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  2. xtreemchaos

    Sol WL, ARs , Proms 22-6-18

    thanks Dave, the seeing could be due to the thermals rising up the side of my house because its warm here. hope you get some shots. the moon when I caught it wasn't too bad a bit hazey. charl.
  3. I haven't observed for a few weeks now, but it was our club night last night and this encouraged me to get the scope out for the meeting at Esher. Given it was the longest day of the year and the planets are quite low, I wasn't optimistic about the evening, but the forecast was for clear skies and a warm evening so at the very least I'd be able to have a nice chat outside with the other members. Around 10 people turned up and 4 scopes were set up including my TEC160 and Stu's Tak FC100DC. First target was Jupiter with the GRS transit that was occurring at around 10pm. I've looked at Jupiter many times in the past few years with my Tak FC100DF, but not had a decent go on this planet with my TEC yet. Initially seeing was a bit poor (and I guess the scope was cooling down a bit), but immediately in the TEC the GRS was the clearest I've ever seen, burnt orange with a clear white separation between the spot and the SEB. I kept the magnification low, using my Pentax XW 7mm and 10mm (so using magnifications of 110x and 160x). Stu was using his Baader Neodymium filter with his Tak and I was pleased I remembered mine as I think it does improve the contrast. As time moved on, seeing improved and several cloud bands were clear, with a thin one following the GRS. Also 3 dark festoons were readily apparent coming down from the NEB. Despite the seeing being a bit wobbly, I was very pleased with the views through the TEC - probably ranking with some of the best of had in my Tak. The GRS in particular was the clearest and best and most colourful I've ever seen. So, of course, I was keen to compare views with Stu's Tak. I tried to get broadly the same magnification in each scope and both had the Baader filter in place with both also having Baader BBHS diagonals. My first impression was how much brighter the views in the TEC were, the larger exit pupil giving real benefits here. Also the resolution of the image when seeing improved was very significantly better in the TEC. I found myself straining to see details with the Tak whereas those same details were in view very comfortably with the TEC. I know that Stu's Tak can produce great Jupiter views so it surprised me how much superior the TEC was last night imo (clearly I may be biased given I was hoping for the TEC to deliver, but I'm trying to be objective - Stu did mention that the resolution was much better in the TEC). I'd had a quick look at Venus and the moon earlier, so moved onto Saturn which was peeping above the treetops. Definitely wobbly rings here. Nice to see Saturn but I think I need to return to it when its a bit higher. By the time it got to a decent height around midnight we were all packing away. But after those wobbly views of Saturn, I noticed the sky had got relatively dark for Esher (SQM meter said 19.1), so I went summer nebula hunting with the Night Vision monoculars in the TEC. Really pleasing views of the Swan nebula. I've only seen this once on the Isle of Wight in May in my Tak and this time in the TEC with much more image scale it looked incredible with lots of nebulosity billowing out of the swan. The lagoon was amazing in the much darker skies of the IOW, last night it was a bit fainter but still very obvious and plenty of nebulosity which was enhanced with averted vision. The Eagle nebula was clearly an eagle with the pillars of creation visible in the centre. Then a final scan around the sky before pack up. Eastern Veil was nice, very threadlike, and pretty clear given the skies. The western part is not so good with the NV but still able to be seen - Pickering's triangle is better than the western part with NV and so it proved last night as well. The FOV in the TEC was too small for good views of the North American Nebula, but the gulf of Mexico was very clear and bright. M13 high up in the sky was lovely with the propeller obvious. It would have been nice to wait for Saturn and Mars but the 6am starts most of us had meant that we did have to pack up then. So in summary we covered much more than I anticipated and its great to see these summer objects so well already. Really looking forward to the darker nights of August and September. And its very nice to observe in the warm!!
  4. Gina

    All Sky Camera Mark 7

    A cloud slightly dimming the sun.
  5. xtreemchaos

    WOO HOO I'm famous...

    Wow, nice one MG, well done may you have many more. it makes us proud when one of our own gets shown. charl.
  6. Should i go for a dobsonian - star tracker by gso 6" dobsonian (153/1200 mm) ?
  7. Davey-T

    Sol WL, ARs , Proms 22-6-18

    Looking good Charl, let's hope the seeing is better today, the Moon was a wobbly jelly last night. Dave
  8. PeterCPC

    Hello from North Staffs

    Hello and welcome. Peter
  9. PeterCPC

    Saying hello at last

    Hello Martin and welcome. Peter
  10. Floater

    New member saying "Hello".

    Welcome. Hope you enjoy the forum.
  11. Rusted

    Doomed Dome

    Hospital School? Perhaps they wanted their wheels back?
  12. Floater

    Saying hello at last

    Welcome. Enjoy the forum and the hobby.
  13. Floater

    Hello from North Staffs

    Welcome. Have lots of fun ... at last!
  14. cloudsweeper

    New Dob - Further Impressions

    Quick update - got sidetracked by Jupiter, so didn't get on to globs etc.. But the difference with Jupiter at this aperture was noticeable. I saw the GRS immediately, just about dead centre. (Took well over two years for my first sighting!) At about x100, there was slight detail in the SEB and NEB, not just the more usual fuzzy bands. The SSTB (or STB?) was also in evidence. I am very pleased with the performance and usage of this Dob, and the RACI now has a new home on it (keeping the Rigel company) - I hardly used the RACI at all on the 8SE. Doug.
  15. xtreemchaos

    Sol WL, ARs , Proms 22-6-18

    lovely clear skys here but "yes but" the seeing is not its best im dogged by thermals its fazing away like a trooper but its better than yesterday . theres a nice trailing prom on the lower off going limb. kit starwave 102, quark, asi120mc. hope you all have clear. thanks for looking. charl. WL. AR2715. AR2713/14. Prom oncoming limb lower. prom off going limb lower.
  16. DaveS

    Expanded Hertzsrung-Russel Diagram

    Love XKCD!
  17. LukeSkywatcher

    Star Diagonals.

    All is right with the universe again. Just got my erect prism out and I can see normally again. Diags are strange things. Shan't be trying that again.
  18. Quite a challenge, but worth a look! I found it quite easily naked eye to the W of Lyra using SkySafari. With the 180 mak at x70, the star is a pretty double with a bright mag 3.5 yellowish white primary, with a faint blueish secondary* well separated from it. At x270, the faint secondary is obviously not a single star, and at x450 with averted vision it could be seen as touching figure of eight. Slightly easier to see the split of the faint pair by running the main star off the edge of the field and leaving the drive on with the fainter pair visible. CDSA lists the mags as 3.5, 10.2, 10.7. Finished off with 10 minutes on Saturn before it went behind a roof. Chris *The blue colour of the secondary pair may be Purkinje effect of course.
  19. LukeSkywatcher

    Star Diagonals.

  20. Pete Presland

    Some NLC activity

    Very nice, I had similar view this morning.
  21. Nicely captured, it's been around a while.
  22. Pete Presland

    NLC - 180 degree panorama

    Beautiful image, such an ethereal sight to see. I had my earliest view this morning of noctolucent cloud, a weak display, the first sighting in June for me.
  23. Gina

    All Sky Camera Mark 7

    Cropped screenshot from KStars FITS Viewer showing some clouds coming over now.
  24. laudropb

    Saying hello at last

    Hello and a warm welcome to the SGL.
  25. laudropb

    New member saying "Hello".

    Hello and a warm welcome to the SGL.
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