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  2. got the ASIaIR - not had a chance to use in anger - went to Sky before easter - it rained al the sum unsurprisingly. Only one faces rig - in rebuild stages but can knock up a couple semi rigs - per plus the Adventurer- also failed the test in Skye Too much stuff, no time to work outset combinations now....... wish I could retire - but at least 5yrs to go to UK pension
  3. No the drawtube travel on an SCT focuer is short, about 30mm and diesn’t go inside the OTA. Here’s a dawing of the Badder Steeltrack.
  4. The former I have no chance with now, given up on now. The latter, well, I let her marry me, so, there needs to be a two way compensation ............ as if.
  5. Great review Chris, nicely put together, good to see an honest and realistic assessment of the package. As you say it is a bit odd that Maks and SCTs don't come with dew shields when every refractor I have seen has one as standard! Overall it looks like a very neat and ligtweight package, with the tripod being the weak point, but not actually as bad as I had previously thought.
  6. Have you measured the backfocus? I'm wondering if the F10 and F8.5 versions have the same backfocus. Mine is F10, and I have measured it (roughly) at 155mm from the rear plate. Another question ... do the drawtubes in SCT focusers retract back into the OTA?
  7. Jkulin

    OAG wanted

    Adam, have you seen this?
  8. @Cosmic Geoff thanks for the reply. nice to know someone else is using similar kit and experiencing the same technicalities. here's what I've managed today: ■ Next Remote software - all good, now for the real work. ■ two sets of drivers ASCOM and PL2303 Prolific - which are required to control the scope remotely both installed and recognised. ■ virtual com ports setup on my tablet pc and am controlling the scope via the usb socket on the hand-controller. ■ both Cartes du Ciel and Stellarium will communicate with the scope - but can't find out how to control it. ■ Celestron CPWI 2.1.25 on the other hand, is up and working - built in alignment/tracking/and slewing - and is a piece of cake both to configure and use. would like to get Cartes du Ciel and Stellarium to actually control the scope - but perhaps that's a battle for another day Next stop hooking up the Bresser camera and viewing directly on laptop via Cam Lab Lite. as regards the EQ Wedge - my intention is to use it for some astrophotography - if possible. The Celestron 127SLT does have an EQ North menu option - so (I'm told) the wedge should work.
  9. The observatory column is usually concreted deep into a large volume of concrete. If you did that with a tripod you’d have either 3 large concrete blocks or one enormous block. Tripod legs tend to get in the way, a column much less so, also depending on how long the optical tube is, at some positions the lower end of the tube contacts the legs necessitating the “meridian flip” that interrupts imaging or visual. As already mentioned, the column can be inexpensively done. The column is a tried and tested solution. Ed.
  10. WO Megrez 90, alas no longer made, but it's an ED doublet 90mm f/6.9. With the flattener the colour correction is pretty good.
  11. I've gone maybe 2.5yrs now without buying an eyepiece (is that a record?!! ). I did buy a Ha scope ~1.5yrs ago though (absolutely love it). I himmed and hawed and missed out on a rare opportunity to buy a used ED80 locally for a good price, but on a whim took a punt on a Heritage 130p for when camping with the family. So no - i dont think I'll ever be 'done' buying, despite thinking it time and again... Hopefully I'll go through the astro equipment purchasing equivalent of the Maunder Minimum now - and it will last for a good while
  12. Exciting times ahead, once again...Cheers for that Stu!
  13. Thanks Wornish. You should see the image before I dealt with the stars. The above image is virtually starless in comparison. The fact of the matter is there are A LOT of stars in this region. An amazing number. IMO Too much star control is as bad as too much noise control or too much sharpening. Rodd
  14. +1 on the idea of going for clusters- they're probably your best bet for the next month or 2, although the globs will be quite small in your setup. The beehive is around for a little while yet- that's pretty good.
  15. For one it means your tripod is no longer any use if decide to use your telescope away from home. But honestly it’s a terrible idea from every perceivable angle. My pier is an off-cut of plastic sewer pipe, filled with concrete. That didn’t cost anything apart from the cost of concrete. To save yourself money remove the legs from your tripod and use the top piece as your adapter on top of the concrete pier. You don’t have to spend a lot but don’t scrimp on perhaps the most fundamental part of your setup
  16. not so far, but then the camera board modules do generate heat and run quite warm, so I guess that'd keep the dome above ambient. Hog cam is exposed direct to atmosphere and never had a problem over winter so hopefully the dome will be the same. Forgot to wipe it over with rain-x when I fitted it so will get around to doing that when I next open it to adjust focus or fit the 5MP board, just to hopefully keep the dome clearer in the rain.
  17. @Stub Mandrel don't laugh... this was on a single arm alt-az mount that wobbled with me just breathing near it.... 30 sec exposure, ISO3200 non astromodded DSLR..... ah memories of the start of the AP track....
  18. I take it it's not under Celestrons 2 year warranty then? Let us know how you get on!
  19. Hi Piero, Q is just simply about the colour, I'm looking for variations
  20. A really great image. The star field is a bit overpowering for me. I understand it is a result of bringing out the reflection nebula. There are always trade-offs and it depends on what you want to show in your image. Chance would be a fine thing! from my perspective.
  21. Very nice project... are you having any issues with dew fogging things up?
  22. My wife called to me last week as there was a massive bee/wasp in the lounge, indeed it was big, but I don't know if it was a hornet or a queen, any ideas?
  23. Today
  24. About time, its so easy to get to the Moon but they should have dragged the Mir space station into Lunar orbit rather than let it crash and burn as a first way point. Alan
  25. Great image with an ingenious combination of scopes - letting the old London scope help out by looking through the fog where the Spannish one could not reach. I like the idea of mixing FL and exposure times to tame objects like this.
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