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  2. M51 with a ZWO ASI224

    Great thanks for the info.
  3. Lunar X tonight

    Tee hee, no problem In the heads up forum I've put the details @67champ posted up for the year. They are not always visible as the moon isn't always well placed (might be daytime when it happens etc) As I said, I think 18.07 is the peak time so it is worth checking on it as soon as you can. It lasts about 4 hours in total I think.
  4. New EP delivered today!

    Many thanks. Glad I have both then.
  5. Promfest 22-2-18

    thanks John, your so very kind mate, I'm bad with colour I sometimes don't post them because thay look weard. your welcome mate, clear skys, charl.
  6. Guiding - best camera

    Or even THE consideration? I use three of the Mk1 versions and their ST4 connections are lamentable and regularly play up. For the rest the camera is effectively perfect. The ST4 socket has been fixed on the LodestarX2, making it top dog in my book. (Half an hour ago I enviously unboxed an X2 which has been sent to me by one of our robotic clients to replace his present guide cam. Since he has a webcam looking at his rig there is no way I can accidentally put the X2 on one of my rigs! Olly
  7. Can I avoid a focuser upgrade?

    Hi Shibby, I have a MN190 and that exact OAG you linked to from FLO. I use mine with a Brightstar manual 4x2" filter wheel, Atik 383L+ and a QHY5L-II guide cam, I still have about 5-7mm spare back focus with this setup with the stock single speed Crayford (its an old mn190). Works a charm, however I do get a bit of sag with the stock focuser due to weight which causes focus shift across the image and not so perfect Flat correction,so im upgrading to a moonlite CR2. With this OAG you do need to make sure everything is nice and tight otherwise things will have too much play under load. HTH Keith
  8. Date: Wed 21st February 2230-0245am Scope: 20” f3.6 Lukehurst Dob with Paracorr (fl = 2089mm) As unbelievable as this may seem but Big Dob has been out under the stars for TWO NIGHTS RUNNING! Last night was completely cloudless over these parts. I waited for the moon to move over to the west before heading out. I managed a four hour session. It was colder than the previous night. I had the same wet atmosphere issues as the night before but it got properly dark around 2am and actually conditions had started improving (I could see the wet haze diminish) Reading back through my notes, I see 25 objects described but unusually (for me) I intend to describe only ONE OF THEM! The view of this particular object literally BLEW ME AWAY! It was about 0230am and “the target” was now about 45 degrees high in the EAST. The scope was in good shape and the (heated) Ethos 8mm was in the focuser (with the Paracorr2) providing x250 magnification. Using Nexus to help, I nudged over to centre “the target” on the Sky Safari display… I adjusted the height of my stool and sat down to get comfy. As I settled at the eyepiece, “the target” was outside the field of view and so I pushed the dob westward… A bright patch appeared top-right so I nudged it to the centre... “The target” was very bright and full of stars. The target was layered in an assortment of brightnesses of grey (from white hot through to dull grey). The stars were everywhere and sharp right to the centre of “the target”. As I looked on the bright centre was bulging out towards me like looking down on a mountain from above. The 3D effect was mesmerizing and so bright. My eye wandered around “ the target”, I could see black filamentary veins of hydrogen weaving through the layered grey shades of the nebulosity… (If I was American then I could truly use the word AWESOME!) As I looked on, the Rosette nebula entered my thoughts, yes that was it, I was looking at THE ROSETTE ON STEROIDS. (Imagine the Rosette but then layered with layer upon layer of bright stars) I kept returning to “the bulge”. I have seen 3D effects with binoviewers but this was WITH ONE EYE open. I tried the Ethos 6mm (x348) but could not get decent focus (Grrr) Considering I saw M51 with its spiral arms and the full bridge 30 minutes before (which was GREAT) but this was SOMETHING ELSE entirely. I will leave you to work out what “the target” refers to? (I am getting excited all over again just thinking about the memory!) Clear skies, Alan
  9. Lunar X visible tonight - 22nd Feb 2018

    Thanks for that Stu. I have organised a public star party at the venue (Madley) that we used for the partial solar eclipse. Quite a few people have signed up for the event and the Moon was a major interest. Seeing Lunar X hopefully will add to the occasion.
  10. M51 with a ZWO ASI224

    Yes, unity gain included (it also avoids quantization noise).
  11. Promfest 22-2-18

    thanks Sean, yes a detached prom mate , you got in in one, I sometime call them flouters but its not special . hope you have clear. charl.
  12. M51 with a ZWO ASI224

    Hi, I'm not going to pretend I completely understood that. But basically you're saying if you choose a gain that is 6db,12db,18db, 24db etc (195, 255, 315, 375) above unity gain then I'll avoid quantization noise?
  13. Promfest 22-2-18

    thanks Steve, its very addictive mate but very rewarding, its the most dynamic object in the sky, and is constantly changing and we have a front row seat to watch it , what could be better. charl.
  14. 12v 6-8Amp Power Cable

    HobbyKing sell silicone cable - very easy to solder - incredibly soft and flexible even in low temperatures ! https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-high-quality-18awg-silicone-wire-3m-red.html?countrycode=GB&gclid=CjwKCAiA8bnUBRA-EiwAc0hZk1IJsPMq3M1LGztczdKU1NY1KhLYpHBkEJn0Yww5FT5R-dd8HzzmkxoCEsoQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds&___store=en_us
  15. Lunar X tonight

    Thanks a lot Stu (although I'm shamed by the wiki entry). I'm sure I came up with nothing last time I checked it on google. Aha I spelt it luna. Sometimes I despair of myself. I'm quite excited by the prospect.
  16. 12v 6-8Amp Power Cable

    I used this recently, its excellent and flexible even in the cold, and slim for a max 11 amp cable, I wanted one with the extra sheathing on the outside and this was perfect. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2-CORE-ROUND-TWIN-12V-RED-BLACK-ELECTRICAL-AUTO-CAR-AUTOMOTIVE-MARINE-CABLE-WIRE/182948804313?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&var=690266672891&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  17. New EP delivered today!

    The magnification of standard barlows (not telecentrics like PowerMates etc) increases with the distance between the barlow element and the eyepiece focal plane. I’ve measured the magnification of the Celestron Ultima barlow to be X~2.2+0.02d, where d is the distance between the top of the barlow and the EP focal plane. If your binoviewer has an optical length of 100mm the resulting magnification would thus be about 4.2x. Placed between the binoviewer and EP it would be 2.2x if the EP focal plane is at the shoulder and about 2.07x with most TV EPs (d=-6.35)
  18. Did you ever get this to polar align in you backyard? I have a similar situation. Wayne
  19. Best telescope Under £450 for DS0s?

    Dobsonian. 200p .is a fabulous choice. Will do most things.and at a reasonable cost.IMHO.
  20. Any Hyperstar converts?

    The system doesn't add up well enough to tempt me. With such a steep light cone, as Steve says, you have a microns-deep depth of field which not only is intolerant in focusing but is also intolerant of the tiniest chip tilt which will put one some parts of the chip in focus while others are not. You are trying to find this focal point with a rather rudimentary moving mirror system. Then there's the matter of routing the cables so as not to create assymetrical diffraction artefacts around stars. And finally, while I have seen Hyperstar images I liked, they represent a tiny minority of the ones I've seen posted over the years. I'm afraid I find Starizona's marketing to be disingenuous. They push the 'easy' angle when I would consider the Hyperstar to make for an extremely challenging setup. Olly
  21. polar alignment and fixed mount

    Well I suffer with it in all walks of life, but I do find with astronomy, especially setting up my kit, that I am worse, I can spend more time setting up and getting it all perfectly balanced and aligned, and then making sure I am happy with position of dovetail bars and such like, than actually imaging.... well it seems like it anyway
  22. Am I a dinosaur?

    Yes good point. Sorry OP for getting a bit sidetracked.
  23. What are my Ha options?

    A quark will give you = to Double staxed lunt 60mm at a 3rd of the price and you can use it with upto 150mm doulblet fracs. that's my sales pitch done charl.
  24. Was thinking about that . as the version on tablet the keyboard isn’t red like the main part of the app. So can easily ruin the eye’s vision like you said.
  25. Cygnus test

    ...and he disappears down the rabbit hole Good luck! Gradients, vignetting and lens distortions to look forward to. Nevermind clouds, contrails... ...I've parked that project for a while (or is that given up!). A very good idea to do some trial runs! A great challenge! Cheers Paul
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