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  2. First M33

    Hi. Well done with the galaxy. It's not an easy one m33. Unfortunately, it's the flat frames which do more for the background than just about anything else:( Why not have a go at re-attaching the camera, trying to recreate the orientation and have a go with those flat frames anyway? Also have a look at the focus, I think you may be a little off. HTH and clear skies.
  3. I want to build something

    That's a stonking idea, I've just be planning out my "box" and with the addition of one of these and putting it on top of the scope I'd only need a power lead... https://www.ebuyer.com/810799-chillblast-micro-system-cbfuswap
  4. HEQ5 Pro and PHD2 Movements

    Gary! Mine did this and I would go into the handset and turn on sidereal tracking and it worked ok, didn’t need to turn off mount. It hasn’t happened since I’ve went back to PHD1.
  5. I want to build something

    Yes they are a nice, VERY EXPENSIVE, play thing. First decide what connections you require and include future proofing. Do you require dew heaters. Do you want to incorporate your auto focus circuitry within the "box" For the power connectors you want to use 3 pin mini XLR connectors. I would incorporate a Startech 12v 7 port USB3 hub into the "box" also. It may be on the expensive side but it industrial quality and dimensionally would fit into a "box". That sorts the USB connectors. I know throwing all this into one "box/container" is big ask but it can be done. HTH Steve
  6. Thanks for the response Fozzie Where you have the regular finder base in your pics, do you find it secure enough with just one screw? Also does it sit flush against the focuser tube or, could you "rock" it slightly if it weren't for the screw?? Hope you see what I mean. Thanks again.
  7. Hi All Just wondering what the issue might be here ? I use a HEQ5 pro and have started autoguiding with PHD2. I normally polar align as well as I can and PHD2 works well to guide some decent length subs. I use the HEQ5 skyscan handset for all movements but just recently I tried using the built in direction controller in PHD2 instead. As soon as I made a short movement north via PHD2 the guide star screen goes mad with stars just streaking across with every exposure after I have stopped the movement, the mount must be still moving and hasn’t stopped. Despite then using the skyscan controller to move it around and try and stabilise things the streaking stars/movement just continue. Finding this really annoying, I had to turn the mount off and start again three times the other night when I tried this movement with PHD2. Just wondering if this is this a known issue or is my mount just playing up somehow ? It all works fine so long as I don’t try and move it using the PHD2 software.
  8. Orion Build-A-Scope 8" IntelliScope Dobsonian

    this is all very helpful. i have learned so much about this telescope and whether or not its worth buying. thank you all. 😑
  9. Buy moon land?

    next you will try telling me i can name a star for money
  10. Buy moon land?

    There is one born every minute. A little better than a Nigerian Internet scam I guess:-) He, he. Steve
  11. Variations on the California

    Hi Neil, the California is easily achievable in a 130mm scope, the Heritage 130 does a fine job of it even with the 25mm "Super plossl" and the 32mm TV plossl gives a bit wider view for this largish object. The Astronomik 1.25" Hb is an excellent cost effective filter for this object, just a thought.
  12. I want to put mine to work on the Rosette (assuming we get a clear night some time in the next six months!)
  13. I think a rigel base will fit, secured by tape.. all so a normal finder shoe should be ok.. HTH fozzie
  14. Orion Build-A-Scope 8" IntelliScope Dobsonian

    Most of my kit has "Made in China" written on it. Looking forward to some great China/USA trade deals. Geoff
  15. New Apo on the block

    There was a white 120ed? I much prefer white scopes
  16. Orion in the water

    Gorgeous! An astro Christmas card... Olly
  17. James, check out this link below. I love my Ha filter, it produces great images from a DSLR. 100% worthwhile investment http://www.astronomik.com/en/clip-filter-system.html
  18. Orion Build-A-Scope 8" IntelliScope Dobsonian

    Best buy all your stuff needed from Europe soon then, while no extra tariff apart from VAT (which might increase) is charged.
  19. Show Us Your Binoculars.

    It just seems to work, after the usual alignment.
  20. NGC891 at 1015mm FL

    It is very hard to beat refractor stars, especially if you don't like spikes. Olly
  21. New Apo on the block

    120 ED Equinox is still made. It's the cheaper white 120 ED that is not available.
  22. I want to build something

    lol for a second i thought you were going to suggest i just buy this lol Yes something similar. I just need some guidance, some directions to be shown
  23. Orion Build-A-Scope 8" IntelliScope Dobsonian

    A big bunch of us will be non-EU soon
  24. Great effort Nige! I have a very similar set up to yours except I have a modded 1100d. I haven't tried using an filters yet but this post has inspired me.... can I ask where the filter goes in the imaging trail (e.g. inside DSLR, somewhere between the t-ring and the telescope etc) and do you use any sort of filter adapter? If so can you forward me a link please to the one you use? Ive been thinking about what to get myself for Xmas and I think I've just found it... James
  25. I want to build something

    Do you want to fit it between the mount & scope similar to this:- I don't mean building the computer as well Steve
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