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  2. Sounds awful mate.... that must have been some gust of wind! Ive never heard of an NEQ5 being blown over before. To look on the bright side, the 130 isnt an expensive bit of kit to replace and your camera was not damaged. Just think what it would be like to have a nice APO and CCD camera hit the floor!... ouch!
  3. I'm going to try stacking. This means that I've had to change the ROI to exclude ground based lights so that the stacking routine can use stars for alignment. I have reduced exposure to 90s to avoid star trailing. Maybe if I can get a dozen or two frames it might show the hydrogen clouds better. I think the test so far shows promise.
  4. Floater

    Hello from Sussex!

    Welcome. Have fun with the forum and the hobby.
  5. Olly Can't agree more, so new friend of mine, when you loaning me that sweet mesu adorned with those lovely Tecs, because you know what they say. Sharing is caring
  6. Hi all I have bought a astro fi 130mm I am having problems aligning with skyportal. I try and align the three stars but every time it fails. I disconnect and realign but it seems to remember, i uninstall the app and still the same problem cam anyone help.?
  7. Welcome. Have lots and lots of fun.
  8. Mr Spock

    Hello from Sussex!

    Hi, welcome to SGL
  9. So far it's working for me. Fingers crossed.
  10. Set it up in your living room and get EQmod and PHD2 talking to it without the pressure of trying to image as well. Helped out a mate recently, we set up his mount on my coffee table - it worked with both my EQmod cables (my homebrew one and the homebrew that came with my mount) and steadfastly refused to speak to his £30 one despite the computer finding it. Curiously my Hitect Astro one blew up too (literally, due to poor soldering leaving a stray wire filament).
  11. Exposure increased to 4m. Stars are now trailing.
  12. I wonder how many urban dwellers "with a passion for stargazing, lunar observing, deep-space observing and astrophotography" will want to spend HK$170m on an observatory that in all likelihood will suffer from massive light pollution rather than building one somewhere with dark sky? Particularly in Hong Kong, which is allegedly the most light-polluted city in the world. Shame they don't seem to be aware of the difference between astronomy and astrology, either. That article gives me the impression that it has been designed by someone with a very small amount of knowledge and no understanding whatsoever. But never mind that :) Good luck with your new build. If it goes well perhaps you'll be able to sell it to someone for a knock-down bargain price of HK$160m :) James
  13. I'd have been very happy with the first one. The second looks even better. Very nice. I like the framing too!
  14. If I can improve the cooling on the camera and increase the gain I think this technique may reveal the hydrogen gas clouds (nebulae). I think it possible that directing the warm air from the camera up to the lens may be restricting it and reducing the amount of cooling available. Maybe vent the air straight out and use some other way to stop dew on the lens.
  15. Maybe your PHD2 settings are causing the message when in fact there are stars available. Are you using Star Mass Detection in the Guiding tab? You could try Minimum star HFD (pixels) instead on the same screen. Set to 2 pixels so it doesn't select a hot pixel. Also what camera exposure are you using? Michael
  16. Yes. Definitely. Furthermore, as I wrote, my mount has been modded exactly there.
  17. 3m exposure. Converted from FITS to PNG in PI. I think I may be seeing nebulae in the Milky Way in the bottom of the picture - NW.
  18. Greymouser

    Hello from Sussex!

    Hi and welcome to a great forum, which I feel sure will soon come with suggestions regarding a new mount, always assuming you are in fact asking?
  19. Here's an image converted from FITS to PNG format in PixInsight and contrast increased slightly.
  20. Today
  21. laudropb

    Hello from Sussex!

    Hello and a warm welcome to the SGL.
  22. I just started on building a second obsy next to the old one, so I can double my efforts on the few clear nights I get. Thought it could be considered a bit extravagant but then I found this one: https://www.scmp.com/magazines/style/article/1694189/super-deluxe-home-observatory#&gid=1&pid=1 By the way, this is what my second obsy looks like right now (with the first one in the background).
  23. domstar

    Hello from Sussex!

    Hi and welcome.
  24. Yes, I'm glad that's done. Things seem to be changing very fast at the moment. I seem to recall your build seemed to do the same at a similar point. All of a sudden lots of things start to come together. My second string of LEDs arrived today and the aluminium section might well arrive tomorrow in which case I can get the warm room roof finished, then paint it and put a desk in and all of a sudden it starts to look like a usable space. I have all of next week off (at least as much as you can do when running your own business). Seemed like a good plan given that four days holiday gets me ten days away from work. Whilst I do have other things to do I hope I can keep the momentum going. James
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