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  2. Not a bad idea Bob or maybe DSLR narrow band imaging & great news about your fliter, hope you can use it soon. Nige.
  3. My 12" F/5.3 (FL 1590mm) Orion Optics tube assembly has a 63mm minor axis secondary which seems to fully illuminate my widest 2" eyepieces without any problems. Your scope is around F/4.9 which is very similar to the chinese 12" F/5's and they use secondaries of 68mm minor axis approx. Others with more DIY knowledge will advise on enlarging the focuser hole in the tube no doubt. The DIY section on here is probably the best place to ask about componants such as mirror cells, secondary supports etc. Telescope Services in Germany list some but they are not exactly cheap either: https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/index.php/cat/c64_Telescope-Making-----mechanical-parts.html
  4. I've always wanted to do this modification. But now winter is upon us and the fun stuff is coming out so I finally decided to give it a serious attempt. I picked up a faulty 350D on eBay for £15, tested it and found that the fault was nothing more than a dud battery. I ripped it apart and carefully dismantled the sensor. The coverglass came off very easily with a razor blade. Things were going well until without thinking I went to wipe some of the dust off the surface and hit a gold wire. Ok, so I gritted my teeth, picked up another sensor on eBay for £20...Only this time I cut the razer in half and stuck the two sides down so they covered the amazingly delicate gold wires. Absolutely no problems from then on out. I practised various techniques on the broken sensor and found the wooden tool I made worked best. I used the handle of an old brush and carved it down to a sharp flat blade about 3-4mm across. It took about an hour to completely remove the material. Right now I have the camera in a semi-assembled state for testing. I've taken a few test shots, but without a CF card right now I cannot upload them just yet (That's another eBay order on the way). There is a very thin line of colour on the top and bottom of the images as the razer guides overlapped a bit preventing the removal of a mm or so of the matrix. I don't mind that at all. I can see though I have a bit of cleaning work to do in some places so I'm about to start work on a dustproof glovebox for a second disassembly and cleaning. It's a lot of work but I'm having so much fun.
  5. Rigel QuikFinder

    Another bit from the box, in perfect working order. Extra foot included. £30 posted to UK. PayPal friends accepted. Please PM with any queries. Thanks for looking.
  6. Sky at Night Magazine Equatorial Platform

    Sounds interesting! Might have to get a back issue for November to have a look!
  7. ngc 457

    Hi. Thanks for your comment. TBH, I found out only recently -by accident replying to 'recent topics'- that the posts to which I was replying belonged to sections other than beginners. My questions and doubts in moving toward the dark art remain very much at novice level...
  8. Thats excellent Space_Plane, thanks for the confirmation. I am just little disappointed that the manufacturer of the scope didn't do something a bit more elegant than the thing they have sent me. Hopefully i will be able to fit it with a suitable screw and then a red dot finder. It would be interesting to know both of your opinions of the scope in a visual and imaging with a DSLR and what mounts you use the scope on? I am going to try it on my Star adventurer, i put it on it last night just to see if i could balance it with no DSLR and it looks like it will work.
  9. Have you measured and marked the point directly opposite the focuser and then used a sight tube or laser to confirm the focuser is pointing at it? Also I would definitely use a cheshire/sight tube to centre the secondary mirror, a simple collimation cap is probably not accurate enough. Unfortunately, I do not have one of these focusers to know what the different screws are all for.
  10. My Tal 100rs (F10) has given me plenty of great views of Doubles, Triples, clusters and Nebula's without Nick`s recommendation I would not have had as many nights out, with the 8" you need clear skies but even with a bit of cloud the Frac punches through.
  11. Yes I do, several in fact as you will shortly discover!
  12. First M33

    Focus is paramount to good images. You will not get the sharp detail your precious data needs. Always get into a routine to include the bahtinov mask. Steve
  13. Widefield - Part of The Milky Way

    Thanks happy-cat. The largest central nebula is Eta Carinae, just below to the left of the Carina neb is the Wishing Well cluster NGC 3532. Above the Carina neb is the Pearl Cluster NGC 3766. This is all I've managed to work out. Below is annotated from Astrometry if that helps. I'd be very interested to know the rest too.
  14. Yes, I think the fact that the minimum curvature is not at the centre may be a function of both tilt and collimation? (Not an expert in this, but would love to know THE TRUTH!)
  15. WADAS forum 4

    Unfortunately I am unable to attend the meeting this week as I am on Basketball duty with one of my Grandsons. Eric
  16. Are these what you are looking for? : https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/advanced_search_result.php/language/en/keywords/M48 abstimmring/suchdas/OK. Here they are a bit cheaper: https://www.astromarket.org/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=M48+ring&search_in_description=1 scroll a bit down the page to see them. Many options are available, just use the right key words for searching and know where to search.
  17. What I really want for Christmas .... (data)

    Fabulous forum and great techniques to be gained. They also use all the popular image processing software so you are not restricted. Steve
  18. Hi Bobby, Just for the sake of confirmation, I also attach my finder to the same location as fozzie on this scope. I almost exclusively use the rigel on this scope too though, and have concocted a way of attaching it in the same spot; I find it sits at a very convenient height. Hope this helps! Cheers
  19. Beautifully put Nick, and I would like to add that my 5" f15 D&G on the self made pier in my garden is a thoroughbred for such a task, that has been so far, under used for said task. I hope to change that .
  20. Conversation with Al Nagler

    I was asking about the recent launched televue night vision adapter. See attached link http://www.televue.com/engine/TV3b_page.asp?id=36 Al was very chatty, asking me about which scopes/eyepieces I had and discussing Astro clubs etc. It has cemented my liking of televue 👍
  21. HEQ5 Pro and PHD2 Movements

    I'm sure he means the controller for the callibration steps..you get a very small glimpse of it here at about 5 seconds in..on the right handside 20171112_212824.mp4
  22. I will try the original flat first. The TS cels look user friendly, but are pricey as you say!
  23. Hey Nige, perhaps you could start a new thread ' Beginning imaging with an Ha filter'. Note : Ha flter arrived today! Bob
  24. I extracted the file with 7-Zip. I then right clicked on the .exe and selected Troubleshoot Compatibility. Windows fixed the app and updated the .exe. I've attached that fixed version here. NexRemoteInstall_1_7_22.exe
  25. Well, at least there is one consolation: By the time this issue is solved you can remove the L plate... you will be an expert at this!
  26. Martin, I didn't see a message from Yahoo that your where pending in the group. I just approved you. Maybe something to configure. PlateSolve2 worked pretty good but for one test series, I noticed that the stars in the corners became very small ellipses due to a small angle variation in the solutions. I could not fix that. Keep an eye on that . If the same problem occurs with your images you need to get Astrometry.net working. For the rest PlateSolve2 works fine and fast.
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