds or maybe it is 0.01 seconds, but at any rate I've tried exposures occasionally at .5 second to see the how guiding reacted, so I know it will do this at least. 3) Unfortunately I can't answer that because I left the exposures at 2.5 seconds because of what I saw (what I swear I saw!) GA recommend, between 1-3 seconds. If fortune favours me with a few hours of clear weather tonight I will find the correct GA exposure recommendation you refer to and perhaps experiment with it around that recommendation to see if I can tweak it better. From what you've said and asked I feel much better about nailing this down, and believe that you are right that a little fine tuning will see this overwith for good. Fingers crossed. Sean
  6. Sorry, I didn't pick up on this point. You seem to have on/off/on 3 position switches anyway for the battery so that's fine. You still only need a single pole switch in the battery +ve connection as when that is in the centre 'off' position the battery is disconnected power wise. The battery -ve terminal can be permanently left connected to ground. You can if you wish leave it as you've drawn it and it will be fine. It's your choice. As you say the motor switch only needs to be a 2 pole changeover switch but if you're happy using the three position switch you have, there's no problem. Alan
  7. I had a chance to try this tonight, and that's exactly what I saw with the Nirvana. I spent an hour going back and forth between all my eyepieces. Astigmatism is apparent in the ES 24/68 and ES 6.7/82 but to a lesser extent. The Speer WALER 10/82 was by far the best, showing hardly any astigmatism at all! In conclusion, the 16mm Nirvana is not perfect but it is not that different from other eyepieces I have been happy with. Using the Nirvana as a finder eyepiece draws my eye away from the center and out to the very edge however.
  8. Well I’m not sure. In SGP I go for 30,000 - 32,000 or thereabouts. That’s always worked for me. Have a go at a range of settings and see what works best.
  9. From Portchester: Lights in the sky approx 40 deg ele, east azi
  10. You have just blown my mind with that Andrew I am now gripping my chair for dear life as I contemplate hurtling through the universe with my infinity of masses at break neck speed May explain why I'm finding it so difficult to lose some weight ; is that the ultimate delusional excuse "I'm over weight because of my chosen reference frame" . I like it. Jim
  11. Looking forward to this. Hope something I want comes up
  12. Honestly I would think about a 130PDS and a 2 inch corrector to go with it. Either that or a 500mm or shorter refactor, its always going to be difficult to get good results out of a scope made for visual use.
  13. I will include u.k postage.....
  14. I just got notified by OPT (Sorry, @FLO, I live in the states) that mine is shipping. Keeping my fingers crossed for a good unit. Of course, considering what you all have posted, I would honestly be happy with any of them compared to what I've been using which is just a Canon kit lens.
  15. In essence that's what I meant Adam. I've been comparing images taken with my Canon 1000D (on 650/130 and 150PL reflectors) and new 183M on the 650/130 reflector. The smaller sensor/lower resolution of the 183M (in conjunction with the scope optics) seems to show brighter stars as larger for the same image fov. So yes, the image scale is very important and a good CC may make a useful difference. I'm pondering how an M13 will look with the 150PL (skies allowing). I think that brighter stars will look large but with the image scale M13 will also be larger. Then there are the aspects of arcsecs/pixel and slower scope to consider, so it may not be worthwhile.
  16. Nice one....i am going my self in 2 weeks,and thinking of bringing my little Heritage 100p.
  17. Thanks a lot, love this frame of Orion and 3min subs at 200mm really is achievable with the Star Adventurer.
  18. Yes that is about my FOV with the Barlow. When I originally started exploring imaging, I had a Sony a350 and bought a T ring with nose piece as a kit. I paniced when I couldn't get focus until I removed the nose piece and screwed the 1.25" adaptor directly to the T ring. When using the Barlow, I do end up with a lot of focuser tube exposed.
  19. Having a week in the sun in Lanzarote. Evening meal and a few sherbets and when back at our hotel Room, dark and facing south, I get the bins and star map out. Spent some time on Centaurus, which is low in the south even in lanzarote. Great views of Globular cluster omega Centauri even though only 10 degrees or so above the horizon on the meridian. Very obvious in bins and no effort at all to find it. Much more obvious than M13. spent time in the Antares area and bagged messier globulars that are very hard to see in UK. Corvus, Libra and southern Ophiuchus. Lovely to see Jupiter at a reasonable altitude in Scorpio. I’d forgotten what it looks like almost, it’s been so low in the UK for seemingly ages now. lovely to have clear nights regularly. Shall miss this when I come home to the grey and wet.
  20. Hi John , thanks ... I'm very pleased with the mount TBH , as you can see the guiding/ tracking is pretty good .. the diffraction spikes were added in PS . I like them .. however , I still need to have another play with these images ..the red version has a lot of green stars especially when viewed on here .. and I would like to try and get some more goldish colouring on the Hubble version .. The shots were taken with my Altair 130 .. but ignore the heading on the PHD pic , because it says Celestron .. just haven't Sussed out where I can change it ..
  21. Both of the previous launches I got ready to try and image it from where I live. Glad to see it get launched. Very nice video. Thanks for posting it. Seeing the actual adjustments was great.
  22. Alan That's great, I guess some of your and Hugh's knowledge must be rubbing off on me. I'm not as quick a learner as I once was I'm afraid. Oops on Point 3, yes that was what I meant. With all that confirmed I'll get on with the trial wiring. Thanks, Peter
  23. From my flo wishlist It's Father's Day soon - I'd better start dropping hints Ady
  24. Thanks for all your replies and comments. Great photo of your telescope Mark. Unfortunately I have no practical skills so would not be able to make any adjustments as mentioned. Also I doubt that I would be able to collimate it if necessary. I have a bortle 8 sky so what could I expect to see through it apart from the moon and bright planets. I would like to see some of the colourful doubles in the night sky , but I can,t even see Albireo at mag 3.1 with the naked eye.! So presumably deep sky objects are out of the question. Chris P
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