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  2. OK.. do y system reboot.. The best would be if you just read the documentations from EQMOD and APT and STELLARIUM SCOPE.. I know, it is not easy.. but all details you need are available online.. Cheers Martin
  3. There is an otion under APT settings to alter the slew minute and second rates but changing this has no effect. I have eqmod flashing on my system and closed it down via task manager and it keeps appearing and nothing running weird. OK gonna do a system reboot.
  4. All, Came up with an alternative method, but requires you taking the illuminator apart (not difficult - screws are under Max-Min label) and have some fine soldering skills. In the first pic, assembly on the left is fully illuminated with stock illuminator, the unit on the right is after the mod (sorry color balance is off).. Dimmer works fine and light will go "off" when turned to Min position. The second image is the modification. Note the wire (actually an old LED leg) running alongside the top of the LED. It is soldered to the positive (+) connector of the LED on the circuit board and hooked over the top of the circuit board. This makes better contact with the casing (which carries positive (+) ). It doesn't fix any issues with falling off (but someone above said they got a velcro assembly to work with the stock light). This is a "do at your own risk" project and I very strongly suggest you not attempt it if you're not comfortable soldering in very tight small areas. I can only attest that it worked very well for me. YMMV... I'm also sure it would also void any warranty you may have on the light.. There may be other variants of bringing more power from the positive (+) casing to the LED that others may come up with. Clear Skies
  5. Hi The SLEW in APT is another issue, I personally, never use the SLEW option in APT but directly via the EQMOD.. works better.. The EQMOD window is anyway always open when you use APT and also STELLARIUM. Important is, that you know how to connect EQMOD with both APT and STELLAROUM. I will try to find how to make the mount slew at higher rate in APT.. Did forget this part.. But all details you need are available in INTERNET, also how to get your mount slew at a higher rate using APT.. Cheers Martin
  6. OK i disconnected APT completely and shut program down. Now i can't not connect to Stellarium Scope via eqmod which was working this morning. I get a window but not responding maybe something in my ascom settings. I could always connect via eqmod to either APT or Stellarium scope but never both at once. Now I can not connect to Stell Scope at all. I have deleted .ini files ran and closed Stellarium etc. I could connect
  7. yes i updated the slew and works fine like I said nut not the slew in APT
  8. Nicely processed, I can still see the dark “propeller” that most folk normally wind up losing... Have been sitting under a horrendous cloud of PM10/2.5 air pollution here for the past week.
  9. And by the way, if you want your mount to move at a higher slew rate, then change the value here. ( but UNPARK it before you do that )
  10. The starting position of the mount is generally not that important, though depends on the mount you are using.
  11. One important issue, once you did decide which mount you will use, CLICK on UPDATE STELLARIUM CONFIGURATION and then once done,. click on CONNECT see if that works Cheers Martin
  12. When i try and connect stellarium scope and choose the same option , I clicked on properties and the ascom setting window came up which is all fine and pressed ok then when i try and connect I get this message. I have tried it unparked too. This is where i got to yesterday.
  13. Hey , Im so sorry. didnt check this post. After a qucik fix i discarded the Image and the stacked Image file. If you send me a stacked IF , will redo and post it. is that OK ? CS Rush
  14. Hi and now try to connect " during the mount if connected to APT via ASCOM " to STELLARUM SCOPE.. open Stellarium Scope and chose the same ASCOM DRIVER " MOUNT " you did connect via APT also in Stellarium Scope and then make sure you make the same steps indicated in the document below.. http://welshdragoncomputing.ca/x/st/misc/stellariumscope_user_guide.2015.10.24.pdf Once done, try to connect Stellarium also " while APT is also connected " to the mount " makes sense." Cheers Martin
  15. I have my 70/900 refractor on a eq2 and never found it a problem thats why i thought i would ask as i only want to upgrade my scope cos of my low budget
  16. Well, I have now had a couple of shortish but satisfying sessions comparing the Carton 10.5mm eyepiece to my Pentax XL 10.5mm. Here are my thoughts so far: Aesthetics, build and appearance The Carton ep is in very good condition, it looks, "in the flesh" a lot nicer than in my poor photos (sorry, cheap Android phone). The eye relief is about 10mm. The Pentax XL 10.5mm is 20mm, so a significant difference. The Pentax feels a little more comfortable in use, but that could be just as much due to my familiarity with the Pentax as to the real difference between 20mm and 10mm: however, I should point out that I don't wear glasses to observe, and I think that 10mm ER would likely be too little for observers who do wear glasses, whereas the Pentax would probably be fine. Build quality: both eyepieces are very well put together. The Pentax, although an older eyepiece now, is an altogether bigger, and so heavier, beast than the Carton. The rubberised wider body portion of the Pentax also makes it easier to hold in colder temperatures, versus the Carton. The Carton, though, is very solid feeling, with a nice "heft" to it, and heavy chromed brass barrel, which is smooth, with no undercut - a definite plus in my book! The Pentax does have an undercut, but it is less problematic in getting stuck in diagonals, in my experience, than other brands, for example Tele Vue. Your experience may differ, but I much prefer either smooth nosepieces, or safety kerfs such as Morpheus. I find the Explore Scientific tapered barrels on some of their eps even worse than undercuts. The Pentax has a much bigger eyelens than the Carton, but I don't find that a problem: the Pentax also has an adjustable screw up/down eyecup, which I tend to use fully screwed out for best comfort for myself. The Carton has a fairly stiff fixed rubber eyecup - the one on this example is faded a bit, but 100% fully functional. I quite like using winged eyeguards for higher power eyepieces, and I have one which I use with my orthos which fits nicely if I remove the original one. I'll post up pictures later this evening to show how it looks. The Carton, with it's fairly long, smooth and quite narrow body reminds me of a "decloaked" Explore Scientific or Meade SWA or UWA eyepiece - it's a minimalist look that I actually really like. Optical Performance I tested both eyepieces in the same scope, my FS128 apo, and in the same diagonal, a Baader T2 32mm prism. I viewed the following objects through both eyepieces, in conditions of pretty good seeing, with little oscillation of the defocused stellar images. Objects viewed include: Porrima (Gamma Virginis), separation 2.9" - a renowned favourite, just beautiful to look at. Theta Virginis, triple, see here: https://bestdoubles.wordpress.com/category/4-choose-a-constellation/virgo/ - not especially an easy object as the B component is only mag 9.4 and quite close to the primary, and the more distant C component is about 70" out, and only of magnitude 10.4. Izar (Epsilon Bootes), separation 2.9", see here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epsilon_Boötis - another showpiece spring double system. I also viewed several more pairs, but the above give a good representation of what I saw - and they are lovely objects to observe, whichever higher power eyepiece you use. Both eyepieces show almost exactly the same size fov. The Carton doesn't carry it's field of view on the eyepiece body, although I have ready elsewhere that it is between 65 and 70 degrees. The Pentax XL 10.5mm is a 65 degree unit (the later XWs being 70 degrees). Based on what I believe is an accurate rating for the Pentax, ie 65 degrees, I would say that the Carton is almost identical and would be happy to place the Carton as a 65 degree eyepiece. Contrast: Pentax' are known for their excellent contrast, and I was therefore delighted to see that the Carton holds it's own very well against the XL. On the two nights I compared the two eyepieces, I could not in all honesty say that either beat the other in this area. They were VERY close. Light Scatter: again, in this area, both eyepieces were very closely matched, both offering very good control of scattered light. Just a note here: for interest I also compared one of my Fujiyama 12.5 mm orthos with the other two, as these orthos are exceptionally good in controlling scattered light (as were the Baader Genuine Orthos on which they were based): of the range, the 12.5mm in BGO, Antares HD Ortho and Fuji have always, in my opinion, been the pick of the bunch. In fact, I sold my very good 6mm Fuji ortho as I could get comparable results with a barlowed 12.5mm Fuji whilst benefitting from improved eye relief whilst doing so. In this comparison I found that the Fuji 12.5mm was slightly, but definitely, ahead of the Pentax and Carton in terms of light scatter: the Fuji has 10.4mm eye relief according to the specs, so very similar to the Carton (10mm) - if you prefer more eye relief, though, you would prefer the Pentax over either of these others. On axis sharpness - all three of the above eyepieces offer razor sharp on axis images - if, like me, you use a sidereal driven mount, these will stay razor sharp in the centre of your FOV for as long as you want to look at them. If you use a Dob or Altaz mount, you might prefer to have to move your mount less by using either the Carton or the Pentax vs the Ortho. Edge of field: here, the Carton and Pentax are again hard to separate - if forced to pick one, I would say that by a hairs' breadth the Pentax is ever so slightly sharper right at the edge of the field (this is at F8.1) - in a shorter focal length Dob, for instance, the Pentax might well pull away a bit. But in the Tak, I was genuinely surprised at how good the Carton is across virtually the whole field of view. Summary I really enjoyed some prolonged viewing of the above star systems with all the 3 eyepieces mentioned. I should also say that all 3 eyepieces barlow well, too (I used a high quality Celestron Ultima Japan barlow, which although advertised as being a 2x magnification barlow, I believe actually delivers more like 2.2x). I am pleased about this actually, as with the Carton and Pentax 10.5mm it is delivering, with the Ultima barlow, about 218x in the Tak, a very nice power for many doubles, whilst maintaining decent eye relief. Although the ortho will also barlow really well with this unit, the slight trade off for getting x183 from a 12.5mm eyepiece, is the much smaller 42 deg fov vs the 65 deg of the Pentax/Carton pair - that can make longer viewing sessions more preferable in the wider field eps, although to really squeeze the best possible low scatter, high contrast image out of the scope, the ortho is hard to beat. I plan for now to keep both the Pentax and the Carton, even though they are both 10.5mm focal length. I want to check them both against each other on the Moon, and also Jupiter and Saturn later in the year, hopefully. But I can heartily recommend either of these great eyepieces, if you can find one - for between c £50 -£60 for a Carton and £100 or so for the XL, they represent great value and performance. Thanks for reading. Dave
  17. I have about 12 options thats the only one i can see makes sense.
  18. OK i connected APT via the EQmod Ascom Heq5/6 option and the ascom window comes up scope parks and unparks fine etc and slew on direction buttons work fine. However if I use the arrows to slew in APT its really slow like rate 1 on handset or less. This was one of the problems i was getting before Thanks and appreciated for the help
  19. Hi David, Well, if that is what is stated in your drop down list Ascom Heq5/6, then YES.. NO RISK NO FUN Try to connect and see if connection takes place between APT and your MOUNT. Cheers Martin
  20. Hi I connect to the eq6 pro via usb to handset adapter. It works on Com7. OK I already have EQascom installed i forgot to mention it. When I go in APT one of the options to connect is EQmod Ascom Heq5/6 is this the one i select?
  21. David, see here, did find a EQASCOM QUICK START GUIDE http://eq-mod.sourceforge.net/tutindex.html
  22. Was hoping (against hope) that I might get to have a play with tomorrows Saturn, Jupiter and Moon appearance. The cloud forecast has really put it's back into giving that a 100% obscured event however. Well done indeed. Have really enjoyed the Morpheus EP's thus far.
  23. Hi David, You did install ASCOM STANDARD latest version ? https://github.com/ASCOMInitiative/ASCOMPlatform/releases/tag/Build_2695 EQASCOM latest version ? https://sourceforge.net/projects/eq-mod/files/EQASCOM/EQASCOM_V200q_Setup.exe/download Then do the following.. 1) How do you connect the EQ6 PRO ?? connect the mount and then find out which COM PORT your mount is using on your PC! then open EQASCOM and make sure the COM PORT is correctly assigned there.. If that is the case, open APT and chose the connection as ASCOM and then EQMOD " you should see the list of available EQMOD in APT DROP DOWN LIST " Try it ! please.. Do not worry about stellarium scope or ASPS now, connect the mount via EQMOD to your PC that is the initial step . Cheers Martin
  24. Thank you. Nice scope by the way. Clear skies, Glen.
  25. Thank you so much, Peter, Freddie and DemonPerformer !
  26. I have the same scope, and follow that advice. The collimation rarely alters during a session, even when trundled around the garden, and when / if it does, it is the work of seconds to readjust it.
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