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  2. terra rium. Tellus Mater wishes it be known that Occam is not a child of hers and suggests a planetarium somewhere far far away.
  3. Very good point there Louis- I think the Baader one has a lever sticking out to solve that problem
  4. I just downloaded, fantastic. I knew it would be on an app just so many different ones available, saves me having to trawl through. Thanks.
  5. Hi Dave The LX10 lacks the features to do DSO imaging. I had a LX6 which had a very accurate RA drive system plus PEC plus guiding, but the crude Dec drive, same as yours, made imaging difficult. With Good Polar Alignment a star should remain in the eyepiece in terms of vertical movement, but a basic RA drive with no Periodic Error Correction means the star will drift in RA as I described. You could modify the HBx to allow guiding, but the crude Dec drive would be the limiting factor, as with my LX6. A good Visual and Planetary imaging scope. Michael
  6. My DeLites are being sold to raise mount funds, these were the I am done set, but isn't it always. The 13mm is boxed, instructions, sticker, caps all as new when came from FLO at end of October 2019. Bag yourself a bargain bit of immaculate kit. £170 plus postage of your choice. Payment by bank transfer please.
  7. How would you get your fingers in there to tighten it with fat 1.25" eyepieces that overhang quite a bit? I had to swap out the short thumbscrew for a longer one on one of my adapters because it was so short and had such a wide knurled head that it kept some of my eyepieces from seating level.
  8. Thanks Ray, I can do that, however, there are lots of stars in the NAN region, so can I use those raw sub images? Also do you have any documented source (idiots guide for me that is) on how to interpret the data and then use that to 'fix' the source of any problems identified?
  9. Very nice Carole! If you aren't sure how to get Starnet++ working, have a look at post #13 here:
  10. Francis - Are those Halo's around the bright starts internal reflections due to the filter ?
  11. Following with interest... I have a similar problem, and I still couldn't manage to get my head around how to calibrate the tilt on my camera. I don't own a copy of CCDInspector, but I've heard that with pixinsight you can get pretty similar results.. I just wish there was a way to do this indoors
  12. I use an ASI294MC Pro and an IDAS NB-1 filter quite often Couple of my images:
  13. Hi Geof, CCDI is pretty good but there is a bit of a misconception that you can bung a single file through it, no matter what is is of, and it will be the all seeing oracle. To get useable information from CCDI you need to slew to a very well populated and relatively balanced star fileld, such as a simple star filed in the MW. No bright stars and no galaxies. Take around10 - 20 short subs to prevent the stars bloating and then run those through the analyser. You will then get a pretty good interpretation of the level of field curvature.
  14. Some basic questions since I'm looking at maybe picking up one of those power boxes. What are you powering the power box with? What else is connected to the power box? Do you still only g,t 7.5 if the camera is the only thing connected?
  15. My original Telrad from 1998 worked well until the batteries corroded and somehow destroyed the rest of the unit despite splicing in a fresh battery holder. It had a nice, smoothly increasing brightness when it was working. I recently bought two used Telrads of much more recent vintage, and both behave as you describe. They only turn on in the last few degrees of travel. I would have to conclude that the potentiometer was changed out for a different unit over the past 15 to 20 years. For everyone who chimed in to say theirs is working fine, in what year did you purchase your Telrad new?
  16. R1k

    80mm APO ED refractor

    Any for sale? interested in SW evostar 80ed but would consider alternatives. Thanks
  17. I use the sky safari app on my phone. You set it to your location and it can do many many things including giving you a tonight's best. For example.
  18. The spacers between the ASI 224 and the OAG are to get the 133mm sweet spot I assume ? Depending on how many more mm of inward you need, instead put that thickness of spacers in FRONT of the OAG, then you'll have that amount more in the ASI 120MM light path to play with. Or dispense with the sexy helical focuser and adjust focus by hand, trickey but you only have to do it once You mean the ASI 224 ? Can be anything you like - so long as it's 133mm from the Reducer, and isn't vignetting. Michael
  19. Well i suppose as long as they can honour the 2 year warranty then it shouldn't be a problem.
  20. Now @Stu, four or is it 5 or more and growing? They clearly are not enough, any astronomer can see this. It must be you having those four eyes after all, do you have a row at the back as well that you don't mention
  21. Just resolved my new scope today and just had a look ot the collimation on it... It look out but i dont want to really touch the secondary mirror... So does this secondary mirror look ok
  22. I think they do. It seems to be enjoying it Regards
  23. Thanks for this, especially the way you've presented zoomed crops of the various regions of the image. I do have a copy of CCDI, which was a shared purchase a couple of years with another imager who actually purchased it (so maybe semi pirate ), but I don't understand what I'm looking at when I run the files through it, just lots of weird patterns and no instruction manual to explain them - I don't even know if one exists. Guiding was pretty good, not the best, averaging at 0.74" total RMS (RA=0.54",Dec= 0.50") whilst imaging at 1.92"/px, so should be good enough, but PHD Log Viewer reported that my PA was poor at 10', so I need to look at that. I didn't run any deconvolution, so I could try that, but that won't fix the elongation, or will it?
  24. Now I'm really depressed! So much for my dreams!
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