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  2. Hi @Bridge and welcome to SGL. Astronomy needn't be be that expensive. Get yourself a pair of binoculars and enjoy. One of my favourite things to do on a summer evening/night is grab my 7x50's lay on the grass/lawn or excercise mat and follow man-made satellites across the sky.
  3. Work in progress on NGC 6188 going to do a hubble palette. Ha 6NM 2 hrs stacked only Also done a test 2x drizzle integration. SW 72ED
  4. Just on my way out the door as the weather is clear for the time being, but caught your response in time to write everything down. I will see to your suggestions and get back to you.
  5. Starlink satellites - https://www.space.com/spacex-starlink-satellites-launch-just-beginning.html
  6. 1) Ya, I've been through the reflector start-up craze and spent more than I'd have liked in working my way up to a 10" Dob, so I'm not anxious to do it again by building this obs. too small to begin with, and 3 meters square seems to be where I'm headed. It is very secluded on the property, too, and if we build solid I may consider storing the reflector, etc., there, too. 2) Good suggestions on the roof. I'm into my sixties now and though with no physical handicaps yet, looking ahead makes sense. I live in Ottawa so snow and ice, etc., must be taken into account for roof mechanics. Definitely the most serious thing to consider, and I won't rush until I'm as sure as I can be. My contractor son is a whiz at this stuff, but he's used to spending other people's money with abandon, and though I wouldn't attempt this without him, I'm constantly bringing him back to reality in our discussions over this! 3) I have all summer to get this right, so if I don't, I have nobody to blame but myself. 4) Again, I rely on the genius of my son for a solid build. He's erected many decks, sheds, docks, garages, etc., many of his own design, and the fact that he's continually sought after for these things is a testament to his capabilities. Thanks for the input. Sean
  7. +1 ...a UHC really does make a big difference over a LPR.
  8. Hi all, honestly I don't know the first thing about astronomy but I just saw something really cool and wondered if anyone could help me identify what it was. Unfortunately I didn't have time to get a picture of it. But I just saw this long line of stars moving through the sky not all that fast. Initially it was quite far away and it looked like the line the planes make in the sky when they fly but as it got closer I could make out the individual stars. I know with meteors that I've seen before they were traveling a bit faster and had a tail these never had a tail and there was a large group of them but not really scattered they were basically all in a line. I'm really curious as to what it could have been. I don't think so many satilites would be so close together traveling like that (although I may be wrong as mentioned I don't know much about astronomy). This was approximately 10 to 15 minutes ago in county Louth in Ireland.
  9. Today
  10. 1) To avoid locking on a hot pixel try setting the HFD to 1.5 in the Brain button/Guiding tab, and untick Star Mass Detection. You say you are choosing good unsaturated stars, but you should allow PHD2 to select a star, it knows what's good for it ! Tools tab/auto select star 2) In the left-hand pane of the GA results is Drift-Limiting Exposure, which was 0.8 seconds. But then it also always says to use 1 to 3 second exposures too in the right-hand of the display ! 3) All I'm suggesting is to try a faster exposure, say 1.5 or 2 seconds, for 5 minutes without changing anything else, and see if it gives faster reactions to the excursions, and a smoother guiding graph as a result. If the graph starts to yoyo then reduce the Aggression until it settles. As I said, time to experiment a bit, but allow enough time for each new setting to stabilise. Did you try balancing to take up the Dec backlash ? Easing into my thoughts on your results, I didn't think your "poor" exposures were drifting that much, I'd be interested to see if others agree. What is your criteria? Is it the Score for each exposure in DSS ? Try stacking all your subs and comparing with your best stack, if you're unhappy then ignore me ! Michael
  11. Surely the Raptors cannot be said to have disappointed their fans this year no matter how their season ends now? I suppose if you absolutely must see a championship from this year then nothing will do but victory, but as a fairweather fan I see nothing but good now no matter what the final outcome. That said, Toronto would be a madhouse with a championship trophy! As a dedicated Ottawa Rough Rider fan since the first Grey Cup I recall seeing in 1966, I certainly know how to grin and bear mediocre seasons, and seeing the newly minted Ottawa Redblacks win the Grey Cup in 2016 was the sporting highlight of my life, even above the great Clements to Gabriel win in '76 and the Canada/Russia Summit Series in '72, because with age I appreciate these things so much more! I don't know if this will make you feel good or bad or neutral, but I remember watching the Leafs win their last Stanley Cup in '67, or perhaps you are old enough to have seen it yourself. If not, it may be some consolation that I was cheering for the Habs and I cried when Toronto scored the empty net goal to ice the last game! I've heard that glue is sometimes used for a cut, though never had it done. At least it wasn't staples. I do have in the back of my mind the possibility of upsizing to the 120 APO from the 100, and though my midsection is not really an issue (yet), I'm leaning toward 9'x9' because though it's more cost, I don't want to get into the same situation I found myself in jumping from a 4.5" reflector to a 6" to finally being satisfied with a 10" dob. Go big or go home, my son said last night, but he's not paying for it. But I'm not paying him, either, so there are savings right there. We will have to consider how to roof this thing. The issue of power has come up, my son wanting to trench in a fixed supply, but I vetoed this. I don't mind continuing with an extension cord for the time being, and we can always do it later if it comes to that. Biggest issue is COST. I keep telling my wife that I'm done with the expenditures in this hobby, and it was so while I was observing, but imaging is a whole nuther story.
  12. The last 2 clear nights, after my main target went behind the trees in my garden, I set APT to move to this beautiful target in the Cygnus constellation. 130PDS, x0.9 coma corrector, EQ6 QHY183M with Baader 7nm Ha filter 31x300sec I will probably add some SII and OIII with my newly acquired AT106LE. Emil
  13. Has anyone tried playing the tones from Close Encounters yet?
  14. This is super easy with a refractor collimating eyepiece- it takes seconds. You might want to consider a goto mount under those skies as it will put you right on the doubles. Our H130 shows color stars nicely. Another option would be star hopping with a finder scope but mounting one on the H130 would be difficult.
  15. Is there a laser show near by,or a concert using search lights.
  16. We used to see similar lights from Southampton. Turned out they were spotlights from nightclubs and outdoor events/concerts being shone up into the sky onto the clouds.
  17. Yesterday
  18. 1) Four calibrations: For some reason lately the first few stars I choose for calibration do not move and eventually I get a fail message 'star did not move enough'. I'm choosing good unsaturated stars with 8>SNR but it is like I am choosing bad pixels or something even though I've tried stars with 100> SNR with the same results. So now I can tell within ten seconds or so that the star is not moving and I try another and after a few times I get one that starts to move right away. I have no idea why this is, but it never happened before this recent trouble began except for a couple of times when I was just starting out with PHD2 and I chose bad pixels. Is it possible to select bad pixels with high SNR? (BTW, you mentioned in your previous response, quote: "GA once only at the start of each night, Calibrate near each new object." Is the calibration we are speaking of above what you are talking about? (it had me somewhat confused as I thought it might mean a different calibration elsewhere, but I believe now that it is one and the same, meaning I use GA to start the night, and when I switch to a new object I simply go through the calibration routine again.) 2) GA suggestions: You mentioned taking care to follow these recommendations and that is what I did, and I swear that I saw GA recommending exposures 'between 1 and 3 seconds', and since I was exposing at 2.5 already, I left it that way. The weather may be clear enough tonight to set up at least for a while and I will scour GA recommendations to see where I missed this absolute (0.8 or whatever it says tonight) number. My guide camera will take faster exposures, I believe down to 0.1 seconds or maybe it is 0.01 seconds, but at any rate I've tried exposures occasionally at .5 second to see the how guiding reacted, so I know it will do this at least. 3) Unfortunately I can't answer that because I left the exposures at 2.5 seconds because of what I saw (what I swear I saw!) GA recommend, between 1-3 seconds. If fortune favours me with a few hours of clear weather tonight I will find the correct GA exposure recommendation you refer to and perhaps experiment with it around that recommendation to see if I can tweak it better. From what you've said and asked I feel much better about nailing this down, and believe that you are right that a little fine tuning will see this overwith for good. Fingers crossed. Sean
  19. Sorry, I didn't pick up on this point. You seem to have on/off/on 3 position switches anyway for the battery so that's fine. You still only need a single pole switch in the battery +ve connection as when that is in the centre 'off' position the battery is disconnected power wise. The battery -ve terminal can be permanently left connected to ground. You can if you wish leave it as you've drawn it and it will be fine. It's your choice. As you say the motor switch only needs to be a 2 pole changeover switch but if you're happy using the three position switch you have, there's no problem. Alan
  20. I had a chance to try this tonight, and that's exactly what I saw with the Nirvana. I spent an hour going back and forth between all my eyepieces. Astigmatism is apparent in the ES 24/68 and ES 6.7/82 but to a lesser extent. The Speer WALER 10/82 was by far the best, showing hardly any astigmatism at all! In conclusion, the 16mm Nirvana is not perfect but it is not that different from other eyepieces I have been happy with. Using the Nirvana as a finder eyepiece draws my eye away from the center and out to the very edge however.
  21. Well I’m not sure. In SGP I go for 30,000 - 32,000 or thereabouts. That’s always worked for me. Have a go at a range of settings and see what works best.
  22. From Portchester: Lights in the sky approx 40 deg ele, east azi
  23. You have just blown my mind with that Andrew I am now gripping my chair for dear life as I contemplate hurtling through the universe with my infinity of masses at break neck speed May explain why I'm finding it so difficult to lose some weight ; is that the ultimate delusional excuse "I'm over weight because of my chosen reference frame" . I like it. Jim
  24. Looking forward to this. Hope something I want comes up
  25. Honestly I would think about a 130PDS and a 2 inch corrector to go with it. Either that or a 500mm or shorter refactor, its always going to be difficult to get good results out of a scope made for visual use.
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