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  2. Hi all less frustrating tonight .🥳 So first night with asiair only a few small issues had a loose power cable to synscan box which I solved after a while, then took a while to focus main camera ,so fairly productive .then decided to go visual on moon Jupiter and Saturn when it decides to poke its head up from behind some trees 🛰.
  3. Not bad, not at all. When I take snaps through my telescopes, I sharpen them with a paint programme, but only to match the sharpness seen when observing with the eye and an eyepiece. I also adjust the contrast, and again, only to match what was seen live. For example, I took this shot of the Moon through a 60mm refractor... Now, you may think that sharp and clear, but I saw the minutest of detail within this area of that image during a live view with my own eye and eyepiece... ...craterlets and rilles, hills and dales, seemingly tens if not hundreds of them, but the camera could not capture a single one. Therefore, I think that you've got a very nice telescope there.
  4. Chaz, the 393 dovetail attached to the dovetail with the rings on the scope as mentioned in my last post, just slides along the mount and locks into place with the lever on the mount. In effect the two dovetails bolted together act as a single dovetail with the scope and rings on top. Of course, by sliding the scope through the rings you get even more adjustment options. I hope all this makes some sense !?
  5. Ade, I probably find it much easier to balance than you do because both of the above scopes come with rings. Both scopes dovetails have suitable holes that you can fasten to the 393's dovetail with the supplied bolts than come with the mount - all very compatable.
  6. Ahh...do you mean can you adjust it in the dovetail bracket? Or the hole alignment? chaz
  7. I was thinking of ordering one about this time last year. Unfortunately, it all seems to have gone very quiet.
  8. You're very welcome. I have an MN190 to set up myself now my observatory is progressing, so it's useful information for me, too. Mine already has a Moonlight focuser (came that way when I bought it used), so I shall be checking it all out when I'm ready to mount it up. James
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  10. Below is a pic of my 393 with my SW 72ED, and it handles it very well. In fact I've not bothered to use another mount for it since I first put the 72ED in it to try it out. It also balances well when using my Baader Maxbright binoviewer with a couple of eyepieces. As Ade says the axis can be tightened very securely, but you don't need too much tension when the scope is balanced. This is extremely easy as the Manfrottos own 'dovetail' is several inches long and can smoothly be slid along and locked in position securely using a small lever on the mount - this takes only seconds and is very easy. The fact that the axis tighten well if necessarily means it can be locked in position while you put on a binovoviewer for instance before you rebalance it. The mount will nearly reach the zenith with my 72ED, the forks are about five to six inches deep which is what limits it. Having said that, I can easily adjust one leg of my photo tripod the head is on if I need to reach the zenith, though I haven't needed to very often. I love this mount and for a smallish scope it is truly excellent, having said that I have also used it with my Astro-Tech 102ED on it which is quite a substantial scope. Excellent at low to medium power with this scope, and ok for higher powers too if it's not too windy. I've also added a pic with the Astro Tech 102ED on the 393.
  11. If you see the light in the reflection it looks more white but if you shine the light at an angle and view it such that the light source isn't directly visible in the reflection it then appears as green. I assumed that's what bilbo wanted, but with his image showing the light itself shown in the reflection, I think I've got it wrong and would have to say it's more white than green. Sorry bilbo. (S/N 0001005) Alan
  12. Welcome to SGL! you’ve come to the right place for sure.
  13. A few nights ago, while I was waiting for my DSO target to come up ftom behind my house, I decided to have a go at the moon with the QHY183M. I used the red filter as I heard that it's reduceing a bit the effects of the bad seeing. Hope you like it. 250 best frames out of 1000. Emil
  14. I got a reply from Bresser, Germany that they have put a blue glass filter in the post today. The filter looks green if you shine a light off it at an angle but is pale blue when you remove it. The blotches around the edge indicate the blue glass filter needs replacing as it will get worse. In my post on Saturday I included a picture of the rear of the rear of the red output lens which also seemed to have a cloudy film on it. With the blue glass removed waiting for the replacement it's much more obvious. Danenn posted earlier on this thread of a similar problem so following his lead I removed the orange plate which has the diagonal mirror loosely fixed to it by some foam padding. I originally thought there was a prism inside but it's just a mirror. You can easily see and get to the rear of the output filter then and it was covered in a cloudy film. I gently wiped it in a cotton bud sprayed with Baader Wonder Fluid and puffed a rocket blower over it and the film has gone. Whoop! A clear golden surface appeared. The mirror itself looked ok with no film present, just a few specks of dust which the blower removed. I also thought before, the inside of the diagonal had a white powdery coating on the surface but it is just the metal showing through where the black spray coating hasn't covered it. It does look just like over-spray from the outside coating and isn't intended to be fully covered. Hopefully when the replacement blue glass filter arrives I will get a good improvement in the view. Alan
  15. Interesting Alan that my scope is 0001004 and reflects white (although the filter looks green) White B1200
  16. thanks Gina For what is in fact a mini CCTV with a 1/2.7-in sensor and a lens that's 15mm across I wasn't expecting planetarium grade images, tho was hoping there'd be a little more. But then the setup is geared at closer objects and day or IR illuminated use really, with the smarts for H264/5+ encoding and motion detection etc sapping power from processing abilities. I don't seriously expect the 5MP will be a big step improvement either, same issues and although a bigger lens its still tiny compared to the C/CS mount lenses or the fab lens you're using, nor a "proper" camera like my Fuji S100FS. The latter I may try piggy-back on the 130EQ2 at some stage when I want to try some imaging as I do have a timer controller so would be able to do long exposure or video and try the lens set from 28-400mm to see how well it copes, the R/A motor on the mount should help it track reasonably well, maybe. The moon glow has been creeping across the sky here too and now just coming into frame, the sky is full of clouds again, always the way huh.
  17. I had another look at mine as ive noticed 5 blotches around the periphery of the green lens. It’s minor but I’m guessing it worsens? When I shine a light inside the b1200 filter through the geeen lens the back of the red lens looks cloudy. Is this normal?
  18. I assume it would quite a job to redirect each listing after the item sells because of the automated nature of websales. How about a message at the bottom of the forum ad like; (if the link to this item on the FirstLightOptics website is broken, then the item has been sold) Or some such... Rgds Ady
  19. Meant to add both blocking filters in pics I posted have crystal clear filters, I'm trying to discover if there any correlation between the reflection and another problem which is why catching the reflected "bulb" itself is important
  20. Hi Filters starting to deteriorate, known problem and apparently free fix from lunt see https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/316776-lunt-blocking-filter-check-yours-you-wont-regret-it/?tab=comments#comment-3464489 PS try catching the refrection of the actual lamp, I used an led tube lamp for the first pics, and a power tank torch for the second. cheers Steve
  21. Hi @Alan64... this is what my 're-modded' ETX105 now looks like...
  22. Heh. Yeah, I think that's OK with us. Going to be a beaut! Is there enough H-alpha to make that worthwhile to collect that while the moon is glowering at us?
  23. I serviced the stock focuser on my MN190 as it was shot when I bought it secondhand. That was several years ago and it's been fine since. I use remote focussing with a stepper motor and timing belt drive. The focuser is a simple single speed Crawford. I needed to replace all the bearings and generally clean it up. I think there's a thread detailing what I did somewhere on here.
  24. The autopec feature in eqmod will store the raw pe data captured to file (it can do this even if you don't want to create/apply a correction curve). This can then be loaded into pecprep for analysis. Chris
  25. 9.50 - sky very clear - Arcturus out on its own. I had the ES ED80 on the Celestron GoTo mount - very handy, as long as I don't go too close to the zenith! Aligned on Arcturus. (I reach targets using SAO numbers in the handset. If not included, I just aim for something else nearby.) 10.10 - Sigma1657/24Com - 1+(2) visual double, fairly close match, 20" separation. A lovely sight at x24/3.42deg - the secondary closely to the side ("left"), and nothing else in view. 10.25 - OSigma266 - closely matched binary, 2.1" separation - just split at x160, fainter one above the other. 10.40 - Sigma1639 - binary, fairly close match, just 1.8" separation - very tight at x160 (my max with the ED80) - the fainter component was diagonally above the primary (to the "left" in my view). Getting these fairly tight doubles was I believe down to the sharpness of the star images with the quality frac. It would not have been as easy with the 8SE or the Dob. (Although higher mag and resolution help there.) I finished at 10.50 with a quick look at the glob M53 - only a fuzzy patch (x24, 80) in the not-so-dark sky and with a smallish aperture. Another satisfying and successful session, with a different mix of equipment! Doug.
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