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  2. I have had some “local” interest but if that doesn’t work out I can look into getting it packed up and shipped, though I suspect that will make the overall cost a bit uncompetitive (these seem to pop up on abs reasonably often?). Will let you know in the next couple of days. Thanks for your interest and for pointing out I had been inadvertently ignoring potential buyers!
  3. The BBC news article is no longer on the main science page. However, a search for 'light pollution' brings it up. As does..https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-47953005 David.
  4. I think you will enjoy that Dave
  5. 50mm finder from Skywatcher, adapted with camera T-mount to allow use as a guider or as straight through finder. £30 plus Postage £5, or collection from Winchester. Cash on collection/ Bank Transfer/ Paypal (buyer pays fees) accepted Thanks Stephen
  6. Thanks for all the replies. I shall give it another go in daylight and see how I go.
  7. Mintron Mono Astro Video Camera 23S85HC with nosepiece. £100 plus Postage or collection from Winchester. Cash on collection/ Bank Transfer/ Paypal (buyer pays fees) accepted Thanks Stephen
  8. That's right, eyepiece focal length divided by scope focal ratio.
  9. Phil Dyer PD1 colour astrovideo camera with Nosepiece and power cable. £80 plus Postage or collection from Winchester. Cash on collection/ Bank Transfer/ Paypal (buyer pays fees) accepted Thanks Stephen
  10. Hi David. POTH (Plain Old Telescope Handset) is more of a developer tool, think of it as a mail sorting office with the added benefit that you can read and rifle through the incoming and outgoing messages and only choose to deliver the messages you think fit. With logging enabled it is a great resource to help with ASCOM driver development etc. There is no reason for you not to use POTH it is just more difficult to set up when presented with all the capabilities that POTH has. You will find a help document for POTH under All Programs > ASCOM Platform 6 > Scope-Dome-Hubs > POTH Help. To use it for your purposes you make no changes to the options in the POTH control window, all settings should be left at default but rather, in the client program(s) APT, Stellarium etc you have to choose in setup POTH as the Telescope, and optionally, POTH as the Focuser, & Dome. Each time you make a selection of POTH in the client program as the device being connected to, the POTH setup window will open where you choose the actual telescope driver, EQMOD in your case, and optionally focuser and dome drivers if used. You only need to set up the actual device hardware drivers in POTH once, so if you open APT and choose POTH, set up POTH for the EQMOD driver, focuser driver and dome driver, if applicable, then in Stellarium Scope just set POTH as the "Telescope" there is no need to repeat the actual device driver selection again as once selected in POTH it will be the same for all client software connecting to it. To use POTH you do nothing other than connect to the "Telescope" plus "Focuser" & "Dome" if used, in the client software which will then connect to POTH and POTH will relay the messages back and forth between hardware device and client software. Do not try to manually connect to the Telescope, Focuser or Dome from within POTH unless you want to actively test the ASCOM drivers etc. When used for actual mount control, when you connect to the "Telescope" (POTH) from inside APT and Stellarium Scope the POTH window will launch, you need to minimise this to the bottom tool bar on the desktop, or hide it out of the way on the desktop and do not interact with it at all, however the program, must remain "open" otherwise POTH will not work and your client programs will have nothing to connect to. As an alternative, the ASCOM "Generic Hub" does all the above but without the developer tools and log tracing that are included with POTH. Setup and use of the "Generic Hub" is exactly the same as it was for POTH and you will probably find it does everything you need with less user "options" to get in the way. HTH William.
  11. Hi welcome to SGL from Peter in Bedfordshire
  12. I thought that exit pupil eyepiece (not scope's) FL in mm divided by scope F ratio? Is that what you meant Olly? Or have I got it wrong? Steve
  13. Hi welcome to SGL from Peter in Bedfordshire
  14. Hi welcome to SGL from Peter in Bedfordshire
  15. Hi welcome to SGL from Peter in Bedfordshire
  16. Hi welcome to SGL from Peter in Bedfordshire
  17. Pete Presland

    Hello again

    Hi welcome to SGL from Peter in Bedfordshire
  18. Just had a look at it, WOW £88 a bit pricey ! Nice bit of kit though. I think I might seen them at Astrofest last year, didn't realise there was a dual purpose to them. https://www.harrisontelescopes.co.uk/acatalog/baader-skysurfer-v.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIgZOogZrm4QIVSrHtCh1ulwXpEAQYAiABEgLIU_D_BwE
  19. Hi everyone, I am thinking about investing in a Newtonian probably a 10" f4 https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p5647_TS-Optics-10--f-4-ONTC-Carbon-Tube-Newtonian-telescope---fully-customizable.html, Various options exist for the focuser and the coma corrector. I was wondering if the 3" is worth it. Its advantage would be less vignetting and stability? I am planning to shoot mostly using CMOS / CCD cameras that are not that heavy + filter wheel so vignetting on that sensor (close to APS C) should not be a problem. Would it allow for better coma correctors in 3"? Thanx B
  20. I have put this on the Bay as well but I would rather sell it to an SGL member. It's the standard "kit" lens but it's like new with both caps. I can also let you have a lens hood and UV filter for it if you want. This image of Mercury was taken with this lens. It's going to cost about £4 to post so how about £40 all in - is that reasonable? Paypal only by friends or fees paid. UK only. Peter
  21. You can also try using the http://www.astrogb.com/astrogb/All_Sky_Plate_Solver.html cheers Martin
  22. Hiya Glen, no I put the scope in this position to show the clearance between the scope and the tripod legs. There is no fixed park position, thus you can leave the scope as you please
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