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  2. 8" Spider replacement - advise

    try this Teleskop-Express. Email them before you order to confirm it is the right everything for your particular model, they are very friendly and knowledgeable.
  3. Elephants Trunk (SHO/bi-colour)

  4. Thanks for the comments folks - I enjoy sharing this stuff when it happens and reading about your adventures too
  5. Tilt,coma or colimation?

    Ah, OK. I think you maybe missing this. HTH.
  6. That is what Tele Vue suggests you do, I say do what they say but substitute the suggested alcohol with distilled water, and replace the Q-tip used after each wipe. Next time you star party with the local brats, buy yourself a couple of cheap Chinese eyepieces from a Chinese vendor, and get them sent to you on the slow boat (for cheapness sake since you are in no hurry for them I assume). Gold Lines are worth considering, you be surprised how good they are for what they cost.
  7. NGC7822 HA

    Thank you Sara!
  8. Widefield Narrowband Dual Imaging Rig

    Been sorting out extension tubes and rings for Asahi Pentax M42 lenses and the ASI1600MM-Cool cameras, one with ZWO EFWmini, the other with fixed filter held inside the 11mm extension ring with ZWO adapter (supplied with camera). Back focus of M42 lens is 45.46mm. Back focus of camera is 6.5mm. We want 45.46mm plus 1mm for Astrodon filter = 46.46mm. So distance between the faces of the lens and camera wants to be 46.46-6.5 = 39.96mm. ZWO EFW is 20mm so about 20mm of extension wanted and the full 40mm (approx.) for the other camera. Since the lens moves forwards for focussing extending the spacers required, the extension required with EFW is 20mm+ (and 40mm+ without) - depending on the lens focal length; longer FL lenses move more. Here is a photo of the dual rig with 55mm f1.8 Super Takumar lenses. All the M42 thread mount lenses have the same back focus so should be fine with these extension tubes/rings.
  9. Observatory planning - Dob Closet

    I've got small paving slabs for footings and can get a large paving slab and blocks for dob plinth. Reckon I could frame and deck the base with new wood for £100. Structure on top could be constructed wholly afterwards.
  10. Night of the Nebulas

    Great clutch of DSO's there Alan - nice report, I enjoyed reading it
  11. Heads up new ar 21-9-17" WL added"

    Hi Charl Thanks for the heads up Grabbed a WL scope a while back and got some good observing and sketching time with AR2681. First decent WL observing for me in a little while.
  12. Are there any astronomy books that are presented in a similar way to Turn Left At Orion, in that they provide a step by step guide to finding targets? TLAO is great but I've found the selection of targets for each season is limited, perhaps due to it being written with smaller scopes in mind? I could of course use my phone and one of the many apps available, but I really don't like using my phone at the scope and using the book for the last couple of nights observing, along with a red headlight, has been so much better than faffing about with my phone then trying to expel the screen glare from my eyes. But, I'm already about 75% of the way through the Autumn targets, so a new addition to my library would be nice :-) Any suggestions?
  13. Pictures of your set up

    I wish I had taken these pics outside, but hey ho... TAL100RS with fetching dewcap from Screwfix, good for transportation and reduces scope length to around 900mm. All mounted: With baader finder shoe and dual finder attachment from FLO, works really well... 4" of well figured humble achromatic glass:
  14. canon 700d worthy upgrade?

    We have both a 700D and a 1000D. We use the 700D for general photography, and especially plant and insect photography where the flip-screen comes into its own, and the 1000D for astro-photography. I have used the 700D for astro, but it did not seem to be noticeably better, and it was clearly the better camera for our style of conventional photography. So they have sort of segregated themselves into the two uses. The 1000D is always available for astro, and I don't have to go chasing around looking for it and changing all the settings irritating the other user.
  15. I bought from FLO a pair of Celelestron Nature DX 8x56 which have good eye relief and perform well. They are compact being roof prism and waterproof, love 'em!
  16. Messier mistake - M40

    Messier did make a BooBoo there, but considering the amount of dedication, and patience he showed compiling the list his Album now contains, I think we can forgive him one error 🙂. Likewise Percival Lowell, a fine Mathematician, Business Man, and Astronomer. His theory that perceived Canals on Mars were constructed by intelligent beings,, drew so much ridicule from his peers and others, it all but broke the guy. The great contributions he made to Astronomy was almost forgotten as a result of people's preoccupation with the Canals prediction he had made.
  17. I just tried it with the Sun, and when I panned off centre a little, with the sun at the edge of the field of vision, if I held my head at a certain angle, stood on one leg and hummed "Clementine" to the tune of "Waltzing Matilda" I could see a continuous spectrum. But as you say, quite faint. I'll try with Vega this evening, but I may need to stand on the other leg!!
  18. Over the last year or so I have had much more fun out of imaging with my Canon 1000D than I have with the Atik 314L+ mono with filters. Despite what I hear about the improved performance to be obtained from a mono plus filters, I actullay find I do more satisfying imaging with a colour camera. I'm still using the mono for narrowband, but a combination of indolence, time pressure and Welsh weather pushes me towards colour. So I thought since an uncooled DSLR worked well, why not get a cooled APS-C sensor set up for astro-imaging with good electronics, and I have just received a QHY 168c. Trying to think ahead I realised that since the DSLR required a field-flattener, so would the QHY 168c. With the right adaptors I took the T-mount off the Skywatcher Field Flattener and coupled it to the 168c. Last night was first-light. Pointed it at M31 and got images with quite short exposures (some faffing around with recalcitrant software, but that is par for my course). So far so good, but I had stars streaking away in the corners and obviously had a field curved like a beach ball. Obviously the distance from the flattener optics to the sensor plane was completely different from the DSLR. So I think what I need to do is to measure the distance from the lens in the flattener to the back of the Canon T-mount, add the Canon back focus, and make sure that the new configuration has the same total distance from lens to sensor. Does that make sense? To check it was field curvature I used the trial version of CCDInspector to make sure it wasn't a collimation problem in the sensor. CCDInspector reported some tilt, but the main problem was the wild field curvature. I figure I'll sort that out first and then use the center and tilt ring to fine tune. It took me quite a while to figure out how the center and tilt ring is supposed to be used, but I think I've got it now. If anyone knows a written up procedure for using one to achieve collimation, let me know. The only problem is with the weather we have been having the 30 days trial of CCDInspector will probably expire before I get another image
  19. Hi Stu, yeah its still available, sorry have been working away this week so unable to check messages. Just let me know and we'll sort out the details.
  20. Which eyepiece do you REALLY use most?

    Last night I used lots of different eyepieces with my 12" dob. Everything from the 21mm Ethos to the 2mm setting () of my 2-4mm Nagler zoom. The reason was that I was observing a very wide range of object types that evening from the 3+ degree wide Veil Nebula to Neptunes tiny moon.
  21. Many thanks John and Graeme - I'm glad that you like it
  22. The EQ3 DSO Challenge

    Sneaky repost of my M32, taken on an EQ3 witha £25 Tokina lens off eBay, stars not as tight as yours Graham! No darks, by the way, the joy of a cooled DSLR :-)
  23. Your best ever view through your bins

    Shame about the bins, I'm sure someone on here must know someone who can sort them 👍
  24. M32 Andromeda Galaxy Wide Field

    That was wide open. I had to mod the lens to focus with my modded DSLR so stopping down means unscrewing the bottom plate and manually adjusting the iris before reassembly! The motivation for 30mm was (1) because my 400mm lens is a bit tight on big targets and the 135 is too short and (2) because I was getting miserable contemplating the price of a WO61 + flattener.
  25. Today
  26. NGC7822 HA

    Woo hoo Love it
  27. Arecibo versus Hurricane Maria

    yer he looks like hes gone to the wrong dish when looking for his or her food, cats will do anything for dreameys . charl.
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