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  2. Cheers Carole, you're too kind. So true, not an easy target at all. Scope was Esprit 100 with ASI1600MM using unity gain. I think you may be right, hence the reason why I'm posting the image to figure out what I can do to improve and what I've done wrong.
  3. Thanks for the info Michael. Now just need to find one
  4. Yes I think I will stick to SGL, ABS and think carefully about elsewhere, unless I'm really keen!
  5. I won’t give up my Uranometria guides, I don’t use them nearly as much anymore but, I know I’ll want them on a days long dark sky trip in the future.
  6. What's the camera and scope? This is a deceivingly difficult target, and you have done very well. CC: I think you have overdone the noise reduction and smooth the nebulosity too much. I don;t use Pixinsight, so can't help with that. Carole
  7. Very nice Richard, hard to image the stars with all that annoying dust up there Started on the LBN777 Little Eagle in that neck of the woods last year about the same time as your image here I think, must try to remember to continue it. Dave
  8. Sounds like a nice setup Yes I should get some film to try it out!
  9. Hi Steve, I have the exactly the same issue only difference being the mount a Mesu, no idea how to fix it! I've downloaded cartes du ciel for now but I would also be glade for information on how to get Thesky6 working with Ascom/Windows10? Peter
  10. LOL. yes agreed - stuff never looks quite the same as textbook examples in any field. TBH I was trying to avoid naming names. Only because I've raised the issue with the supplier and Id rather post the whole story rather than cloud folks judgement about a scope/supplier that's probably perfectly good. Hope that makes sense!
  11. That’s a bummer, Robert. So my ‘offline’ suggestion regarding the BVs is redundant. Above advice all sound: SGL first, ABS second ... and beware the rest!
  12. This is absolutely beautiful mate. I could only wish to come anywhere close to this processing skills. I'm like most am learning.
  13. Maybe i need to ditch the BPP script and see if the image gets any better to begin with. Would appreciate if you could PM me the process icons and i'll save them and work through them. Cheers mate
  14. Gosh that is a bad run of luck. Are these from the bay of fleas by any chance? Touch wood I've only every had one problem which was a pair of binos from eBay described as in excellent optical condition but which had fungus on the prisms. That ended up with a PayPal dispute and my money refunded so all ok in the end. I tend to buy astro kit from here or AstroBuySell and don't think I've ever had a problem in large number of transactions even overseas.
  15. Hi All, Here's my latest image. I'm not entirely happy with the results but then again here i am posting this image for comments and criticism and looking for ways to improve. Ha: 80 x 300s SII: 80 x 300s OII: 80 x 300s Processed in Pixinsight so kindly let me know what i can do in PI to improve this image because that's all i know Thanks in advance. Regards,
  16. Hopefully your run of bad luck is over. I have never had a problem buying used items. Come to think of it, I have bought them all from members of this site. That’s probably why.
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  18. I did get a used star atlas in as new condition for the princely sum of £3! I'm hooked on bargains, but sometimes buying new is ultimately less hassle of course.
  19. I'm not an optical expert and the only thing I can say regarding Airy discs and collimating as they never seem to look quite like the textbook examples Dave BTW. which scope is it ?
  20. Hi Vlaiv. Give it a go my processing skills aren't great. Whenever someone posts their data i struggle with it. I rely on good data which needs very little processing.
  21. So.... Although I don't own either of those two telescopes you mentioned and neither the AVX mount, but I do have the Celestron Advanced GT mount with an Evostar 80 ED refactor and find it more than adequate for AP, just make sure the mount is polar aligned or you will run into guiding issues. I think the mount you have will be more than capable with a 80mm scope. One the subject of refractors, have you considered 2nd hand? There is a Explore Scientific ED 80mm on ebay at the moment (Mint Condition is says) and although you haven't mentioned about camera's for imaging & guiding but maybe the pennies saved can assist with the additional kit for AP as auto guiding is a must.
  22. Hi Dave. Funny you say that, somewhere I read about tube current causing probs so I also wondered about temp - both ambient and sensor temp. I recently changed my default cooler to -15, previously -10, and wondered if this could affect it. But the latest test was done with and without cooler, and no difference I could see. Possibly to do with ambient I guess, but nothing extreme there, and not much change over Test period. anyhow, wouldn't any optical issue like pinching or current also affect Airy disc shapes?
  23. Moonshane my friend, just wondering, IF, as you state, you will use the top of your tripod head re the mount proper, how will you cope with the screw that goes through the centre of said mount head that fixes the HEQ mount in place?, won't there be a need for some form of space so as to be able to screw the mount up firmly? or am i missing some thing, cheers mate; i just might do the same as you propose as, i won,t be going out and about with my set up but just in the OBS. Best regards, Tom.
  24. I honestly don't believe I would be able to come even close to your processing.
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