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  2. You're an absolute inspiration mate and a true gentleman. Whatever progress i made in image processing (i assure you, i've come far from where i was), your tips in the past have helped me loads. Really looking forward to learning more off you
  3. After a few more hours reading I think I'll go for the sky master expoler 150p and a lenses or 2
  4. Having said that, I do wonder whether applying positive pressure to the inside to the enclosure might have some benefit - not circulating air but just a positive pressure through a small tube with some way of checking the pressure to confirm no leaks. I'll give it some thought.
  5. I am looking for a Vixen aluminium tripod. I would prefer the SXG Hal 130. But others might suite.
  6. Rodd

    M82 HaLRGB

    Thanks James. And this is the toned down version! Rodd
  7. @1parsec aka Dave from Rowan Engineering uses this https://transair.co.uk/aeroshell/aeroshell-grease/aeroshell-grease-64/aeroshell-grease-64-400gm-cartridge-mil-g-21164d-def-stan-91-57 still expensive Mingd considering you don’t need much also used to be called aero shell 33
  8. Rodd

    M82 HaLRGB

    Thanks souls. Rodd
  9. Rodd

    M82 HaLRGB

    Thanks Robney. Rodd
  10. Rodd

    M82 HaLRGB

    Thanks Alan. Yeah, I went overboard a bit. I wish I had more clear sky time so I would not eschew switching OTAs as much as I do....it tends to eat up clear sky time Rodd
  11. Rodd

    M82 HaLRGB

    Thanks Carol. Rodd
  12. 20 x 300sec @ ISO800 Dithered with calibration frames Processed in Startools and CS6 [/url]
  13. Rodd

    M82 HaLRGB

    Thanks Gav. Speckles are my pet peeve...can't seem to get rid of them--even with oddle and oodles of data. This image is a BIG crop--Just the center of the FOV. The sensor has 4,500 pixels wide--or something like that, and this one is 1,200 I think. Rodd
  14. Hello and welcome to SGL. The first thing I would recommend is not to use either the erecting eyepiece or the 3x barlow. I would also igone the claims of x525 magnification. Yes, you can achieve x525 with the shortest focal length eyepiece together with the x3 barlow , but what you will see will be very blurred. The practical maximum magnification for a telescope is typically 2x per mm of aperture ie 2x76 =152 which is slightly less than the 4mm eyepiece will provide focal length of telescope / focal length of eyepiece). The best two accessories you should get are a book, Turn Left at Orion, and a red light torch to read the book by at the telescope.
  15. Well first of all I think you have made the common 'newbie' mistake of buying a cheap telescope that you find in department stores and the like. While it maybe a ok telescope for looking at the moon for example, you may find the tripod its mounted on frustrating to use and the eye pieces it comes with are not very good. Before looking into buying accesories such as eyepieces etc I would consider replaceing your telescope with something from a dedicated retailer... for example: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/beginner-telescopes.html
  16. Hi Wim - thanks for that suggestion. Yes I noticed the curious defects at the edge of the defocused star too. I've not done that test before so not sure what to make of it - initially I thought it was just a dust bunny, but the position would be about right for the defect, assuming the defect would be on the opposite side of the image. I also did further tests over the Easter period with my DSLR, to eliminate any oddity with the sensor or the EFW - same result, notch at the top left, though less obvious due to noise. I've had a really good look at the optics and cant see any obvious defects in the lens, the edges, the surfacing or the coating. It's not possible to inspect the lens edges properly without taking the lens form the cell - and I'm not going there! I've contacted the manufacturer and just waiting for a response. I hope it can be sorted because mechanically its a great scope - I'll post back when I get a response.
  17. What is the amp output of the PSU? Does the PSU have a regulated output ? Non regulated PSU's are not recommended because they can't provide a stable voltage output under load. What happens is that when ta non regulated PSU is placed under load, ie when slewing, it can't maintain a constant 12v and amps so the PSU drops the voltage output and increases the amps to compensate. When this occurs the voltage will drop below that required for the Synscan unit to operate correctly. The mount will then start slewing wildly. The power supply pin size on Synscan mounts is 2.1mm not 2.5mm so you might also get intermittent problems there too.
  18. Hello. May I ask for some advice please. I have just purchased my first Telescope. It Is 76_700. Vivo. Reflector Telescope. The following are features and specifications.. Choice of 2 Magnification eye pieces 105x, 525x Aperture76mm (3") Focal Length 700mm. F9; Finderscope5x24 Eyepiece:SR 4mm H12.5 H20mm 3x Barlow lens Erecting lens1.5x I will be using the telescope on a quite Caravan park on top of a very high hill. There are very few lights around so no problem with light pollution. Can someone please give me some advice on what extra Eyepiece and filters. Would be helpful to purchase. I am in my mid sixtys and it takes a bit for me to sink in with focal lengths etc. I have seen lens and fillers on eBay and how do I know what size to purchase, as I am a bit confused with it all. Thank you in advance for any help given to me.
  19. The OGEM has shipped? For the observatory you'll also needs methods to control humidity. Typically either a dehumidifier or a heat source. You'll also likely want a pan and tilt enable webcam for the observatory so you can remotely check things.
  20. Yes indeed Dave! I had a nice little session between the clouds with the aim of spotting Pallas and the view in the eyepiece perfectly matched Skysafari. My goto was bang on, centred it perfectly which made life much easier given the patchy cloud. Not seen this one before and I'll hopefully revisit it to note the movement.
  21. The colours you found in your first rendition are similar to those being produced by a CMOS camera in a robotic rig I host. The blues are rather cyan and the reds very yellow. If you just combine the colours how do the histograms per colour line up? I wonder if you'd be advised to shoot rather more red? The resolution is fine but the colour seems unsettled. Olly
  22. Well having poo-poo'd the practicality of big scopes as recently as 48 hours ago, I've just gone and bought a 300p flextube... I hate this forum sometimes...
  23. Spot on in my book. A really clean, attractive rendition. Olly
  24. Really feisty image with something to say. I like it very much. Olly
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