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  2. Nice Carole, what I'm wondering is whether the great star colour comes from RGB or is it already there in the Luminance? I'm using a DSLR and, differently from the LPS-CCD and IDAS V4, the IDAS P2 leaves more yellow in the pass band, to be used on stars, not only on nebulae. So, just wondering if I should get a P2 or a D2, instead of an Astronomik. Wish I could get an image like yours. Fabio
  3. If you are thinking of extended objects like galaxies and nebulae, the larger scope cannot make them brighter, it can only make them bigger for a given surface brightness. On the other hand, the big scope shows a narrower and narrower field of view, making object location harder and spoiling the view of larger objects.
  4. Demonperformer


    Hi and welcome to SGL. Enjoy the journey.
  5. Come to think of it.. I also switched from high siderial rates of 0.9 to lower rates of 0.6 on both axis.
  6. And if it is a solid-tube ota, it could be mounted on a solid EQ mount at some future date when finances allow, if he wanted to go that route.
  7. I saw a pretty large improvement when I switched guide cameras. I am now using my old imaging cam, imx183 chip with it's tiny 2.4um pixels to guide through a zwo 60mm guide scope. This means I nearly have identical resolution on my imaging as my guiding. Was getting 0.5 to 0.6 regularly on an unmodded EQ6 over 3 days during Easter, using the predictive pec algorithm. Seeing was good though..
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  9. Hi wouter , i think i over-processed it trying to get as much colour and detail out as possible. i am still a noob when it comes to processing perhaps drizzle would help ? here is the original image...
  10. SIDO


    Welcome to SGL, Best of Luck and Clear Skies of course Freddie...
  11. Your asi224 using livestacking might be your best bet, using a Dslr really is an ergonomic stretch for live viewing and then the small screen too. With your 224 you can livestack wide fields with a camera lens or all sky too, I am doing it with my imx385 and it's just fancy with my 16 or 17 inch laptop screens. I don't save anything and delete everything Sharpcap saves as for me this is just a sub for visual observations of the deep sky so when I roll my portable digital obsy back in the garage for covering nothing beyond the shorthand in my logs is undertaken. I am using the Zwo asi385mc as it is their recommended camera for eaa, they have advised me well the camera is very sensitive and has an ampglow reduction circuit that really brings it under my Bortal class 4 skies. I am new to eeva myself...and glad to share what little I've learned so far. Best of Luck and Clear Skies of Course Freddie...
  12. mmm, as I know the bigger the aperture, image will be less faint. It doesn't matter how much heavier it will; will not carry them in my back-pocket: EDEG HD 14" and GCE pro is my first choice . I can manage 6000 GBP by now, but I can wait
  13. 5'5" , then I will be using my one feet high little chair to stand upon
  14. I e-mailed SkyWatcher on support@skywatcher.com some 2 weeks ago about selling EQ6, AZ-EQ6 or EQ6-R on amazon..I saw they have AZ-EQ5 and EQ6-R, but EQ6-R is out of stock and still says on amazon "We don't know when will this item be available again." Is support@skywatcher.com the right email? They dont have any other email lol..or maaybe someone knows when the named items will be back on stock?
  15. This is horrifying. I've a good mind to ring Pepsi's doobell and run away. The good news is that another 5 billion years and it all be overwith.
  16. Pm on way regarding guidescope rings.
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  18. Is this mount suitable for DSO AP with a short refractor? I'm attracted by the guaranteed PE upper bound, included GPS, and portable design. I know the common wisdom is to get an HEQ5/Sirius but I've encountered manufacturing quality issues (see my post history). My only concern with the iOptron is that the mount is relatively new to the market, so I'd feel to an extent like a guinea pig.
  19. I started this target during the full moon and I managed to gather 78x300sec in hydrogen alpha. This is a target I haven't seen very often and I thought it would be nice to start capturing data when it went above 35 degrees in altitude. I'm still trying to work out how to sharpen some of the areas like the dark nebulosity without ruining the whole image. Emil
  20. A real Jaffa Adam, nicely done. If you have P'Shop you can brighten the whole disc then use a mask to rub out centre to even it up. Dave
  21. Hello The BAA has highlighted OJ287 as an object to have a look for and they are hoping variable star observers will send in some magnitude measurements. I decided to see if I could see it with my setup (see below). It's the most distant object I've looked at - 3.5 billion light years. Blazars are not fully understood but OJ287 is generally accepted to consist of binary supermassive black holes. The larger one is 18 billion solar masses and the 'small' one is 150 million. More information here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OJ_287 and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BL_Lacertae_object (Blazar is a combination of BL Lac and Quasar.) I convinced myself that I could see the actual object by checking against a finder chart: https://www.lsw.uni-heidelberg.de/users/jheidt/spm/target/oj287/oj287.html I also used All Sky Plate Solver to scan over the field and check the coordinates of the object. The Moon was quite bright so I was glad I managed to catch this. (Mag 15.4) Bill
  22. Very interesting topic! Any new update or more tests? I was thinking to combine a Televue ploss 32mm with an asi224 but not sure about the distance... (also we should probably move this topic out of the reports section and in discussions)
  23. Love it, awesome granular detail, like the way the edge of the disk subtly darkens, giving a real sense you're looking at a sphere and not just a disc. I must say, it is one of my fav full disc shots i've seen so far.
  24. I was thinking about making one as im a joiner... That's if you can make one out of wood
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