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  2. I think I'm a bit short on the coupons to get the key.
  3. That looks ridiculous to me. More to impress his pals than a practical Observatory, it has too many distractions to maintain an interest in Astronomy. More money than sense springs to mind Ron.
  4. Altocumulus


    Thank you. Geoff
  5. On a learning curve here guys! Samyang 135mm and modded 1100D with Hutech LP filter. 39 x 90s exposures @ISO 800, None guided, just on my NEQ6 mount. Next time I will guide and will use 4 min exposures at ISO 1600. I used DSS to stack and then Pixinsight to colour balance, reduce noise and enhance colour.
  6. Hi Steve... very strange, somethings moving, I'd work out how close to the sensor they are using CCD Ware dust donut calculator (my rough guess is 7mm which puts them on the sensor protective glass so maybe that's come lose) Dave
  7. Ha! Think I’ll stick with Canon as everything I have is Canon. Please don’t confuse me with Nikon and Sony, simply too much choice as it is! I’m not a dedicated AP user, but I do have an i-nova PLB-Mx with peltier cooling to play with. As it is, I’ve got time to decide, as my PO pension arrives on my sixtieth in June and will have that sum to barter with. Friggin’ell...sixty yet still feel like 19....where did it go? chaz
  8. Perhaps you have some floppy dust bunnies bending the other way under gravity pull
  9. No you dont want to do anythin with them prior to that.
  10. Hi Piero. I use an 8Ah Tracer battery for my dew heaters. It’s worked very well for that purpose. Easily lasts for the whole session (4-5 hours) running dew heaters for 2” eyepiece, Telrad and 9x50 Finder. I don’t think it even drops below the full battery indicator though it only have 3 levels it reports. Comes with a car charger too if you need to charge on the way to a dark site.
  11. Good to hear laudropb! With which scope do you use it, or find it works best and at what magnification?
  12. I have the 2.5 mm and it has given me some lovely lunar views. Definitely performs way above its price tag.
  13. Dome designed and added. Then there's the focus motor mounting and the main casing.
  14. I want to buy from amazon as I have a -50% coupon so I can get a mount for half tge price. Anyway, is the AZ-EQ5 enough to hold a 200/800 f4 skywatcher newton with guiding and a 1300D dslr? For AP the payload is 15kg.
  15. This looks very similar to the image i was after that night. I have just posted about it in the beginners imaging section. Thanks for sharing your setup details. I gives me something to think about
  16. Yes that is exactly how, you need to look up DSO lucky Imaging. Although it is something normally done with mono cameras.
  17. Aw c’mon guys I’m indecisive as it is haha. Can you explain how I would get more detail? Is it because lots of short exposures would compensate for poor seeing? Almost like ‘lucky imaging’ but for galaxies?
  18. Hi, I settled (for visual) at 18" (Dobson) and 4" (Refractor). The 4" is very portable, super optics and not much influenced by bad seeing as scopes with more aperture. And 4" is for me the minimum aperture. I tried 85mm two times and it was to less for me. The 18" Dobson is the maximum aperture for me concerning handling (weight, bulkyness) and shows already a lot. I have observed through bigger scopes already, but these where always to heavy for me to handle it personally. There is no use in a big scope which stays indoors because it is too heavy. cs, Uli
  19. Looking at that I bet your second star alignment was on the lower star circled in yellow, rather than Mizar (circled above). That would explain the short move ending up exactly where it did rather than on M101. If it was on Mizar it should have been an obvious wide double with Alcor.
  20. The wedge from the SA could work well, indeed! And much easier to polar align. My Sirui head does a fair enough job, it's very smooth. Not as good as a dedicated wedge, but well, the point of this mount is precisely that you don't need very precise polar alignment (the polar scope being a straw...)
  21. When I got back into this hobby, I did a lot of reading before taking the leap. I decided on an 8" dob because of ease in handling. But now that I've built an observatory, I wish I had gone 10" or 12". So yes, I'm still suffering the fever and it's not letting up.
  22. If I play back the two subs quickly back and forwards, one before the flip and the other one afterwards, the two bunnies on the upper right seem to move. But they could not have done, the camera never moved other than flip with the telescope!
  23. I have reinstalled everything. I have connected to my mount in pc mode on the remote via Eqmod in Stellarium Scope. When I try to connect to APT scope is just says disconnected and wont connect. Choosing same driver as in Stellarium scope. I can either connect to stellariumscope or APT but not both at the same time.
  24. Clicking on the three dots at the top left also allows access to desktop mode.
  25. Today
  26. The Sky X works fine for me. The Sky 6 has been out of support for some time. Long before Win 10 came along. Regards Andrew
  27. Click on your username by the side of your avatar at the top of the page and select account settings from the options. Then select signature from the settings at the side.
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