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  2. This might help you out a little bit but it's not that clear cut yet. Google support.
  3. There was a report recently that the camera's Moon Photo mode may not be all that is seems. Huawei claim that the phone's AI analyses the image and compares it to existing lunar photos and enhances the camera shot to match. Others who have tested the phone suggest that the AI replaces your photo with better images.
  4. I purchased a 127mak on the SupaTrak mount. It came without instructions but it seemed very simple to assemble (perhaps I missed something). I have since found some instructions online and I think I put it together correctly. I found when I plugged it all together and pressed a few buttons on the handset there was hardly any movement going on at all.....I assumed the mount must be faulty. the dealer giving excellent service shipped out a replacement head, and now I assume I must have done something wrong because I've got the exact same thing (nothing) with htis one. I am using the 8xAA batts so I didn't expect too much but I get nothing. I used brand new Duracell batteries. I can only assume I have done something wrong in assembly or I am doing something wrong to the handset......I am sure there must be owners on here who can put me right? Thanks so much for all the advice on here already! Regards dave
  5. Thanks vlaiv, you're already stretching my very limited tech knowledge. Cameras of any type I'm fine with, smartphones are quite another matter .
  6. Glamour shots... I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome. The unions throughout are wonderfully rigid and tight, yet requiring little effort to set them into motion... I don't think that I'll ever extend the legs farther than that. I may even install stops, and as my larger wooden tripod had been originally equipped, but something a bit more effective than just screw-heads. I now have a can of Diet Coke® as my new prop; for perspective, a sense of scale. Just how small is the tripod? I am toying with the idea of a pier, but perhaps not quite 8"(20cm) in height as two of my other mounts possess; perhaps 6"(15cm) instead... Now to finalise the mount-head. I'm also waiting on a 5"(13cm) anodised-black dovetail-bar from China for this mount's telescope. I just can't and refuse to use this one... ...that from a modern Meade achromat.
  7. There's also the Geoptik Ocular Turret which is made of metal.
  8. I hope you're right Mark, in which case if I can afford to I may consider if I can get a P20 Pro while it's still available. Mind you, I'd have to be sure of its future usability, I couldn't afford to make a mistake.
  9. Hi Dave The current format takes the audience through what can be seen through the 4 seasons. Brief explanation as to why this changes, earth's orbit, location in Milky Way... I use a combination of stills and time lapse many with reference points to the northern Yorkshire Dales where I live. Also a dark skies and light pollution pitch. This is after a wider field vid showing the onset of darkness and stars coming out over our village (though it needs a better version). I then go onto the seasons finishing with the current at the date of the talk. Cheers. Paul
  10. The answer to your questions is 42. The point of my reply is that you don't learn anything if you simply ask someone else for the answer.
  11. As expected, most of yesterday was spent tidying the garden. The builder should at least now have a clear run at creating the new entrance for the barn conversion. And I have another pile of wood to chop up for the woodburner this winter. I did however manage to finish off the end flap so it fits properly, though it still lacks bolts to hold it closed. I think that should be fairly straightforward however, so I'll try to get that done this week. I also fitted shelves in the warm room cupboard, which means more things can be moved from the house. There's also a vague suggestion of some clear sky this week, in which case I'll have a first pass at polar aligning the mounts. James
  12. One Baader Narrowband CCD Filters 36mm unmounted Ha(7nm), OIII & SII. Ex Demo Ex-demo filterset. In excellent condition. Boxed with full manufacturers warranty. £309.00 £278.00 (saving £31.00)
  13. The exact phrasing of the question has been asked before. On here and googles Think its part of an online astronomy course?
  14. Just read that future models will possibly be shipped with custom android build missing certain google apps that will still be available to users by installing "Gapps" package separately. Not sure what all that means - I was under impression that android is open source and hence not something that you can put under restrictions. Also, I encourage people to look up Xiaomi phones as alternative. I've been using Mi A1 for some time now, and I'm very happy with it - it is part of Android One (as are upgraded models Mi A2 / Mi A2 lite)
  15. I think all the current range will still get security updates and access to the play store as this is already under license but I think any new models now released will have these restrictions.
  16. What was once hidden underneath that drab finish has now been revealed; before and after... The legs were reassembled, and just as they had been before.
  17. My new Bonny SvBONY has arrived, one week after I ordered it...from China! All their slow boats must be anchored up. well made and robust, should last me till the last sunset chaz
  18. Just listened to the lunchtime news, and it seems that Google are limiting the access of their services to Huawei , mainly due to the USA's stance on the company. It appears that google maps, google play, gmail, u-tube and futures upgrades of the android system will be unavailable to possibly present and future Huawei users. If you're thinking of a future upgrade to a Huawei phone to take advantage of their fabulous on-board camera facilities, I'd think again - or at least check out the full implications. If it's true, I think it's a great shame - my next phone would have been a Huawei particularly for the photographic quality and in particular for astronomical purposes. I know there are are alternatives, but I'm not a fan of Apple so my future choice at least will be greatly diminished.
  19. Hi, I have come up against a serious hurdle in SharpCap with my solar imaging. The sun's image in the viewing pane is overlaid with a weird "rippled glass" texture. This does not rotate with the camera nor move with the displayed field of view. Hopefully that eliminates camera, filter or equipment damage. The "ripple" [or coarse grain] is visible in both H-a and white light. The "ripple" is captured along with the video. So the resulting videos are completely useless for stacking. The similarity to solar surface texture is uncanny. Sheer coincidence? The screen shows no sign of damage on any other material. Only in SharpCap and only in the live viewing pane. I tried every setting and adjustment in SC but it made no difference. I have attached a snap I took of the laptop screen. Any constructive thoughts, please? Thanks
  20. Here is a photo of the gears of the "going train" and escapement laid out on the table. I'm trying a larger escape wheel and anchor to reduce the need for precision 3D printing.
  21. I feel I have a scope here that would help you no end a 180mm Mak by SW, sadly in rarely gets used at all now shame I am not in the UK it would be a great scope for you. Alan
  22. Result! So it was just that the big nut was a little over tight then. I'm sure it will be fine now, but I wish you all the best for when you get it out under the stars.
  23. As usual on a project, not much happens at the start, while we think about what to do and organise all the stuff... Then the bits arrive and little happens for a while, then things happen quickly and progress looks amazing... Then the big stuff is up and the fiddly, technical bits have to be done... The last couple of days I have poured the extra height for the pier base and connected some of the electrics. The warm room now powers both domes and I am close to completing the second dome controls. Stuck on the first dome as I can't really progress until the concrete hardens enough to drill it out for the new pier studs. I knocked off the shuttering and the base does look pretty good. I am missing the big vibrator the builder used to get the air out of the concrete, but did my best. The second dome only needs the motors to be installed and connect the ethernet cables (still need to terminate the cables...) and the PC, install software and test. But having neglected the garden (2 acres in total) I need to catch up a bit there too so I am guessing another week. We have 2 weeks of clouds and rain forecast, so no hurry. I am a believer in the theory of new stuff = clouds so I am bracing myself for a terrible summer in SW France and everyone can blame me... Gordon.
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