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  2. Sun Ha Feb 17, 2018

    Good to hear you are feeling better, a nice prom image as well.
  3. AR2699-16-02-18

    Very nicely imaged.
  4. Lovely lonely prom +plane transit 17-2-18, "updated"

    A nice looking prom group.
  5. Sol WL, HA, Proms 15-2-18

    Very nice set of images.
  6. The Sun - Feb 17th

    Always good to see some Ca-K images
  7. telescope 100% by hand ... help leica

    ohh sory my polarex telescope 102mm and leica R3
  8. The formula to work out the reduction for a given spacing on the CCDT67/CCD47 is: reduction = 0.65 - 0.3 x (spacing - 90) / 90 And the resulting reduction in backfocus from no reducer is: delta = spacing x (1 / reduction - 1) so at 85mm: reduction = 0.67x delta = 42.5mm
  9. Sun HA 15.02 Proms + Disk

    Nicely imaged
  10. Sol WL 15-02-18

    Very well captured and processed
  11. The Sun 15 February 2018 white light

    Lovely sharp disc
  12. HA Disk+Proms 12.02 (still!)

    Nicely imaged
  13. Hello from the Midwestern US!

    Hi welcome to SGL from Pete in Bedfordshire :-)
  14. hi

    Hi welcome to SGL from Pete in Bedfordshire :-)
  15. Hi, from Memphis!

    Hi welcome to SGL from Pete in Bedfordshire :-)
  16. Hello - JohnGon

    Hi welcome to SGL from Pete in Bedfordshire :-)
  17. live polarex

  18. Hi from another Newbie

    Hi welcome to SGL from Pete in Bedfordshire :-)
  19. Hello from Indiana

    Hi welcome to SGL from Pete in Bedfordshire :-)
  20. New Member from W PA

    Hi welcome to SGL from Pete in Bedfordshire :-)
  21. NEQ6 Pro and guiding........help.

    i have ordered a eq direct cable from Flo,will be here tomorrow,i will connect every thing up and try again,another thing is i cant seem to calibrate my mount,as if my mount isnt even registering.
  22. 10 day old moon north

    hi ??? haha wow so cool nice pictures by the way what for telescope you use . Still001.bmp
  23. Hello from the Midwestern US!

    Hello Wes and welcome from me too, located on the coast of Norway . Rune
  24. Today
  25. Can you let us know a little more? Any particular targets that interest you? Do you need the scope to be easily transported or carried any distance, or would you need to carry it down stairs? Where would you store it? Scopes range in size and portability quite a bit so it can affect the best choice. As a starter for ten, without knowing any of the above, I'll say the Skywatcher 150P. £9 over your budget, not small but a very decent scope. I'm sure there will be plenty of alternate suggestions which are well worth considering, so take your time! https://www.firstlightoptics.com/dobsonians/skywatcher-skyliner-150p-dobsonian.html
  26. BAT2

    is that BATMAN ... haha LOL ^_=)
  27. Ursa Major galaxies

    Pop the data into this calculator and you can see why it is tricky from an average site. At SQM mag 20 it is tough in a 6 inch scope say, mag 18.5 and it would be impossible. Compared with M81 and 82 which are much easier. http://www.bbastrodesigns.com/VisualDetectionCalculator.htm
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