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  2. Don’t want to sound stupid, but what are SAO numbers? I am unfamiliar with this list.
  3. Hi Errol Thanks for the suggestion. I had a look but I think it would be quite hard (but probably not impossible) to do that (different language/OS). I think going down the Nebulosity scripting line will be the first step to having captures under the control of Jocular. Actually, when I first started developing Jocular, I thought lack of capture functionality would be an issue (for me), but having a separate capture engine running on a separate virtual screen and switching between that and Jocular is quite comfortable (almost like they're part of the same program!). The reason for wanting to integrate a capture engine is to handle more complex captures in a single click (auto-flats, dark library construction, RGB, LRGB, SHO etc). Hoping that will be in the next release. The internals for RGB, LRGB etc are all there now so it is just a matter of getting the time to do the Neb integration as smoothly as possible (there are a few wrinkles like the lack of scriptable abort capture to sort out first). cheers Martin
  4. Paul buddy where you seeing negativity ? because ive just read every post and for the life of me carnt see any . charl.
  5. Thought the topic title was referring to my first girlfriend!
  6. It's showing in both clear outsde and the BBC that it will be clear here from 17:00 to midnight, now all I have to do is remember how to use my gear it must be covered in cobwebs.
  7. The proof of the pudding etc. What a lot of suspicious folks you are. Call me old fashioned, but I'd like to think that Daystar are bringing something out that might just be a useful addition to their range. Despite the negativity, there are many who use Quarks to very good effect, and after all, we can all choose not to buy one
  8. Looks like the burger tray to me.
  9. OSC is OK if you have the right bayer matrix but I got totally messed up with my OSC and the bayer matrix, tried all sorts of combos and in the end gave it up as a bad job. The colour results from it (when I could get it to process properly) were not as good as I could get with the mono camera which I found far more straight forward. Plus of course you can do narrowband. Carole
  10. I have found that the change in air pressure caused by opening the roof on my obsy causing a low pressure effect that sucks over the nearest clouds.
  11. Just ordered a Bresser (Lunt) polarising filter as I found the image too bright and after googling the subject find a single polarising filter is recommended with the Quark to bring out the detail. With a 25mm plossl the whole disc fitted in the fov. Also tried a zoom but only usable at it’s lowest mag. Have a Televue 25mm plossl coming in a few days. Found the focusing was very smooth. The whole front end of the scope rotates when focusing. Tried a Baader helical eyepiece focuser but caused a real problem with vignetting. Could only see about a third of the suns’s disc so moving the eyepiece away from the diagonal isn’t a good idea. BTW found the fine focusing with the Baader eyepiece focuser wasn’t much of an improvement if any. The scope will be used on the photo tripod setup for visual as it’s will be really convieient. The geared head handles 7.5kg so very stable with the little Quark.
  12. And not have to clean it out yourself Dave
  13. I think the Turner Art Prize beckons!
  14. Today
  15. A lovely detailed and colourful image, Alan. Great processing too!
  16. I mostly use a 66mm refractor for white light with a Lunt Herschel Wedge. I connect everything to the scope and double check several times that the wedge has the red "hot" warning spot on the back before I attach to the mount and look through it. As Steve and Stu have said a checklist is certainly the way to go and don't rush. Check and double check and only start observing when you're sure everything is OK. I opted for a Herschel Wedge for the reasons that Stu has stated above. I tried the film a few times and really enjoyed the views but had concerns as you have and so I did some research and opted for a wedge and have never looked back.
  17. I have the SW Esprit 80ED Pro plus field flattener and found it excellent.
  18. One of the beauties of a herschel wedge is that if it is damaged, the only thing that happens is the views get worse as less light is directed towards your eye. Pretty unlikely anyway as any astronomer or observer I know is very careful with there kit and looks after it well. As John has illustrated, solar observing can be completely safe so long as good sense and care is used, much like many other things in life. If I'm not careful driving my car......... you get the picture.
  19. I bought a colour 16ic for guiding simply because I already had a mono and wanted to see what using a colour camera was like. I did a bit of imaging with it on the side to find out. I never had any issue finding stars so I thought it would be OK for guiding and it was. I know the theory: the mono gets more signal from the full spectrum but, in reality, I found no perceptible difference between mono and colour 16ics for guiding. They were both infallible. We still have one of Tom's guiding the dual TEC. Olly
  20. That's very good advice Steve. The risks are entirely avoidable as long as you are methodical and think about what you are doing. It is when changing things over that I find I have to be more careful than setting up just for solar; changing my refractor over from night time mode to solar is the most important as forgetting to put the wedge in could be disastrous. Never get complacent and never rush, I guess that's the key to staying safe. I think we all do a good job on here of keeping that front of mind for solar observers.
  21. ....or an unusual effect in a tray after cooking burgers? Doug.
  22. Hello Dave ! Is het goedendag ou bonjour ?
  23. Just checked the BBC weather website for tonights forecast. It shows it being clear sky from 10pm to 1am.....with a 13% chance of rain. Forgive because I am no meteorologist here but if it rains there must be clouds so it cant be a clear sky. If its a clear sky there are no clouds so I guess no rain? A more apt forecast from the boffins at the BBC should be ; It will be cloudy with clear skies with a chance of fog, rain, snow, hail, frost, bright sunshine, hurricanes....... between 10pm and 1am. PS don't forget the sun tan lotion.
  24. After seeing so many “GoTo - Help Needed!” Threads. What a nice change to read about a positive experience! Enjoy your new toy. Paul
  25. Hello Dave and welcome. Peter
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