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  2. As is often the case, a thread here on SGL started me on a train of thought... A discussion about a tour to this year's Total Eclipse in South America got me thinking about the next deep solar eclipse as seen from home. I knew there was one in the next decade and researched it here (an excellent resource): http://xjubier.free.fr/en/site_pages/solar_eclipses/TSE_2026_GoogleMapFull.html?Lat=54.73640&Lng=-2.75216&Zoom=8&LC=1 On 12th August 2026 a deep eclipse will be visible before sunset. I further investigated my local circumstances with Stellarium and got to thinking about making a script to showcase the view from my location. I know nothing about scripting so looked at the scripts that come packaged with Stellarium to see if they made sense. Some of the script was self explanatory, some less so. The scripting editor within Stellarium can be accessed by pressing F12 . Given a lack of Stellarium scripts I see being proffered on SGL I'm thinking it's not a popular pastime but it's something I've been threatening to have a go at for some time. I decided that re-engineering an existing script would be the best bet and chose solar_eclipse.ssc written by Matthew Gates, who deserves full credit for my limited success! I changed the stuff I could work out and also borrowed some lines from a number of Alex Wolf's scripts (as included with Stellarium). My method wasn't pretty! I hacked and hacked and cut and pasted and ran my script a million times (when it would run). It was rather like pouring a bucket of amino acids in a pond and waiting for an ape to emerge There is a guide: https://stellarium.org/doc/0.19/scripting.html , which maybe makes much sense to experienced coders but it's very, very hard going for my poor old brain. Anyway, after some hours I got what I was looking for and I'm pleased with the result...so far. I decided it would be nice to make a video of it but to do so I had to employ a Google Chrome plug-in that uploads video captures to my Google Drive (the XBox video capture feature in W10 requires hardware that my computer doesn't have). I don't have a YouTube channel and don't want to start one. So, here is the world premier of my Stellarium Script. It won't hot-link so it's hopefully a clickable link. Let me know if it doesn't work!! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YH53mSRVxluV4iACKElftIFMcqEaVQny/view?usp=sharing
  3. Good news. I will be trying it with a Baader prism as well as a dielectric diagonal and will see if there is any difference.. Reading the manual see that they do an adapter to allw fitting the filter to a bigger scope. Hmm interesting possabilities.
  4. It is to go with my asi183mm-pro when it arrives. As I will probably go with the Baader 1.25” LRGB set when funds replenish I was thinking the 1.25” Baader H-alpha 7nm. Cheers, Dan.
  5. Thank-you for your order, John It is Wednesday night so we will have no problem delivering it to you before the weekend. Steve
  6. Forecast is for sunny periods on Fri / Sat so fingers crossed.
  7. Hello Chaz. Can you swop these easily between binoculars ?? Thx. John
  8. Please comment on your experience with the short refractor from Bresser, the AR-152S model. The good, the bad, anything really. Here it is: Bresser AR-152S I know its most significant drawback, the CO which is a curse of any achro and particularly the short models. I'm not too sensitive to CO, to say the least. Being on a budget I'm going to use it as a general purpose scope, for everything. Once again, I'm fine with the CO. What I like about it is of course its light gathering power which no one can deny. I've seen many reports that 6" achro comes close to both 8" SCT and 8" Newt (of course with certain limitations). I know it's strength is wide field views but I've heard people used them as a high power instrument for planetary observations as well. That's of course again those people who like me are perfectly fine with the CO. What I'm also interested to know is how good the quality of this achro is. How durable is the focuser? What material is used for the lens cell - is it cheap pot metal or a little better aluminum? Both of these are not good for constant collimation screw adjustments and I wonder how the lens cell holds up in this respect.
  9. Thanks John for the manual link. I look forward to your review.
  10. /Pendant As the rest of the posters have indicated you don’t need to waste time aligning on a random bright star when you can align on your target directly ie platesolve. I dont do an initial star alignment either and have no issues
  11. Here’s the manual. https://nimax-img.de/Produktdownloads/56447_1_Anleitung-EN.pdf Oh and fingers crossed my DayStar Solar Scout SS60-DS arrives for the weekend.
  12. This new Daystar Solar Scout SS60 DS 60mm looks very interesting. I bought my PST in 2005 and used it most sunny days (including today). About 2 years ago I bought the Double Stack which made a great difference showing surface detail. This PST has travelled the world seeing Total, Annular, Venus and Mercury Transits - its been a brilliant purchase. I was thinking that after 14 years I needed an upgrade and now this turns up. Clearly I would like to see more reviews. I assume that the scope could be charged from the mains if you don't have a powerpack? Because I don't have a refractor I would need a diagonal - does it matter whether its a 2" or 1.25"?
  13. To avoid possible birthday disappointment you NEED to properly test it out before hand.
  14. Hi Folks These two excellent eyepieces are surplus to requirements, so are looking for a new home(s). Great condition with original boxes and caps. 18mm £100 8.8mm £85 Prices include uk postage. Thanks Paul
  15. Don't wait that long - you should check to see that everything works. Or at least that's the excuse....
  16. Mine as well My old Tasco 60mm refractor first showed me this golden yellow pair. I was very excited !
  17. Ady is correct. All those folks who platesolve and say they don't align are only half right. Plate solving itself doesn't cange anything, but the act of synching, which is usually an integral part of the plate solve goto sequence, is what performs the alignment and is what allows the mount/driver to provide position correction. This is exactly the same as one star alignment except you can align closer to target and without being centred on a star. I guess the ease and convenience of the plate solve / goto process means many folks don't have to consider exactly what is happening behind the scenes, but if you platesolve and sync you are performing alignment. Chris
  18. I find mine doesn’t wobble at all but then I have upgraded the tripod. Think the standard tripod isn’t sturdy enough. I use it with either a Berlebach wooden tripod which makes it really portable but I also have EQ6 tripod woth a short pillar which has 2” legs and is almost as sturdy as the Berlebach. You need an EQ6 to EQ5 adapter to fit the AZ-EQ5 mount to the EQ6 tripod.
  19. Algieba- my first ever double. As I increased magnification I didn't believe it was a double until.....Wow. Great memories. I didn't know about the other two stars in the field, though.
  20. Today
  21. Complete white EQ3-2 and original aluminium tripod with accessory tray for sale. Of the undriven variety. Recently dismantled, cleaned and rebuilt. Good condition with just minor marks and scuffs. Looking for £90. Based in Bristol, viewing welcome.
  22. Hi Nigel I have one on eBay at the moment - comes with a bonus light shroud and 2x Barlow lens! I'm based in Bristol but I could find out about delivery if you like? Still have the original box and I would be sure to carefully package it. Cheers, Rob
  23. Very interesting presentation.... I think that the mathematics is all good and a good guide, but in the real world there are too many factors at play and sop there is still a big trial and error component involved.
  24. @ZollyG how do you like your AZ-EQ5? Os it wobbly? I am thinking about buying this or the EQM. Thanks Sanj
  25. I’ll check that later. Thanks.
  26. Hi Have a look further down in the 'EEVA Reports' section, see what equipment other people are using. Might give you some ideas/food for thought. You can then come back and ask. It's a bit quiet on sgl now as we're into the long days and short nights. Louise
  27. Lovely image and processing.. :)
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