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  2. It's a big universe and there aint no telescope that's big enough. Look at the Event Horizon Telescope - it is the size of the Earth, and it is still too small.
  3. Cooling a scope down only to heat it up again seems most illogical. An alternative is to stop the heat exchange process by blocking the radiation. Once your scope has cooled sufficiently, wrap it in insulation. This will stop the tube radiating heat. The effects will be two fold: firstly, for an SCT, the lack of tube radiation will have a similar effect on the corrector plate if combined with a long dew shield; secondly the lack of radiation will stabilise tube currents and reduce seeing issues. Aluminium bubble wrap is very inexpensive and can easily be layered and cut as a wrap-around connected by velcro.
  4. I'm certainly at some sort of peak in terms of kit currently. I have quite a variety of scopes, each of which I have a totally watertight case for keeping I suspect the next moves may be downward to free some cash but we will see. Some of my purchases are completely spur of the moment based on what comes up on the used market. For instance, my 14" Sumerian Alkaid was something I had not considered, or even knew existed in that size (it was a custom build I believe). The chance to own a scope with decent aperture but which is manageable and fits in with my lifestyle was something I couldn't pass up. I dont suppose I will ever stop tinkering, but any major changes/purchases will have to be funded by sales.
  5. As long as there is light at the end of the telescope this problem will arise. I have been very good at buying equipment and very bad at selling any. Consequently I'm running out of money as well as space.
  6. I use a WO GT71 420mm F5.9 triplet. I think the Hotech spacing is dependant on focal length more so than focal ratio. Alan's works at the quoted 55mm. Explore Scientific do a flattener for your scope. Have you considered that?
  7. I have used the AVX mount for just over a year now and have had no issues with it mechanically. The reason I purchased it was for the “Goto” function but soon I got discouraged by having to star align whether it be one or two star align then potentially with calibration stars. Then I got frustrated with British Summer Time and what date I had to put in. Then I got frustrated with the date format (month/day/year) but I see your in America so this should be a breeze for you. Then finally, I got frustrated and found the longitude and latitude for my home in Essex, UK which my wife provided to me was actually the location of Wolfsburg, Germany! But do not let my frustrations frustrate you, these are my shortcomings. Nor do I have any issues with the good people of Wolfsburg, Germany; I just can’t see their sky. Firstly, read the manual then throw it away and get on YouTube. There are some great and very clear instructional videos on how to star align and also how to use the all star polar alignment (a God send for me as my house is firmly planted North and so I don’t have a clear view to Polaris). Second, whilst Goto is convenient, nothing beats knowing your way around the sky with your Mark I eyeball and star hopping. So before you even read the manual (then throw it away), get yourself a decent finderscope and align this with your telescope - the finderscope and your star map are your best friend. These will also help you when you start star aligning to at least know where in the sky the mount has pointed your scope, then how much you need to move it to get on the target. Third, star aligning isn’t a magic bullet but with practice and knowing which stars are in view at your location it will become a breeze so keep at it. I use my AVX for observing and also for imaging using either my Celestron 6SE, William Optics Z61 and William Optics Z103. It’s also used for solar and lunar observing and imaging and it handles all aspects very well. It is a good versatile mount and with guiding I have managed exposures up to 10 minutes with nice round stars. With the counter weight removed, the tripod and mount are easily moveable to your imaging location. I store mine in my garage and weather/time permitting, I carry mine out to the garden each night/day with no issues. I have upgraded the software by downloading the latest drivers to the handset, again a simple exercise described on YouTube and I have removed the original saddle and installed a new ADM saddle. This stops damage occurring to the dovetail bar on the scope and with the larger knobs ensures good purchase to ensure the scope is well secure. On the downside it isn’t supported by Eqmod but does support ascom drivers which really helps when imaging and observing should you wish to control your mount using planetarium software like Stellarium. Overall, it is a sturdy mount and has served me well so far as I continue to learn and observe the night sky. I hope it serves you well too. John Ps please do not throw away the manual
  8. Ha, you'll now have university fees to contend with. i didn’t get beyond a cheap alt-az until our youngest was finished her Masters 4 yrs ago. am man, did my expenditure on Astro kit rise then
  9. Try a factory reset. This should clear all user entered data.
  10. But the expense! The dewshield seems reasonable in price but do you need the dew controller in order to power up the shield? they are not cheap!
  11. I found it needed about half an inch round the edge of my 8ft square scope room.
  12. I'd like the Sii filter please. will PM you. Carole
  13. At least give the chap a chance he last visited friday night ,
  14. Happy birthday! By the way, I have a "hundred Euro rule": purchases over that limit need very careful consideration!
  15. Hi Alan, The OO is around 14kg, plus the camera assembly, so possibly another kg or two... It seems to work OK, but the FL is only 1200mm. When I first got the NEQ6, it held a 10" Meade and also did OK with 2 counterweights. I have seen pictures on SGL of another member REALLY loading the NEQ6 but had it balanced well. I don't think the payload is the issue more the FL and balance. The AZ EQ6 is belt driven, I don't know how much better than my NEQ6 it would be (also belt driven now...) De-mounting the 12" is not that difficult, so it would be a relatively simple trial, apart from the need to purchase a Losmandy rail to suit... Thanks for the interest in the build, planning my dream observatory was about the only thing that kept me sane during my last few years of paid work and it just gathered momentum until I carried it through... If I stepped back now, I don't think I would have started it, the costs are higher than anticipated and the spare cash to pay for it less than planned due to extra UK tax and NI on foreign income... (Don't ask!!!) And the bricks were ideal, I didn't want concrete as they hold more heat and at 50cm by 30cm by 20cm, it does not take so many of these to build the base. HTH and thanks again for the interest. Gordon.
  16. Thanks All in the Head and Henry. Carole
  17. can I buy the 60mm Guidescope with mounting brackets and helical focusers. please PM sent
  18. Agreed. When it comes to stargazing, my eyes need the very best help that I can afford!! Maybe one of those NV monoculars? Wouldn’t they work well in binoviewers? And, I did promise myself a set of Ethos at some stage...... However, I have found that after a couple of years, I hit a cruising altitude re overall value of kit. If I want to buy something, I sell something to finance the new addition. Equilibrium maintained. So provided I stay away from extreme thoughts (see above), yes, it does end! Paul
  19. Today
  20. Hello and welcome to SGL. Yes SkyPortal can automatically align your Celestron mount if it has StarSense and a SkyPortal wifi module
  21. Your very good work does not go unnoticed,,,,, Henry b.
  22. Cool, great to see that you have found a solution. I suspect what this is doing is reducing the dynamic range (so most of the walking noise is one/two levels and then the offset is slightly clipping this out leaving just the small remaining edges of the walking noise. It may be worth playing with the parameters slightly starting from this point to see if you can change the gain / offset to see if there are any further improvements (for example to remove the remaining trace of the noise.
  23. 8"Edge HD fitted with Moonlite CHL 2.5" dual speed crayford focuser Astrozap Aluminium dew shield Astrozap Aluminium cap . Celestron 0.7 reducer Celestron M48T adapter All near perfect condition and working order used approx 3 times .. with original boxes .. Mount , Guide scope and Cameras not included RRP £2260 Looking at £1650
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