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  2. Ama Noody

    What did the postman bring?

    "Well... definitely shorter and fatter than I was expecting" Donald J Trump
  3. Davey-T

    Is this coma?

    Collimation looks good, how are you guiding ? not an easy thing to do at 2000mm focal length. Dave
  4. JohnSadlerAstro

    FIRST Mono RGB combo Image M13

    That will be exciting--all the shots Ive seen comparing the two are processed and captured differently, and most often taken with different kit. Looking forward to seeing the results! John
  5. tooth_dr

    FIRST Mono RGB combo Image M13

    I have two ED80s set up side by side, and I've a DSLR on one, and I'm putting my CCD on the other. Should be interesting
  6. michael.h.f.wilkinson

    Saturn under poor condition, 14 June 2018

    Excellent image. Not able to get anything near that good with roughly the same aperture from here at the moment. Saturn is WAY too low in the sky right now. Will have to wait some years for things to get better
  7. Philip R

    Delrin ring alternative

    A local plumbers merchant or hardware/DIY shop! Maybe worth a visit and see if they have suitable.
  8. Martin Meredith

    A quick midsummer session

    Hard to believe that the nights are drawing in again starting next week after what has been a lousy start to the year here... Just time for a quick session last night, the first for about 5 weeks. Here's a series of screenshots from the live session. Object details are on the screenshots apart from the first, which is M104. The entire session used StarlightLive as a capture engine running non-stop, and my software picked up the FITs from a monitored folder. Quattro 8" f4, Lodestar X2 mono, alt-az mount, no filters. No darks nor flats applied, just bad pixel removal. Exposure length is calculated automatically but I'm still working on making this robust (hence the ??). This M12 was based on 5s subs. Here's the Black Eye Galaxy (M64) shown inverted. Exposure is actually 7 x 15s. And non-inverted, 11 x 15s This is a galaxy pairing I'd not come across before: NGC 5846 and 5850 in Virgo near the border with Serpens. The distances are quite different (88 vs 125 MLyears) This is quite a long exposure (37 x 15s) as I wanted to see the faint structure around the barred spiral emerge (I gave this one a really strong stretch, much easier to tolerate when the image is inverted). The elliptical is actually two ellipticals, NGC 5846A being the smaller of the two; the distance estimates for the pair of ellipticals also suggest no clear relationship (88, 113). Finally, a few of Arp's peculiar galaxies: Arp 49 in Bootes (21 x 15s) Arp 72 in Serpens and Arp 336 in ursa Major (10 x 30s), the so-called Helix Galaxy. This is a polar ring galaxy where the galaxy is surrounded by a ring of gas nearly at right angles. You can just about make out the ring in this shot. High clouds were coming and going throughout the session and this one seems to have been affected more than most. === Thanks for looking Martin
  9. Mark at Beaufort

    Skywatcher AZ5 - what is the max OTA diameter it will take

    Thanks for your information Red Dwarfer. In the instruction manual it states that the payload for the Heavy Duty Tripod is 9kg. The standard portable tripod is, as you stated, is 5kg.I currently use a metal tripod so it should support a 6" Newt. Before I purchase a new OTA I would like to know whether it will fit into the dovetail without hitting the tripod top or the slow motion knobs.
  10. steviemac500

    PHD2 issues

    Not that I'm aware of. But at least the guiding is back. Now just have to wait for a clear night which in Cyprus is usually every night - just not this year!
  11. Good question. I have heard they are better for the CCD, but at the moment I have just mastered the 'on-off' procedure. Difficult I presume to make it a fair test with the physical differences between DSLR and Mono, and the whole multitude of processing additives that could effect the final output, and at this time of year the dark skies variability has to be considered as well. Need somebody with a dual rig and two identical scopes.
  12. I swapped out the short supplied USB lead and just used my extension, the signal on all channesl was much better. Is it a real effect or just time of day? Stil getting more convincing trace here. Just got a second one.
  13. laudropb

    Hi all, back (yet) again

    Hello and a warm welcome back to the SGL.
  14. I don't think you can image DSO's with a dob because the ones being discussed are undriven but they do show great views of DSO's and the moon, planets and double stars Lunar snapshots are certainly possible with a dob.
  15. laudropb

    Hi ALL

    Hello and a warm welcome to the SGL.
  16. laudropb

    Hi folks....bit of a stuttered start

    Hello and a warm welcome to the SGL.
  17. rwilkey

    Nebula Filters

    Hi Andy, well done for making a great decision. One thing about the Astronomik (like the Lumicon, which I have) is that they are better engineered, which is one of the defining differences in these filters, not necessarily whether the glass is better than any other, which the untrained eye might find difficult to detect. The 2" is a good choice, I only have 2", which you can freely use with 1.25" ep's as you can place the filter on the 1.25" adaptor, or anywhere else in the optical chain and it does the job perfectly. The ES82 30mm is also a great choice, gives superb views of the sky even at f/5.
  18. TareqPhoto

    Saturn under poor condition, 14 June 2018

    Thanks! Reading or hearing comments like that making me to feel relax that i am doing good, as when i see those mind blowing images then i feel i am nothing and i have very very long way to go, and i really don't know if i will keep going until that long way, not always i will have that long time to reach higher levels, but if i can have high end items to use then this will force me to use it and enjoy it and definitely will improve rapidly.
  19. I would not swap my SCT for a Dob. The f/l of the SCT is f10 which is great for looking @ planets @ imaging. If your doing DSO imaging , a Dob would be better
  20. carastro

    Saturn: My New Fave Image!

    That's a very nice image Reggie. My only comment is the colour, its a bit rusty red, some colour adjustment to a more creamy yellow would be better. Carole
  21. jacksdad

    AE Zoom EP - 7 to 21mm

    PM on the way
  22. TareqPhoto

    Saturn under poor condition, 14 June 2018

    Thank you very much! I wasn't pleased until i posted on the net here and there and getting a lot of likes and comments, by then only i felt pleased, but this will be difficult as by now i should make it even better next times, i will try to choose only good seeing nights results, but really i think a large scope will make the job easier to get better results.
  23. Gina

    Arduino Based Weather Station

    Thanks Dave. That is what I'll do - the plan is coming together
  24. Grotemobile

    Saturn under poor condition, 14 June 2018

    That is very good. Betting than I am getting in the UK @ the moment.
  25. david_taurus83

    Sky-Watcher Evostar ED80 DS Pro.

    OP says it was purchased as OTA and case only. Still a good deal. GLWS
  26. Hi There is a Delrin spacer ring set available from FLO but it is for 42mm T2 size. My imaging setup uses 48mm spaces/adapters and no Delrin spacer ring set appears to be available for the 48mm size. So what I would like to know is has anyone found and alternative. I am more interested in stopping components locking together and being able to position them correctly rather than adjust the spacing. Any suggestions? Graham
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