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  2. hi using autofocus which works very well on stars/galaxies,but after moving to the moon with same focus found moon slightly out of focus,would you expect this,just making sure my autofocus on stars/galaxies is working ok
  3. not had no joy with the moon and guide camera ,so what i did was set focus up during the day on a distant object,then try at night with a bright star ,slightly adjusting focus,really had to turn exposure down ,used sharpcap to do continues downloads while adjusting focus,when your in focus then try with phd,just gone through same thing
  4. Well I was thinking about getting a new guidescope... maybe I should just go for a bundle then and use the ASI120 for planetary
  5. WO 132 ZWO 178MC ADC x 2.5 P/M
  6. Yes I’d say that’s a great moon image. I like the unusual framing, plenty of detail, nice colour balance and the terminator looks great too. A contender for the Terminator Challenge? So I like it If I had to criticise perhaps it could be a little brighter but that’s just me.
  7. New camera, well my asi290mc camera I usually use for planetary imaging. Spoken to a couple of others here who had the same problem. No solution found as far as I know.
  8. First Clear Night in a week, EEVA all night with NGC7000 in the northeast by 4am. So ready for this ;-) 

  9. This evening I discovered that it's possible to get right angle connectors for the LED lighting strips, so I can make a single run for the warm room in a U shape. That sounds ideal, so I've just hit the buy button on another 5m LED strip, the aluminium section and connectors. I shan't bother with wifi operation for this one. I can't see the need at the moment. James
  10. My ZWO ASI 120MM occasionally has "Split Frames" when I use it in SharpCap to take 30 second exposure sequences (frame is split vertically with left and right halves swapped) Typically starts okay, then after a while I get a series of Split frames, then it corrects. Never had it in PHD2, I'm not using the ASCOM driver. Michael
  11. That is a beautiful dob i must add, i hope it finds a new lover.
  12. As a deep sky photographer I have hardly photographed the moon, and I have no idea what is a considered a good image so I would appreciate some insight on my image. I have a link because SGL kills the detail for some reason https://www.astrobin.com/full/401852/0/?nc=user
  13. I'm interested in plosssl kit and sent you a PM. Thanks
  14. Are you sure? Sometimes it happens not to use the equipment properly, but this can be just temporary.
  15. I may have over processed these but I’m quite happy with my new found method of stitching images together. Last night and just now, same method, canon 1100d and 2 x Barlow through Skywatcher 150p. 2 x 1 minute video clips for each, run through PIPP, stacked in Registax, stitched in ICE, back into Registax for wavelets and tweaking. Any advice welcomed.
  16. Same here. I used the st pocket star atlas, but have been using a tablet + stellarium or sky safari for a while now. So easy to use and powerful too.
  17. Good set Steve, big area of surface activity around AR2738 almost joins the little one behind it, fingers crossed for more activity. Dave
  18. So how did you go about guiding then? Another cam? Different software?
  19. Today
  20. 60mm Lunt D/S Chameleon cam click for full res Double Stack Single Stack same processing as above another d/s a couple of hours later
  21. I had the same flipping problem, after trying everything I could think of I stopped using it. Nothing I tried worked.
  22. Can someone just tow it away for the next four clear nights please.
  23. Ok, so this is a really annoying bug / problem that I have with my setup: From time to time, in non regular intervals the image my guiding cam (ZWO ASI120) send seems to get flipped / mirrored or looks like it's from a completely different patch of sky. When I'm paying attention to the guide images I can clearly see that the image seems to be flipped in some way. It only happens for 1 frame PHD send a warning ( No star found / Star lost Mass changed) and after that everything is fine again. My gear is all connected to a single USB3 Hub which then runs via powered USB3 cable to my Pc. I'm not binning and have the noise reduction off (though PHD might got hickups while processing) but it still happens. Sometimes there are minutes between two events sometimes it happens 5 times in a row. It also seems like it's only happening during guiding, I haven't seen it happen during calibration yet... I'm completely clueless what's happening or how to get rid of it, any help / idea is greatly appreciated.
  24. Hopefully when JTW has finished work on their new mount, they might have time to focus on building his telescope brand. I think the biggest problems with JTW is that they appear to be having an identity crisis. They don't seem to be sure what type of business they are. Are they an engineering company that makes astro gear on the side or a Telescope company that does engineering on the side ? But either way, I would like to see them start producing some finely crafted scopes for the general pub!ic. Who knows they could be the next TEC of Europe and speaking to mark he seems passionate about astronomy, so hopefully we'll start to see some of his scopes in the wild in the near future.
  25. Could be many reasons so please let's not jump to any conclusions. If the OP posts up some pictures then I'm sure a good estimate can be found.
  26. Hi all. Has anyone tried the heater pad around the circumference of the tube to any great degree of success. I too am getting hit with dew on the XX14G so would be interested in success stories. I ordered the Kendrick Split heater but that is a few weeks away. I will post the results once it arrives. I did try a 12v hair dryer, but it barely heats up and was only good for the eyepieces..
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