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  2. Very nice indeed. A lot going on in this image,what a great region for Narrowband. Mick.
  3. You are right, a little green in the core. Getting the colours right is tricky.
  4. A stunning example....
  5. I've stopped at 46 x 1800s darks, calibrated with the 300 master bias, and stacked. The freezer internal surface temperature was around -10 degC and the camera body surface temperature was around -2 degC. Double screen stretched the resulting stack, saved as PNG, and here's the result. I would say that's pretty conclusive?!
  6. The gears seem to be alright now but there is still too much friction. It would need several kilos weight to drive the clock even without the escapement. I think I need to reduce the gear ratio between chain drive sprocket and centre wheel.
  7. It looks very nice, will read with interest how you get on with it. I did ask for the MCC sticker inside the box once, it made no difference
  8. Sorry can’t comment on the technical side of your achievements, but really nice picture of an object that I saw for the first time only a few short weeks ago. Averted vision was needed to pick out the dark hole in the centre, but clearly a small polo.
  9. You go Paul! Think of me while you're enjoying your clear skies, and may your brain run at full speed. Meanwhile, in Wisconsin...
  10. One of my personal favorites and one of the first deep sky objects I looked at through my first telescope only a few years ago. Hoping to do some live stacking on it within the next few months.
  11. that's a possible option down the road, perhaps. Never tried the Pi so far as I've a fair few small HP mini desktops and servers cluttering the place and a couple full size desktops that are kicking their heels as spare doorstops. Thing is temps in the shed can get quite high and isn't the most secure so my pref is to not put anything of value out there even tho it is linked to the alarm. I'll play a little further with the cctv setup and maybe revisit depending on the results with CS lenses, just gotta be sensible re £ I think and expectations both with the sensor and the stray light. That said, clear outside rates this location as bortle 5 so there may be limits on what can really be achieved but the earlier results were not bad for such a limited ability setup.
  12. The ZWO boxes have gone a bit upmarket since I last bought one James
  13. The attached image, (and cropped version), is the result of just over 14 minutes worth of 25 second, (RAW), subs captured from my severely light polluted back garden, stacked in Deep Sky Stacker, (with darks but no flats), and processed in StarTools. Again I might have gone a little over the top making the most of the new found colour that RAW files appear to contain but again this version is by far the best I've managed of this target to date. I am so pleased with my 250PDS and StarTools Scope is the Skywatcher 250PDS and the camera is a Canon Rebel XS, (1000D).
  14. Decided to dive into the world of mono.
  15. Today
  16. Thanks to all that have given advice it is appreciated, also thanks to @FLO for there great customer service and accepting the 294 back no problems so I could get one of these
  17. I'm not entirely unconvinced that we might see a return to the 3-day week next winter
  18. Made me think of the Day of the Triffids
  19. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/adm-replacement-saddles/adm-dual-dovetail-adaptor-for-az-gti.html There's another slightly smaller saddle available from ADM for the GTi, but this one ticks alll the boxes ☺
  20. Peter, Yes, the negative terminal of the battery can be called 0V or ground, whichever one you prefer, and anything that is connected to the battery negative terminal can be called 0V or ground as well. Point 1: Correct Point 2: Correct Point 3: This grounds NC1 and NO2 which is what I think you meant to say and not NO1 and NC2 Point 4: Relay board DC-does need to be connected to a VM110 Ground, but it already is by they connection in point 1 as you say. Hugh was just confirming that point and not saying that a second ground is needed to the VM110 though it could have been interpreted that way. Point 5: Correct The raspberry pi 0V power wire on the USB cable to the VM110 would be connected to the VM110 ground terminals on the board itself which is how the EM14 gets its ground. When you plug the powerbank into the raspberry pi the powerbank will automatically connect its negative output terminal to ground too so no extra ground connections are needed there. Your drawing of the relay board connections do look the same as mine and Hugh's drawings. Alan
  21. Yes, but one night when you look upwards and the sky is super clear........
  22. Fingers crossed for tomorrow as forecast not looking too good for next week.
  23. Also very interested to hear how it performs so am following the thread with interest.
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