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  2. Whats the chance of seeing that on a 80mm? Pretty small I guess. Be better off with my cpc 1000 for that and a barlow when imaging.
  3. It's a bit mind blowing 2 billion light years I can't even imagine it.
  4. Has it made a noticeable improvement through the scope? Will you be using your scope for visual or astro imaging?
  5. Well I might buy a cheap smartphone adapter Mark, but I'm not going to go any deeper into the "dark side" than that !
  6. Hi Andrew, welcome to SGL, a great source of info and encouragement, the folks on here have helped me out numerous times when I have got a bit lost in the dark art of AP.
  7. thanks David, it wasnt great here mate, i could hardly see the faint proms. charl.
  8. thanks Dave, goodluck mate. charl.
  9. Very (Very) nice image Steve
  10. That’s a great M51! You have quite an array of kit listed in your signature, would it be possible to list which scope and camera you used for this capture? Thanks
  11. Very nice pics John - though slippery slope for a dedicated visual astronomer
  12. Yes should have been clearer it's the Star Patch folk done the Meade, still no reason Celestron can't manage similar I'd have thought. Dave
  13. Not exactly clear skies Stu, pretty murky and windy, looking clearer now and the wind's dropped of course Dave
  14. Let's be clear, neither Meade nor Celestron have found a fix, it's a dedicated team of "amateurs " who are offering it for Meade mounts. Michael
  15. Hello and a warm welcome to the SGL.
  16. Hi Andrew, welcome from another newcomer.
  17. They’re great John. I do like a coloured moon & love the subtle colours.
  18. Glad you got some clear skies Dave. My inner Alan Whicker voice is much better than when I try it out loud!
  19. pbc

    Skywatcher eq6

    Thank you Anne. Have DM'd you.
  20. Did you mean star clusters? Most globulars are not much bigger than most planetary nebula and as such need around 200x or higher to resolve.
  21. RiponJas

    Just saying Hi !

    Hello there and welcome
  22. Hello there and welcome
  23. I reckon I could knock up something a bit more substantial than that with better adjusters for less. Dave
  24. Just caught this one last time about ten minutes ago. Great to see how much it has rotated right towards the edge of the limb. Quite alot more edge on than earlier today. I can't separate the umbral areas any more, it's just one thinish line. Seeing is a bit ropey down low now too!
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