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  2. That's excellent - so how do you create a colour moon please?
  3. RiponJas


    Hello there and welcome
  4. Hello there and welcome. Cracking pics there squire
  5. One ZWO ASI 120MM Mini USB 2.0 Mono Camera. Customer Return Customer return, tested and all OK. In excellent condition with very minor signs of use. Full manufacturers warranty. £153.00 £137.70 (saving £15.30)
  6. I went for the biggest scope I could set up and take down and move around on my own. When I was looking it was either going to be a 14" solid tube reflector or a 16"-18" truss tube reflector. In the end I landed a 14" solid tube and I'm very happy with it still and enjoying the advantages a solid tube provides. I'd love to have somethung bigger but I dont envy bigger scopes as I know I couldnt handle them so easily and so wouldn't use them enough. Aperture fever is a common feeling, and so is regret getting something too hard to handle or set up.
  7. I have a Lacerta Concrete Pier Adapter suitable for mounts like Skywatcher EQ5, HEQ5, AZ-EQ5, Orion SkyView, Vixen GP, SXW Sphinx and SXD2 (according to the website I purchased it from https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p8594_Lacerta-Concrete-Pier-Adapter-for-Skywatcher-mount-EQ5.html). Everything other than the top plate is brand new and unused. To my eyes the top plate itself doesn't look any different to the day I bought it. Selling because I have swapped to a larger mount and ended up buying a whole new unit to suit and then just swapping the top plate. These are great bits of kit and I found it easy to create a permanent pier using a cheap 200mm air duct tube and a load of concrete - you can see my pier build in one of my albums. If anyone is planning a pier project this summer and has a mount that will fit then grab yourself a nice adapter at the reduced cost of £140 collected or I can work out what the delivery cost will be to the UK. Bank transfer preferred. Regards Al
  8. Hi Bill Very interesting write-up, thanks. I see you have an IC galaxy in there and a few other fainter galaxies. I will try to measure this one next time I'm out (unfortunately not until 2nd week of May). Martin
  9. ES 4.7mm EP now sold. Diagonal and Panaview still for sale.
  10. I'd say, soak in all the information provided within this thread and then see what people's experience has been. So far i'm only hearing positive things so it shouldn't leave you in any doubt The other thing is, there is no other mount within this price point that can do all of this. The next step down from CEM60 or the EC version is the EQ6-R which don't get me wrong is a good mount but then it's got the Skywatcher badge on it which comes with it's own set of issues.
  11. One ZWO ASI 071MC-PRO USB 3.0 Cooled Colour Camera. Customer Return Customer return. Tested and in full working order. Excellent condition. Full manufacturers warranty. £1,464.00 £1,317.00 (saving £147.00)
  12. Thankyou, I'm really pleased with it! I've sharpened a little more and updated the pic
  13. I think this thread has left me even more unsure about whether the extra cost of the CEM60-EC is worth it when guiding. I've gone from planning to get the CEM60 to getting the CEM6-CE to no longer being sure which Interesting discussions though.
  14. Almost certainly a power issue I would say.
  15. Vicki - thats looks so 3d I could almost lift it off the screen. The colour and detail is great, well worth the effort. The panels are seemlessly joined. It looks like it could even take a little bit more sharpening too. Fab.
  16. Nice - that's a substantial looking mount too - which model is it ? Do you find being on the flagstones/patio ok?
  17. Some months back I asked on here how to create a colour moon. Well, months later and I'm finally getting it This was processed in Photoshop and its a 6 panel mosaic captured in SharpCap Pro with an Altair GpCam2 290c and Skywatcher 130P AZ GOTO
  18. Hi John, I run mine from one of these. Seems to last ages. https://www.amazon.co.uk/TalentCell-Rechargeable-6000mAh-12000mAh-Lithium/dp/B0713T4XT9/ref=sr_1_2?crid=2MCDBVU1T0XFW&keywords=talentcell+rechargeable+12v&qid=1556206673&s=gateway&sprefix=talentcell+%2Caps%2C150&sr=8-2 Alternatively it should run from any centre positive 12v supply with a 5.5 / 2.1mm plug. I doubt you'd need one that puts out any more than an amp. I've not tried this, but this one would probably do the job. https://www.amazon.co.uk/LightingWill-Supply-Adapter-100-240V-Transformer/dp/B07P71DTSP/ref=sr_1_3?crid=1AYU0YYNBI6C4&keywords=12v+1a+power+supply&qid=1556206777&s=gateway&sprefix=12v+1a+%2Caps%2C165&sr=8-3 Cheers Jim
  19. I've been in Ireland for nearly a week now, and last night my skies finally cleared. I had my 12" newt and APM-LZOS 105/650 mounted together on the AZ EQ6. After my frustrations last time when I discovered SW's dual-saddle doesn't point where the main saddle points and doesn't have "sideways" shiftability, I got myself a Baader Stronghold adjuster which has 2 degrees of freedom: effectively another alt-az but mounted sideways. The night sky was something to behold. Once astro dark had set in, 2 minutes outside was enough to see the Beehive Cluster naked eye. And once again, picking out Ursa Minor from the surrounding stars was an effort, it was all so bright. It was a starry night of such beauty I felt I wanted to cry. Words cannot describe. I took readings through the night with my SQM-L. lightpollutionmap.info suggests this place should be 21.8. In fact no reading I took was less than 21.65, and by 0130 I had a few successive readings of slightly over 22.0! Home in Surrey scores 19.05 at best. Although I'd prepared a list of deep sky objects to get the most out of my still new-to-me 12", I knew that much of the night would be spent faffing: getting things to work properly and re-familiarizing. And so it proved. I had some "finder problems": I'd line up an object with the 9x50 finder on the APM, look through both that and the 12" and not be able to see what I was expecting, only to then waste time hunt around searching randomly. I discovered this morning that one of the bolts on the APM's finder shoe was loose, and the finder was flopping about a little. No wonder I couldn't find anything. I did eventually find and get M3 (glob) in view in both scopes, and the contrast was remarkable. M3 was a definite, impressive and and bright-ish patch of stars in the 105mm APM-LZOS, at 65x, but through the 12" (at 82x): WOW. Sooo bright, so many stars and such vivid colours. It wasn't evident at all in the TS Optics 9x50 finder, mostly because that wasn't actually pointing at M3! I also made good use of my new Zeiss 15x56 bins, and was surprised not just that I could easily see M51 through them, but that it was largeish, not a symmetrical shape and 2 cores were evident. I found out through them also that Zeta Lyrae was a double, I'll have to revisit that one. A few Lyrids appeared. While naked-eyeing the sky, I noticed a very bright and wide patch of stars roughly at the apex of a radial arc made by the saucepan-handle of the Big Dipper: the Coma Berenices Cluster. If you plot the brightest 9,000 stars' RA & Dec coordinates as if they're terrestrial using a Mercator ("Map of the World") projection, you get a mass of dots, obviously (the Yale Catalogue). You can see the plane of the Milky Way easily as thicker stripe snaking its way through the projection. But you can also see a noticeable cluster of bright stars separated from that plane, at about RA12 Dec25: the very same Coma Berenices Cluster. A very nice night, I hope I get a few more like it while I'm here. Cheers, Magnus
  20. And I'd go for bigger .... 18" is perfect for me, lift into the back of a Corsa if I wanted, image scale, wow views....and 20mins set up...go as big as you can, nobody was disappointed with a big dob.
  21. Free lifetime supply of clouds included with every scope sold.
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