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  2. Neat work. There’s a ve-e-ry long running thread called ‘show me your eyepiece case’, or similar. Yours would have been the latest rendition and it would be welcome and among its peers ...
  3. Gina Yes, very dry air. Currently showing 49% which is VERY dry for this time of the evening. Mark
  4. Cool Idea. I have a broken Skysurfer. I like it.
  5. I regularly use over 2 sec exposure
  6. When I dropped my Televue 32mm Plossl on a concrete floor and when picking it up saw the eye lens had cracked my bottom lip came out and a tear formed in the corner of my eye. That was more than ten years ago and I have never forgotten the feeling I had as it hit the floor. I used it in an 80f5 and I had so much fun with these two. I remember using them on the Canary islands and the wide view and contrast took my breath away, never forgot that view either.
  7. I'd like to read the article but your link is to the general science and environment page. Do you have a specific link to the actual page, Carbon Brush. I searched the BBC site but could only find something written in 2005.
  8. Thank you Damian and thanks for subscribing. Whats your youtube profile name? Pete
  9. Hi Chaz, any Canon EF lens will work on APS-C and full frame cameras, the EF-S lenses are for the crop sensor APS-C only. Alan
  10. Thanks for the reply guys. I was just a bit frustrated. As for the moon, it wasn't out yet, i was back in by 12...lost patience. Haha.. Would you say that under my viewing conditions last night with my scope, a mag 10 would be within my capability with my 25mm, 10mm and 2x Barlow? . Of course, i understand that it will depend on me and my vision etc...but just at a rough guess, to help me plan my next night out. Ive given up on galaxies to be honest, way too much light pollution and although i got a thrill from finding M31 and thinking about what i was looking at, the faint smudge i did see left a lot to be desired. Stars clusters are fun though. The first time i reaslied i had found one was pretty awesome, Im still new to this and every night out is knowledge gained. Thanks for the replies again.
  11. This is Semeis 147, or Sharpless 240. It is a huge supernova remnant in Auriga. This view is 4 degrees by almost 3. I started this back in November when there was going to be plenty of time to get tons of data. By the end of February, I was grabbing anything that I could get binned 2 x 2. Equipment: FSQ106ED with focal reducer, STL6303e, EQ6 Pro Software: CCDSoft, CCDStack and The Gimp Exposure: 370 min Ha, mostly binned 1 x 1 415 min OIII, mostly 2 x 2 [cough]... 3 min Green 5 min Blue I've also got a similar amount of data on the bottom half, but I don't think that I have a hope in hell of getting the two halves to match. I would also like to get any comments or advice before carrying on. The OIII on this is incredibly weak. Processing it was way beyond me, and I still feel that it could be used to much better advantage.
  12. Another early morning shot so the seeing was somewhat turbulent, but the lure of some rather magnificent proms urged me to set up again before I had to go out. Same kit as always using the ZWO ASI 290MM (x2). They were quite distinctive proms and I didn't have to spend a lot of time processing them for best effect.
  13. Nice, you've picked up the central star too, looks like a psychedelic cosmic donut
  14. Thanks Alan, will have a look as you say, my lenses are for the two cameras I currently have . mmmm, I’m liking the prices, might be able to afford a decent telezoom! chaz
  15. Play with your gain and exposure. Be very surprised if you can't
  16. You might not but the camera will pick them up, just need to crank up the gain and go for about 1.5 to 2 seconds ( on the guide cam)
  17. If you want to get a good advice you really need to give us something to base our advice on. Why do you need at least 11"? Both 11" SCT and 12" dobsonian are going to be big and heavy. Both have pros and cons. I think you should really have a look at one in person before you make a decision. Do you already own a telescope? Where are you going to be observing from? Can you keep the scope assembled and just roll it out? Do you plan taking it to remote dark sites? What's you budget?
  18. That looks great - travelling in style from now on. You even have some spare room for later additions. Congratulations!
  19. I haven't read the piece yet but had a copy sent to me because I've an image in it. I'll read it tomorrow morning because I know nothing about this business. Well done to the authors. Olly
  20. Just reading about sharpcap polar align not sure I've ever seen 15 stars in my fov. 32mm x120mm scope 4.83x3.63 mm chip size Qhy5l-iic
  21. Thank you .. I'm glad you got some data too .. i was originally just going to do Ha and OIII but I tried a couple of Luminance frames , and they looked good so I went for it .. it wa so nice to be able to leave the rig set up in the garden just covered during the day .. one day I may have a dome over it , if the wife lets me
  22. Bought a flight case from Amazon costing only £29 delivered. Good size (460x340x170). Cut down the foam & used the supplied dividers to make compartments for torch, lens cleaning kit, etc. Fitted all my eyepiece collection, collimator, Barlow lens & filters that i currently have with room for more goodies . No need to carry lots of accessories in my pockets now.
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