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  2. I never found anything about the Bresser maksutov and collimating it, but I read about another make where one screw is a locking screw and the other is an adjusting screw and that would make sense with the Bresser. In practice I've never needed to adjust the collimation so I've not tried.
  3. The transparency here last night was good to excellent, so I had another try with my 180 Mak. With the scope and mount in a spot shielded by trees from a distant streetlight and the neighbour's outside light, NGC 5353 itself was fairly obvious with direct vision, as well as NGC 5350. The previous times I'd looked, NGC 5353 was only visible with averted vision. The SN was easily visible as a bright twinkling point at the S end of the galaxy at the point shown in published images, easiest at x100; higher mags made it too faint with DV, although it was still visible with AV - a consequence of the small aperture compared with John's report above I imagine where he found higher mags helped. Interesting that the long axis of the galaxy appeared to be visibly mottled - genuine or an optical artefact I wonder? Compared with a nearby 13.1 mag star GSC 3030-1046 (SkySafari). the SN seemed to me quite a bit fainter, up to nearly a factor of two. As Jupiter had risen above the murk by then (1:00 am), I popped my 102mm f13 frac on the SkyTee and had a quick look; lots of belt detail for the first time this year, but no interesting transitions or GRS. Chris
  4. Plenty of SH lenova lappies on Fleabay, been using one for the past 3 years still going strong, cost me £150, i5 SSd drive plenty of Ram and win7.
  5. Observed last night in an eight inch dob, 2 fov hops down in the finder from Zeta Ophiuchus. Could not see it in the 9x50 finder, but it was clear and quite bright in the ep at 24mm. Really makes you take your hat off to those early astronomers who discovered these things. The diligence, commitment and attention to detail to work out that- 'hang on- that dot has moved!' is really quite something.
  6. Hi, sorry for yet another post question, I am also looking to move into a dedicated imaging, planetary scope. I was hoping to find out some information regaring the Saxon Cielo HD 1.25" ED Eyepieces I am looking at the Sky Rover ULT 115 ED Glass Triplet 115mm APO Refractor Telescope The current eyepieces that i have are: Tele Vue Delos 10mm Baader Hyperion 5mm Wide angle eyepiece What i am hoping to find out is, how do my two eye pieces compare the the Saxon eyepieces in this telescope. I realise this might be a broad question, but i am trying to find out if i go with this telescope, am i better of with my eye pieces or will it perform better with the Saxon eyepieces. Any advice or information would be appreciated. Thanks.
  7. A lot of good information here. I realise they are a big unit and anything near Zenith is going to require something to stand on. Moving them in and out isn't a issue as i have a trolley system already setup complete with feet to get it level, so don't have to lift it anywhere. I might have to keep an eye out in the for sale sections for a bit to see what comes up. Haven't really seen much here in Australia apart from Skywatcher brands, but mainly going to be used for nebulae and deep sky viewing. Good information to think about though. Appreciated.
  8. Concrete pier unboxed, there were some airpockets under the top plate, doesn’t really matter but i will fill them.
  9. My, my... who’d have thought this day would come...? Paul imaging!! The force from the dark side is hard to resist. Congratulations on your first session! A lifetime of frustration and elation awaits. Enjoy the journey. I look forward to seeing your first image post.
  10. Personally I found startools quite easy to get a result from but where I struggled at first was because my data wasn’t very good in the first place , so Astrophotography was all new to me my data was poor , my processing skills was a challenge , I found photoshop cumbersome and to much faffing about , what did help after using startools and reading watching various tutorials was using better Data files to practice on from https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/dslr_astro_image_processing/info that made learning easier and now I’m guiding and dithering and getting flats my data is improving and startools can give me a good result I’m happy with in a fairly short time .So thanks @jager945
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  12. So star wand ,Shining a laser into the sky Or am I missing something
  13. Any indication of how much the "interchangeable" filters would be for the 80mm model? Thanks.
  14. It’s one of those items that you see and think I have to get one of those. After a day or two I will calm down and go back to saving for a laser collimator, more important I think.
  15. Hi Martin, Thanks for posting your shot. I tend to lose some of the faint smudges as I tweak the settings to remove noise. Lately I have been noting at what point it does not seem worth stacking anymore subs. It seems to me that beyond 20 there is little improvement? As you say now that the moon had got out of the way the skies are cloudy, frequently triggered by the ever increasing aircraft con-trails. No astro dark now until early August. I like your description of tectonic plates sliding under each other - a new class description for galaxies???? Mike
  16. Only ever having taken a snap shot of Jupiter so know little, every one mentions C9.25 C 11 etc, surely Meade make just as good scopes 8-14 inch and these seem to fairly well priced and plenty of them, well the smaller ones anyway. I was even considering using my 12 inch on a AZEQ 6 to do a bit of planetary as cameras are much cheaper to start with, I would have thought one could start out with a decent camera for less than 600 quid. Alan
  17. Hi Paul, after a lot of searching for a mount, the Giaz was the one that most interested me. Not a lot of reviews on the internet, but decided to take the plunge & get it from Zoltan, who I have got to say was great. 1st impressions are good. Sturdy tripod & mount seams to be really fluid. I have a heritage 130p & recently purchased a Mak127, as new to the hobby at the start of the year. I have ordered tube rings from Orion in US as I want to mount the Mak on the righthand side & want to eventually purchase a 150pds to mount on left side. I am also having a counter weight made so I can use a single OTA on the mount. I will post some pics & impressions of the mount as all comes together. Thanks Andy.
  18. Answering a question from an earlier post.... You do NOT need NexRemote with CPWI. So no messing about with Win8 compatibility mode required. You can now directly link your scope to a Windows PC using a SkyPortal external WiFi accessory. Previously that was only possible with Android/IOS.
  19. Just take a piece of paper with "please turn over" written on both sides ... this gives me hours of fun! I wonder what would happen if you actually turned up to board ...
  20. I would normally go straight back to the shop. If you have problems there, contact the manufacturer. That said, the one time I had this problem, it was one I bought from astroboot for £4, so I didn't bother (life's too short). But I'm guessing yours cost a bit more than that.
  21. I've removed the bank details from this message - this is a public post and it's not advisable to post stuff like that. Please PM bank details. Cheers ant
  22. A simple solution may be to hang a weight of some sort (bag full of soil, perhaps?) below the tripod. This lowers the centre of gravity of the whole system and can significantly reduce vibrations.
  23. Wim, I am pretty useless when it comes to using programs and IT in general but I am getting to know a few bits and pieces now I have had chance to use them for a while. I am the sort that learns quickly when someone shows me something and sadly here there is no one. In some ways that's good as I live in a remote area compared to say Hull or Leeds which is and is near to where I was before. I will do what I can and Message you with findings, I will take notes as to what I did, when I get a chance to actually do something again and let you know. Someone did actually PM me and let me know recording a file in PecPrep and loading it was beyond his ability to get to work, so gave up, I would be to first to say his IT ability out shines mine for sure. Whilst this method of PPEC may not be as good, it may also offer a little help and every little bit working for you is better than against. The weather here is normally very good with lots of clear nights at this time of year and my biggest problem is stopping the mosquitoes biting me, I think this year most have drown. The first thing I will try is recording PPEC whist guiding with PHD, could probably also image at the same time. Being very new to guiding there are a good few things that need that polish, like polar alignment and even scope balance though with the 0.5arc sec guide I was getting I am reticent to touch too much, I have other scope I wish to try and to be honest am worried about changing them for fear of messing things up. Also by August I will have funds in place to get the ASI 071, I would also like an ASI 183 as well and am having to fight off pressing the button with FLO to get it as I already have enough for that. Alan
  24. Congratulations on your first imaging session. You have taken the first steps on an amazing journey, with a steep learning curve. Do you have a copy of this book? Well worth the investment, if you haven't. Been there, done that, got the tee-shirt. My favourite is focussing and then forgetting to remove the mask. Don't worry, there are plenty more of these "silly" mistakes in store, but I guarantee, whatever you do, you will find someone on here has done it before you. Enjoy the journey.
  25. Demonperformer


    Hi, Thor, and welcome to SGL. No experience of that particular scope, but will confidently predict that, compared to the 75mm, the views with it will blow you away. Enjoy the journey.
  26. To be honest the associations in our country have never been of much help to me though I'm going to ponder over your suggestions and think of something to do. Greatly appreciate your help. Thanks.
  27. You and me both Every day is a step closer, i'm already very glad the exterior work is done so i can get to work on the observatory part, witch is off course the most important part of the whole building (don't tell my wife )
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