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  2. Hang on, the two options are not at all the same in the end. Long post ahead... With the Baader BCF, you'll actually be able to use the camera for daytime shots just with white balance, AND you'll be able to use your kit EF-S 18-55 LENS (you don't mention any lenses, so just my assumption). It will also be OK for astro from dark skies, both nebula e and galaxies, + you can add the light suppression for use under light polluted conditions. BUT, the refiltering with Baader might induce some light halos from reflection around bright stars. On the opposite, the full spectrum mod will NOT be usable for daytime without an UV-IR cut, forget the CLS-CCD (colours are cut out, not only a matter of balancing). As you'll need a clip for daytime use, no EF-S lenses, do you have any EF? For astro use, unless you have a newton, you'll need either the UV-IR cut or the CLS-CCD, otherwise IR bloat is guaranteed. For your info: I have a Baader modded 600d, which will be converted to full spectrum shortly as I'm fed up of the small halos. So, it boils down to: how much is daytime use important? If quite a bit, then go Baader, else full spectrum + CLS, and later UV-IR for galaxies. Fabio P. S. CLS filters tend to suppress green and yellow, it's A pity on galaxies and clusters, and unusable for daytime.
  3. What a difference with the light pollution removed. @tooth_dr can you share the steps taken?
  4. Thanks for reply Dr Ju - Ju, I have downloaded celestron driver but still come up with error message. in the top box it says EQ MOD 5/6 so am thinking it is not recognising celestron. I have read that the hand control will only work on an earlier program. (thread posted back in 2016) thanks for your input.
  5. Forgot to say. Great shot Jeff. Loads of detail! Paul
  6. Couldn’t agree more. There is always something happening. The 60mm will pick out stuff that just won’t be visible in 40/50 mm scopes. I have observed a blank limb with my PST in 40mm guise, then tried it at 100mm only to find a forest of delicate proms. The only thing in the Astro world that cant be cured by a bigger scope, is a bad back! Paul
  7. I can't comment on the scopes because I have not owned either. I do have an AVX and find it very good for AP so I'm not sure what your concern is. You can always get better of course but it will do the job if used correctly. Peter
  8. I don’t think there’ll be much difference between the two options. It really comes down to whether you want to pay £30 so that you don’t always need to colour balance your daylight shots- if that doesn’t bother you then go with option 2- it’s what I did, but I don’t do that much daytime stuff
  9. Assuming he/she went from brightest down in order without missing any at all (unrealistic I would say!) they got to mag 4.9 if my list of stars and their brightness in Orion are correct. Maybe they spotted a dim star and calculated they could in theory see all stars that were brighter than that using a list, or perhaps they counted all the stars they could see in the sky instead?
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  11. PeterCPC

    Just saying Hi !

    Hello Wes and welcome. Peter
  12. Thanks for looking @wornish and @tooth_dr. That’s a huge difference! It also makes the nebulosity ‘pop’ more. Did you do this in photoshop? I’ll be fiddling a bit more now
  13. Mr Spock

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    Hi Wes, welcome to SGL
  14. Mr Spock

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    Hi John, welcome back
  15. Good work Victor! Since you have invited comments, I would just say - constructively - that it seemed to end rather abruptly. I was hoping it would somehow continue a little longer. But still - a good and informative presentation! Doug.
  16. Hi, welcome to SGL
  17. A very nice shot. I love how you have brought out the brightness variations in the mare areas. Well done. Wouter.
  18. Nice shot Steve...
  19. Mike, Thank you for sharing your observations and sketches of Mars. Impressive work!
  20. evo 925 and 294mc pro with ir/uv cut filter. Mosaic of 3 images and processed in photoshop.
  21. Based on many peoples' advice here I've decided to return my star adventurer and instead am picking up an Orion Sirius EQ-G mount, which all-around I expect to feel much more substantial and accurate. I'm looking forward to bringing my 180mm focal length lens and dslr out for some widefield shots this upcoming new moon, and eventually picking up a small refractor for those hard-to-reach DSOs. An autoguider is on the radar but will have to wait until my wallet recovers. Overall just really excited to be getting into a hobby that let's me combine two of my passions: photography and science.
  22. SIDO

    Hi from Hampshire

    Welcome to SGL, Best of Luck and Clear Skies of course Freddie...
  23. OMG what a stunner, you’ll need diapers for your first planetary views, it almost looks as though it’s too much for the mount but, at 20lbs or so I guess it’s ok. im highly envious I might say.
  24. Now that is a unique instrument!! Never seen one for sale ever. Looks like a keeper
  25. I got it second hand about 8 months ago, and I think it's one of the later models. It performs fine, and is pretty compact. The thing to get used to are the magnetically loaded switches; they have to be tightened gently and then slackened a tiny bit otherwise there's some horrible binding. It's very quiet when tracking, and even slewing at max speed is pretty quiet. I got it as part of a package deal so I thought I might as well try it out after initially considering selling it. It's lighter and smaller than my Avalon Linear, although the Avalon wins in terms of quality and day to day consistency. For me, the practical aspect of carrying it in and out and storage space is more important, which is why the Avalon is now up for sale.
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