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  2. Hi fellow Dave, welcome.
  3. I guess without putting exotic words like Lzos or Lomo in the description as well as another few other high quality marques the Espirit range seem to take a bit of beating from what I have read and have seen results from and even here SW's offering would be so close to these as to barely matter. I did have here for a while a 90mm APO triplet from Telescope Services that performed very nicely, I very nearly bought one 5 years back, I believe it was F6. That said owning a APM larger scope I would go for the 100mm Espirit, fast and wide enough, if I were to buy tomorrow.
  4. If you do that it's bound to be cloudy tonight!!
  5. Champagne bubbles?. I'm a posh astronomer.
  6. I did this with a twin Samyang setup and Asi cameras. You can open 2 instances of Sgpro. Richard.
  7. After setting up the Macro using the desired wavelet settings go to add files. It won't show image files only video type files. To overcome that just go to the folder with your tifs and enter *.* in the file name and you will see your tif images. Highlight all of the tifs and click OPEN. Now the batch will run against all of your images. Make sure you select a different file format for the wavelet save otherwise it will overwrite the original tifs. Ben Loyola
  8. I do have one with the mount.
  9. Looking fairly grim here at the moment and there's a distinct "on the point of tipping down" feel about the air, but the forecast is for near completely clear sky from before sunset to after sunrise. Perhaps I should abandon the day and go back to bed until this evening :) James
  10. Hello and welcome to SGL
  11. The thought had never crossed my mind... James
  12. There’s a PPM catalogue as well! When will it end? Thanks for the link by the way.
  13. I'm looking for a second hand ST80 to use for sharpcap etc polar alignment experiments. Thanks for looking, Ian
  14. Here you go. http://tdc-www.harvard.edu/catalogs/sao.html
  15. Today
  16. One Sky-Watcher Evostar 72ED DS-Pro OTA. Ex Demo Used briefly by one of our staff to assess a camera. In excellent condition and checked A-OK. Sold complete with full manufacturer's warranty. £262.00 £232.00 (saving £30.00)
  17. Don’t want to sound stupid, but what are SAO numbers? I am unfamiliar with this list.
  18. Hi Errol Thanks for the suggestion. I had a look but I think it would be quite hard (but probably not impossible) to do that (different language/OS). I think going down the Nebulosity scripting line will be the first step to having captures under the control of Jocular. Actually, when I first started developing Jocular, I thought lack of capture functionality would be an issue (for me), but having a separate capture engine running on a separate virtual screen and switching between that and Jocular is quite comfortable (almost like they're part of the same program!). The reason for wanting to integrate a capture engine is to handle more complex captures in a single click (auto-flats, dark library construction, RGB, LRGB, SHO etc). Hoping that will be in the next release. The internals for RGB, LRGB etc are all there now so it is just a matter of getting the time to do the Neb integration as smoothly as possible (there are a few wrinkles like the lack of scriptable abort capture to sort out first). cheers Martin
  19. Paul buddy where you seeing negativity ? because ive just read every post and for the life of me carnt see any . charl.
  20. Thought the topic title was referring to my first girlfriend!
  21. It's showing in both clear outsde and the BBC that it will be clear here from 17:00 to midnight, now all I have to do is remember how to use my gear it must be covered in cobwebs.
  22. The proof of the pudding etc. What a lot of suspicious folks you are. Call me old fashioned, but I'd like to think that Daystar are bringing something out that might just be a useful addition to their range. Despite the negativity, there are many who use Quarks to very good effect, and after all, we can all choose not to buy one
  23. Sounds like a good tip! Thank you.
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