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  2. Thanks Brian: Yes the image will come out very green initially. Depending on which software you are using, but in Photoshop I go into Image adjust/selective colour and alter the green sliders to make different colours. The blue needs adjustment too to bring out the nice blue parts of the images, plus some colour balancing as well. I generally fiddle with all the selective colour tools until I get a colour that pleases me. Carole
  3. Lovely set of images, interesting to see the development.
  4. A dedicated reducer for the ED72 would have been nice ! When do you expect the rotator for the reducer to be in stock FLO ?
  5. First you need to turn off the GPS setup - telescope - gps - the menus are "on" "off" and then you can input the data manually. Having to do the same with my Celestron until I do the update.
  6. Hi all, this thread discusses a recent GPS bug rendering Meade's older LX200 GPS useless till patched, which needs a cable I don't yet have. Does anyone know if you can bypass the GPS by inputting the time, date and location manually? Thanks, Olly
  7. At f7 probably not a problem.. But i don't know about after reducer is added.. It might be a problem, and if you have to get new fw and filters it will drive the price up.
  8. I wish I'd seen this thread earlier because last night our LX200 14 inch wouldn't align. Fortunately one of our guests had seen the thread so we stopped trying! It seems absurd that one cannot input the time, date and location without the GPS. Is this really the case? Time to see what the manual says on the matter. Olly
  9. With the zwo version you can get the filter wheel a lot closer so less chance of vignetting
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  11. Yes, I would also be concerned about the scope being blown over in a gale. Perhaps if you kept an eye on forecasts the scope could be stored in a shed etc on those occasions, so most of the time it would be ok outside. The issue of damp affecting the chipboard base is valid. Perhaps the joints could be sealed with white mastic, or better would be to dismantle the base and seal the raw edges with PVA or similar, then the mastic after reassembly. A shower cap each end of the optical tube, plus the dustcap would be good. So with care, outside storage with a good quality cover could work ok. Ed.
  12. I also use the Baader Zeiss prism diagonal in my Tak FC100, but with a 2" nose piece. The short light path in conjunction with a direct attachment to the diagonal, of my binoviewers, gives me a very secure set up and the ability to use all my eyepiece pairs at native focus.
  13. I am using the first one (ZWO) and i am very happy !!!
  14. Indeed it is - a variable binary with 0.3" separation, split by spectroscopic means. I'll track it down next time out! Doug.
  15. Great shots. Is that Io transiting that the IR pass has picked up as a ‘hot spot’?
  16. Hi Folks As per the title. The 11mm is an absolute gem of an eyepiece. Price includes Uk postage. £85 Thanks Paul
  17. One word, Postcrete… sooo much easier.
  18. Hi Carole , cracking pic .. im struggling with the Hubble pallet even more than the normal pallet , as most of the data is normally captured with Ha when you assign to the Green channel , everything is green ! Or at least on my images .. Anyway .... super pic and very nice processing .. Brian
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