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  2. Item delivered and hole cut thanks
  3. Sounds like a lovely little scope. Any photos of the little champ you can share?
  4. Thanks Wim, yes ignorance and stupidity combined with wealth is apparently a popular subject!
  5. Don't know if you have already, but if you have the Time of Minimum for primary and secondary, you can submit for inclusion in the JAAVSO - there's details on the AAVSO Eclipsing Binary page. Cheers
  6. I bet you there is already some twit that has put an observatory on to the top of his super yacht.
  7. Nice observation (And yes - this is an object with requested observations as it goes towards a predicted increase in brightness when the smaller black hole passes through the theorized accretion disc of the second - I had a go at magnitude measurement a few weeks back but got clouded out...). is correct for the naming source, but it was named as such because Blazars encompass both BL Lac objects and OVV (Optically Violent Variable) quasars as sub types. (The distinction being the BL Lacs are related to radio weak galaxies, whereas OVVs relate to radio loud galaxies). In reality, Blazars are a sub-type of the larger quasar group ("Quasi-Stellar Object" - appears point like like a star, but the spectra/variability is non-stellar), where the relativistic emission jets of the feeding black hole point along the line of sight for blazars - BL Lac and Blazar are often used interchangeably, but that's not quite the whole story
  8. I have one of these scopes which in truth is only sitting on my scope rack dust collecting. Has anyone tried the Meade F 6.3 reducer on one of these and is it possible to image with the. I realise even if the reducer does work it will still be slow and fairly long F/L. I have a Brightstar mammut which I have never used with fairly large pixels that may work on it ( at least I think it will ) I believe they are 8.6 x 8.3um. Any thoughts, even if it's forget it. Alan
  9. They normally use a robot to secure the F9 cores to the deck of the droneship. This robot wasn't suitable for the heavy core and they only secured one leg. The droneship was over 900Km out in the Atlantic- far further than a F9 landing- and hit very heavy seas with swells over 8 metres. I saw some figures on the core entry- it was moving at 10,300 km/h at MECO and would have accelerated as gravity took hold. That was a LOT of energy to dissipate without destroying the core. Hypergolic fuels take no prisoners. When they go bang the don't do it by halves. This is why they test though...there's only so much you can do in design. Spaceflight is HARD and there's a million different ways to get it wrong and only a single way to get it correct. It was like the failure of the COPVs. They move fast though...only 6 months after the COPV failure to the release of the findings.
  10. It's just a ploy to part the fool from his money, a toy for a wealthy twit, you'd be better off with a superyacht to get to dark skies and and a deckchair and stabilised binos to watch the stars when the captain turns the lights out for you. Now where's my Euromillions ticket...
  11. Isn't the equipment somewhat essential? Being short sighted, I need "equipment" just to look up at a clear sky. This thread hasn't been hijacked, has it? We were discussing the reasons for not posting a "List of members equipment at foot of post."
  12. Isn't this supposed to be a private dwelling? I am Dutch, but when I got to a private party, I don't expect to go that way. (If you catch my drift.) I expect free drinks and free views. (Oh @gorann, what a nice thread you started.)
  13. I have a 70mm - 300mm lens second hand coming in the post soon. So i can have a play and see how iy compares.
  14. Wearing my Heath-Robinson hat, the question of internal temperature could be overcome with a Peltier TEC and inside/outside heatsinks and fan(s). Cooling the internal air when too hot and warming it when too cool.
  15. Excellent looking prom capture, about the action around at the moment.
  16. It's a cross-section drawing except for the dome. Well, I say "drawing" with tongue in cheek! More a sort of "artist's impression" by a failed artist. The dome isn't over the telescope so no views would be available (or very restricted).
  17. Still some nice proms around, despite the minimum
  18. I'll try it - thanks. Ordered a tube. Also ordered some ceramic 5W resistors for the dew heater. I think the seal I made for the cables worked alright but I may put the RPi inside the casing and then I shall only need power, which is easy to seal. I was worried about high summer temperatures (ha ha) with the unit in full sunshine (if we get any) but I think an external shield spaced away from the main body should take care of some solar radiation. It would be open top and bottom so convection can take heat away. Of course, the dome would be in direct sunlight.
  19. Redcat arrived yesterday. Feared the worst with the weather changing but very amazed that the sky suddenly cleared at 1am. Set everything up in record time and managed to get 4 subs before clouded out again. Not often you get first light on day one of ownership though. Sadly no time to run through the rest of the filters. Elephants Trunk, 4 x 10m, Baader Ha filter with Atik One. Stacked in DSS and adjusted the levels a bit. Andy
  20. Today
  21. Three double stars in one issue, with 39 Bootis as the main pair. The separation of the pair is currently an easy 2.6 arcsec. Using my 180 Mak (insulated) with a 10mm Baader Ortho EP giving x270, the view was very similar to the simulation below using Aberrator. To me, the colours were close to silvery white, certainly no obvious colouration. Anyone else see colours in this pair? Other doubles mentioned in the same issue are Xi Bootis (which I had a look at at the same time as 39 Boo), which is a well-separated pair with a strong colour contrast - yellow-white and purpley-brown to me. Also mentioned is the nearby glorious Izar - always stunning with its strong orange-blue colouration. An image taken with my scope attached as well. Chris
  22. I noticed there are a few variations but not sure as yet which one I will need/want ?
  23. thaks Pete, thats very kind of you to say so mate. clear skys. charl.
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