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  2. I have no idea where im going wrong then my telecope is cooled, colimated and is under very hard skys with no light polution. Im using a starguider ed 8mm which is roughly 93 mag so maybe i need more magnification maybe im slightly off the target.. whos knows My finder scope is a riger Quickfinder and im strugglong to align it.. im sure thst doesn't help. Atleast i know what im looking for now
  3. Yes that's true as I had that issue with my 80edt and is much better on a 120 and above frac. the op has a 127 edf so he has a wider choice maybe? ton
  4. And here's a good pdf on how to analyse your guiding: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=2&ved=2ahUKEwjiqvny3rviAhUwVRUIHXCbDFkQFjABegQIAxAC&url=https%3A%2F%2Fopenphdguiding.org%2FAnalyzing_PHD2_Guide_Logs.pdf&usg=AOvVaw208LGfOpq-qd2bYGZi_iQL
  5. Here's what a PHD2 Help File says about Differential Flex: "Many imagers go into denial about this and say “I’ve got everything clamped down really tight, nothing is moving, it can’t be differential flexure.” Yes, it can be. Every single mechanical interface on the system - clamped, threaded, geared, set-screwed, whatever - has some possibility for movement. And all you need is a movement of a few microns to create a problem." A few microns is a fraction of the thickness of a hair. Your guiding may look perfect, because PHD2 is failhfully following every move of the guidescope. Unfortunately the Diff Flex means the perfect guiding is in fact wobbling the imaging scope ! So the flex of adjustable rings is a problem that will not be apparent in your guide graphs. Michael
  6. To be honest I am not exactly sure what the best reducer for a Esprit 120 is. I suspect that one of the adjustable ZWO reducers would work fine. I would always go with a mono sensor and good quality filters.
  7. That is an option, but 174 chip has quite a large pixels, and that is going to limit resolution on small scopes. It's got 5.86um pixels, and compare that with 178 for example and 2.4um pixels - that is almost x2.5 times smaller pixels, so you would need x2.5 barlow to match sampling rates between two cameras and FOV would suffer.
  8. Hi, I have a 174M hypercam and although I have yet to use it on planets, the sun comes out well as does the moon, but new are £600 and not many are 2nd hand yet. yes it's a mono but it does have a good rep. sun shot last week using 174m with wedge and 120 st. ton
  9. Hi guys, Has anyone used an mpu-9150 or mpu-6050 to support tracking or goto? https://www.google.com/search?q=mpu-9150+astronomy&client=firefox-b-m&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjNjNv23rviAhVqTxUIHSNMCNkQ_AUIBygC&biw=360&bih=412#mhpiv=9&spf=1558961188046 I'm thinking about it, but I think it maybe a lot of effort to do what plate-solving does better. Regards Steve
  10. Rigel Quikfinder to include two bases, original packaging, instructions. This will require new double sided fixing tape. In excellent condition £23 to include first class post
  11. Quick release bracket to fit Tele Vue Ring Mounts, accepts Vixen, Orion, Skywatcher type finders. Two lock screws In excellent, as new condition £22 to include first class post.
  12. Hugh Thanks for that - I'll go for the 16 awg. Peter
  13. Thanks for the replies Fella's. I was VERY close to buying the Skywatcher 200 Dob, again, just the shear bulk size put me off...And when I showed the Home Secretary she said..'Where are you gonna put that'!!!...I had Two answers for her in mind put keep my lips sealed! She hasn't actually looked through my Heritage yet, so im hoping once she does, size wont matter! and she too will be hooked, that's when I bag the 200...Up here for thinking...Down here for dancing!
  14. Hi, it maybe backlash, when I reverse the direction of the mount to opposite to where the star trails are going, I have a 8" newt and an SCT 8" side by side and have to rebalance it very well to compensate when imaging near the horizon. it works like this, watch the stars as they are imaged and use the mount motors to go against the direction of trail until they have stabilised and they seem to be more steady, but my EQ6 may be on the limit of it's capacity with my setup?, I don't know if the motors are being forced to tighten up or something else. my eq6 pro has the belt mod and extended weight bar which I found is a positive. but lots can make the stars trail as folks have said, wind, flexture etc. it may help or not.
  15. Humanity inadvertently makes a prison out of its home planet. Scary indeed.
  16. The number is 3 billion. Yes, that is a crazy amount of people without internet, but much the same way that 3 billion people don't have a car, I don't think polluting our way to the future is the way to go. The same argument was used CFC gasses when we learned they were bad, same argument is used with CO2 etc. etc. Once we learn something is bad, it is bad for everyone, regardless of whether you were in the "lucky" bunch who has had benefit from the initial ignorance. And this is bad. It just is.
  17. Thanks, its the first time I have used FITS, used to getting CR2 files to stack. This appears to be a whole'nother ball game. All I have managed to do with the stack so far is produce some very grainy results. It's only 30x180s that I managed last night, with darks but would normally get better results Something to play around with whilst it rains
  18. My FS128 is between these two, at F8.1. It shows no CA relating to the Baader T2 prism. Dave
  19. Fully agree with the replies of Billy, happy-kat and Andy. Learn to use your excellent scope - it will give you years of pleasure before you really need to upgrade; so resist the "aperture fever". I'd try to complete the 130 P with accessories as e.g. a UHC filter (Astronomik), as well as a decent star atlas (Pocket Sky Atlas), a red/white dimmable torch, smartphone apps as SkySafari ("Plus" version will do) and LunarMap HD. Then get some experience at your location (where?) and under really dark skies. Try to visit a star party and have a look at and through other scopes, before you decide to upgrade. Binoculars 8X40 or 10x50 are an excellent suggestion as a birthday gift. Enjoy the journey! Stephan
  20. Won't need the hand control or the WiFi but the temp sensor has to be an advantage, or does it? How useful is it?
  21. I’ve seen some interesting use of the xx1332 coupled to security cameras. Sort of an enhanced video astronomy approach. They’ve been really useful for meteor detection. Some gen 2’s also good for viewing the more dense HII regions of the Milky Way. In addition to the filter selections PeterW gave, you might try a 642nm longpass to both cut light pollution and still let hydrogen alpha wavelength through. I’ve seen some good video of billowing gas clouds with gen 2+. I always wanted to try one of these old Mullard/Philips tubes with the big 50mm window. Very interested to see how you fare with it.
  22. Glad you like the heritage Steve. It’s a great little scope & there is a lot you can do to improve on it. The problem with upgrading, is you will be looking at getting something much more bigger, heavier & costing considerably more. I would use the heritage a little bit more & think about what matters to you ( portability, storage, setup time, etc ). The heritage is good at all of them. Going bigger means you’re setup times are longer, cooling of the scope takes longer & the misses in your ear about the mass of equipment stored in the house . A larger dobsonion maybe the best next step, ( cost effective & good all rounder) but big to move & store. You maybe better getting a Mak127 as next scope to work along with heritage. The planetary & lunar views fantastic, but not much use on DSO. You could also mount it on the heritage dob base at 1st before you look at what mount you would like ( another mine field ). There’s a lot to take in, give it a lot of thought before you make the next step. Thanks Andy
  23. Hi Peter, Have a look at this table. https://www.engineeringtoolbox.com/wire-gauges-d_419.html For single core cable, 18 awg would be OK but 16 awg would be a bit safer. If the cost difference isn't too much I would recommend 16 awg wiring. Regards, Hugh
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  25. Wow, so much thanks for your kind comments and opinions!! Regards, Tico
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