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  2. Nice report Nick. Just been finding out about aperture masks as a result, very interesting, and useable on SCTs too (wondering if an aperture mask could reduce the hairy stars issue in SCTs?). What effective aperture did the aperture mask give you Nick?
  3. Dave Lloyd

    Hello from Sussex!

    Hi and welcome. You haven't stuck it on an eq1 have you?
  4. I have two canon cameras, the 300d and 350d, in their day these were the bees knees and for AP work needs a mod, one has the other hasn’t. so as a believer in being trained on using what you’re going to use, I need to know which Canon camera would be the better upgrade for AP. Cost will be a consideration, but I will want to use if for day time terrestrial as well. I believe that newer models will have WiFi and that’s what I will need also, so I can control via my iPad. looking into the various models available, there’s lots! I’m still none the wiser as to what is a good all rounder. Please don’t say there isn’t one, there is, but only a few select experienced users will know which one, and it’s those persons I’m looking for a reasonable answer. As to price. It’s better if I’m given a short list to choose from, then I’ll enjoy the hunt for best price, ok, I’ll give a limit...£1500 MAX. Body only, I have lenses. Ta for looking. Chaz
  5. No that doesn't look good Dave. On my 2 Cats the central stars were very good. On your reduced scale first image there is visible coma too, on the right hand side. I haven't heard any feedback results yet after my RedCats second visit to Es' Reid. Alan
  6. Very hot yesterday, the seeing wasn't too bad early on. First test run on the "new" DIY Sol finder, worked a treat to be honest. Managed to get the frames to stitch eventually, not one of my best and not much activity going on either. Some nice proms visible, one in particular I watched for quite a while. Fascinating to see the changes over such a short period of time, finally vanishing over a period of an hour. Lunt 50mm, Dmk21au618, x2.5 Powermate.
  7. No political discussion Mark...... You won't see any structure in LP with M51...dark skies rule. Took me ages to get the Leo triplet!...clear skies everyone
  8. This is proving problematic and I'm wondering whether to separate the dehumidifier from the camera cooling. The only part that actually needs dry air is the camera, the lens and dome can have warm air blown over them to prevent condensation. Maybe I should go back to the idea of sealing the camera and including desiccant like the cooled astro cameras do.
  9. Pencilli campsite where SWSP is held is good.
  10. I have been struggling a little to locate the Sun quickly using my Evostar 120mm. I wanted a Sol finder, but £40 does seem a little steep. A quick modification of a faulty RDF. The front cap is an old Focuser cap, rather fittingly its the one I partially melted when switching from my Lunt wedge to a standard wedge, without putting the telescope cap on first. Simply drilled a 1.5mm hole in the centre and glued in position. The rear is a piece of opaque plastic glued on the rear and "crudely marked" when I was satisfied the adjustment was possible. It worked a treat on the first Solar session.
  11. Took first star images with the RedCat last night before the Moon rose, a few shots of asteroid Pallas. All the stars across the whole image have what looks like a blue coma effect going from right to left, terrestrial South to North, haven't done any more investigating but not looking too good ATM. Dave Crop of the central stars
  12. Well what to do ? Flo clear outside says cloudy skies tonight and BBC weather says clear skies with a little cloud.
  13. Good luck! Let us know how you get on. You could also try M3 which is nearby and a little brighter.
  14. Possibly interested in this. I'm in the US for a few more days, but back home to Leeds on Thursday, and then I'm in Manchester on Sat-Sun 27-28, so could potentially swing by then. I've been looking seriously at a Skyliner 150P over the 200P because it would be a little easier to transport, but yours seems like a nice deal. How old is the scope - looks like a previous design? Stored indoors or in a garage/etc.? Thanks!
  15. Very nice Easter weather in UK so I can finally have fun with some astrophotography. First image with my recently acquired Atik 314L+ Mono. I took 10 x 360s mono subs of NGC4565 the Needle Galaxy with skywatcher 150pds. I just processed th e image briefly in DSS and PS. Still trying to pick up image processing, any advice on further process is very much appreciated! Thanks.
  16. Thanks Paul. Peter knows more about this than me, but there are lots of 'Gen 2' night vision devices on sale from UK retailers which would show many more stars in the night sky - Tring Astro for example has a good range from a few hundred quid upwards. But they are not military grade and would have more scintillation - a definite case of 'try before you buy'. Maybe this was what your father in law had?
  17. thank you very much for the help guys that was really useful, just shows how naive i was as a beginner astronomer thinking i could see galaxies and nebula perfectly. I think from this information i will do some more research on filters and consider the UHC, OIII and CLS filters. Once again thanks so much i really appreciate the replies.
  18. Today
  19. Another clear night here oop North. Being bank holiday i thought i`d make the most of it. I`m starting a new job tomorrow so its early nights from now on... Best night of the 3. Crystal clear all night. So here we have an un named object as far i know. Saw it on a Cygnus mosiac image and thought i`d give it a bash. Modded 450 d / Samyang 135 mm f 2 @ f 2.8 / 12 nm Ha clip filter / Vixen GPDX with skysensor 2000 pc. 50 x 4 mins @ iso 1600 (unguided). Captured via BYEOS. Stacked in DSS with calibration frames. Processed in Photoshop. Thanks for looking Alan
  20. With only half an hour of full darkness before moonrise I had a look for Pallas with the 200p F/5. Found it with the GoTo, and then confirmed the position with an easy star-hop from Arcturus to Muphrid to e Boo. With a 32mm Plossl (x31) Pallas had a hint of yellow to my eye, but so small I could not claim to see a disc. It is tiny. An apparent size of 0.4" is one tenth of Mars at the moment , or less than half that of Europa. Tried higher powers to resolve a disc but the seeing was terrible. Probably all the day's unseasonable heat was adding to the turbulence. I am still amazed that such a small object (3 times the size of Wales) 250 million km away, can be seen at all through a light-polluted backyard scope.
  21. I have the larger heatsink on top of the big TEC on the plate and the two small heatsinks underneath. Then, just for testing, I have a 50mm axial fan blowing through both heatsinks. There is not enough cooling of the hot side of the TEC to get the cold side down below the dew point so it needs more air blown through it.
  22. Do you have any local astro club as getting another pair of experienced eyes on the scope is a good way forward. I am sure you will get a good image once you identify and resolve the issue. Mark
  23. Revelation 80mm f6.8 ED APO Doublet £260.00 collected (shipping £15.00) Lovely scope in excellent condition with clean optics. Few microscopic marks on tube but so unnoticeable you’d really have to look for them. FPL-51 glass. Rotatable dual speed focuser. Includes mounting foot with short vixen type dovetail and also mounting rings if you’d rather use them. Multi reticle red dot finder as well. Padded hard carry case. Please note their is no diagonal. Selling as being replaced by something a bit bigger. Payment: PayPal ( buyer pays fees) or Bank Transfer John
  24. M51 is very distinctive when you find it with its two fuzzy patches.. The best nights in the UK are when we get clear air from the north or northwest which improves transparency. Over recent days the air is coming in from Europe and it's less clear. Perhaps we can opt out from that with Brexit? Mark
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